Scoring Position by V.K. Sykes

51+sIShp5iLThe world of baseball and romance is once again entertainingly connected in the latest Philadelphia Patriots story. Stakes are high as a multimillion dollar contract is being negotiated, and there definitely should not be any emotional involvement during the discussions. But the sexual attraction between a catcher for the Patriots and his new female agent cannot be denied forever. V.K. Sykes has this couple reacting with such genuineness that they just have to be real. SCORING POSITION puts the reader right in the heart of each compelling moment.

There have been many highlights for Nick Rome being on the Philadelphia Patriots baseball team, and his talent as their catcher has made him an important member. While he thoroughly enjoys his time actually playing the game, all the business dealings off the field are certainly not a fun part. Sadly, he is yet again without an agent because he often disagrees with their methods, but must find one quickly as his current contract will be up at the end of the season and negotiating on his own is not going well. When another player suggests Nick talk with a sports agent who has few clients, he wonders if the woman can get what he requires.

Though Kate Berlin has never worked with a baseball player before, she plans to get Nick the best offer possible when he hires her. Since he would be her most famous client, she knows pulling off a successful deal would prove she is able to help any athlete. Kate wants to satisfy the goal Nick demands, but she thinks his reputation as a hothead may hurt his chances. As the two work together, the spark of awareness between them grows with every new interaction.

Total enjoyment is how I felt while reading SCORING POSITION. The characters are very true-to-life, especially Nick and Kate, and what happens in their lives is also conceivable. Two strangers working together for business reasons often has them learning details about each other, and what is discovered can sometimes lead to interest for personal reasons. Nick may be confrontational when he feels wronged, but it just shows how passionate he is about things. Though rich, he still cares about others and I found his humble ways to be endearing. Kate is a very loving mother to her young son, and she is also a dedicated agent who is concerned about her clients. Her integrity had me respecting her quite often. Nick and Kate are a charming pair, and I found them to be particularly honorable.

I always felt as though scenes could take place as described, because lifelike events occur in the bedroom plus in any circumstances related to baseball. Kate and Nick certainly have no trouble expressing their desire for the other, as any sexual encounters are very pleasurable for them. V.K. Sykes truly hits a homerun when depicting any baseball plays or contract negotiations, as I could always understand exactly what is happening. Plenty of past characters make an appearance to my delight, and I hope the Philadelphia Patriots series continues for a long time, thus giving more players their own story. SCORING POSITION has romantic challenges and lots of heartfelt emotions.

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Series:  Philadelphia Patriots – Book 6

Publisher:  self

Releases:  January 28, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

Charmed and Dangerous by Debbie Herbert

51I4vEDcDrLThe Dark Seas series from Harlequin is one of my all-time favorites in the Nocturne line, and the talent of Debbie Herbert to create enthralling paranormal stories makes her Appalachian Magic series equally fascinating. A New Adult romance, the first book has a witch with a complicated background becoming involved with an immortal who is very wary of her kind. Throughout their complicated relationship, difficult choices must be made when futures are at stake. CHARMED AND DANGEROUS is magically enchanting.

When Callie Bradford was twelve, she and a friend decided to use a hidden Ouija board in her home for fun. But right after the event which had a scary ending, the witch was sent away for seven years and had little contact with anyone back in Alabama. Now Callie has been summoned to come home but not told why. During a morning walk, she encounters another hiker, James MacLauren, and is delighted to hear both will be attending the same college next semester. While she enjoys being around the young man, she knows any of her capabilities as a witch must be kept secret.

Callie does not realize James is an immortal with his own distinctive skills that few know about. When he accidently discovers she is a witch, he thinks being around one of her kind could be disastrous if she turns on him. After finally told the reason for being called back to the area is for her protection, Callie has a hard time thinking the danger is real. Yet upon learning her supposedly long dead father is a powerful warlock who practices dark magic, Callie starts to believe the peril may be genuine. When several disturbing incidents seem to be connected to her upcoming birthday with its special significance, the relationship she has with James is truly tested.

With lots of original details, CHARMED AND DANGEROUS is constantly entertaining. I really liked how Debbie Herbert included plenty of unique aspects in the story, such as the Dismals Canyon, an actual place in Alabama. How crystals and other practices used by witches are depicted all through the book is certainly intriguing, and it made scenes seem much more convincing to me. Facts about rituals and spells added even more credibility, making me think the events actually could have happened as portrayed.

There are many likable characters in the story, from the main couple to her good friends, and I enjoyed seeing how these college age individuals reacted to each other and any situations featuring the paranormal. I really loved how the author gave James and Callie normal problems teenagers must face along with many challenging consequences of having supernatural abilities. James is a great hero, as he often listens to his heart instead of what his mind recommends. Though Callie is often puzzled over what is taking place in her life, I liked how she tried to find solutions without bringing any true harm to others, even though she could. Any sexual interaction between Callie and James is understated yet perfectly fit their budding relationship. I am thrilled more characters in the Appalachian Magic series get their own book. CHARMED AND DANGEROUS is cleverly imaginative.

Series:  Appalachian Magic

Publisher:  Secret Quills Press

Releases: January 28, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Colton’s Surprise Heir by Addison Fox

Colton's SupriseThe Coltons of Texas series has a large family suffering through years of personal torment related to a past tragedy, and none have been more affected than Ethan Colton. Having a father who murdered innocent people would be bad enough, but the cold-blooded man also killed his own wife. Ethan was only seven when he told information that put his dad in prison, and being the son of a killer still influences many of his current choices. Lizzie Conner challenges him from the moment she comes back into his life, and neither are ever the same because of one memorable night. Addison Fox makes her contribution to the Coltons of Texas series not only intriguing but very heartfelt. COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR has numerous mysteries and profound emotional issues.

When Elizabeth Conner came to see Ethan Colton, the Texas rancher definitely did not expect the news his childhood friend delivered. It seems their one passionate night together after meeting at a rodeo resulted in her being pregnant. Though he never wanted to have kids because of his inherited background, it looks like he and Lizzie are going to be parents in three months. Ethan just hopes whatever made his own father a serial killer will not be passed on to the child.

Although Lizzie had not planned to inform Ethan about the baby just yet because she knew his views on having children, some disturbing incidents drove her to seek his assistance for the safety of their baby. Not knowing who is actually behind the threats has her fearful of what might happen next. While Ethan had no desire to ever be a dad, he does not hesitate in taking measures to keep Lizzie and his child from being harmed.

There is a powerful connection between family members in the Coltons of Texas series, and Addison Fox proves this point during several scenes where the love between the siblings comes through loud and clear. I could easily see these discussions taking place, where disagreements are often debated yet backed by much concern. While Ethan had thought he was happy living his solitary life on his successful ranch, the presence of Lizzie makes him realize what he has been missing. I really felt for him and all the problems that he has lived with for so long, especially since he had such a difficult time expressing his real feelings. Lizzie also had much to overcome by growing up without parents, and I respected her ability to be so self-sufficient. These two make a wonderful couple, as the passion and trust between them is honestly genuine.

Who is once again killing people in their town is certainly a big mystery, and I was left baffled though clues are scattered throughout. This is an ongoing subject matter in the series, and it is interesting to see how details are handled in each book. I am very eager to discover what will occur in the upcoming Coltons of Texas story because of facts given in this novel. The possible danger to Lizzie is also mystifying, and I never knew when a threat was going to pop up or how alarming it might be. Danger and emotions are equally balanced in COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Series:  The Coltons of Texas

Releases:  February 2016


Genre:   Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars