A Father’s Desperate Rescue by Amelia Autin

51kUpWarUtLThe title of the latest Man on a Mission story is certainly appropriate, as a man finds himself in a horrific situation when his very young daughters are kidnapped. Dirk DeWinter was met in a prior book in the miniseries, where his wife gave him two cherished children before she died. Though he is a famous actor, his family means much more to him than any stardom or wealth. So when the girls are in danger because of an event that took place years ago, being in a foreign country adds to his problems. The days following the abduction are a roller-coaster ride of rising fears and mental torment, expertly entwined with the mounting suspense of what the kidnappers will do next and the unexpected emotional connection between two people on a frantic mission.  Amelia Autin only gets better with every book written, and A FATHER’S DESPERATE RESCUE surpassed my every expectation.

From the moment Dirk DeWinter spied Mei-li Moore in a jazz club in Hong Kong, he was intrigued by her looks and is shocked at how much he would actually like to talk with her. Not since the death of his beloved wife has he noticed another woman in a sexual way, but he feels the time is still not right for him to make any type of move. Dirk is a popular movie star and is in the city making an action film. Since it will take several months to complete, his twin daughters came with him. But when the little girls are taken by someone, he will do anything to have them safely returned.

When it turns out Mei-li is a private investigator plus hostage negotiator, Dirk thinks she is his best bet in getting his children back unharmed. An incident that previously happened in his life is once again causing him trouble, and he is afraid this time the outcome may be devastating. As Dirk and Mei-li try to find the best solution for getting his girls back, they begin to see the other differently than only that of hostage negotiator and client.

The way in which Hong Kong is so vividly described all throughout the story had me feeling as though the setting was well known to me. While I may not have ever been there, I could clearly visualize each location from the colorful details that were easy to picture in my mind. Amelia Autin definitely makes every scene come across as credible, where genuine facts had me believing all situations that arise could occur as portrayed. By knowing about the threat to the children from the very start, the whole book is a race against time to bring them back to their father. Mother Nature even causes a threat to make circumstances more challenging.

While the escalating suspense in the story is noteworthy, the romantic aspects are just as memorable. From the admirable behavior of Dirk and Mei-li to their exceedingly honest reactions, I found them to be a very believable couple. They have insightful conversations about the kidnapping plus their personal lives, and each new revelation drew me more into the storyline. The more I learned about Dirk and Mei-Li, the more I wanted them to have fulfilling future lives. Their relationship grows realistically and is packed with sincere feelings that had me experiencing their every thought and response right along with them. Hopefully, there will be many more Man on a Mission stories to come. A FATHER’S DESPERATE RESCUE is unforgettable romantic suspense, where developments are unforeseen and emotions are conflicted.

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Series:  Man on a Mission

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  April 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zvvjjqt

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.ameliaautin.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

At the Edge by Laura Griffin

51K-WEQQI-LWhenever I want a suspenseful story that is equally romantic, a book by Laura Griffin will always satisfy my longing. She never lets me down, as characters are genuine while plots are compellingly realistic. The first installment of the Alpha Crew series has her trademark action scenes, where the only guarantee is the incidents would get my heart racing. The hero is a commanding male, yet his protective side makes him compassionate and totally honorable. A feisty heroine does not let him get the best of her, and repeatedly has the last word because she is not one to back down. When this couple must face unanticipated threats, they need to put their trust in one another or all may be lost. AT THE EDGE enthralls with perilous dangers plus lusty passion.

Though being the personal assistant to the wife of the U.S. ambassador in the Philippines is not always pleasant, Emma Wright feels her career does have many rewards. While flying between islands, something goes horribly wrong and the plane crashes into a remote jungle, leaving her to seek help on her own. Luckily for Emma, a very determined group of SEALs led by Ryan Owen is sent to find any survivors. The team is known as the Alpha Crew, and they have been trained to handle any form of threat and plan to have a successful mission.

After several close calls, they make it back to the states and Ryan never expects to see Emma again. But when the deduction about what happened to the plane seems wrong to her, she starts asking a whole bunch of questions, ones that make her a target. When Ryan realizes Emma is now in much danger, his personal new mission is to keep her safe.

There was never a moment when my mind was not completely held spellbound by AT THE EDGE. Between the numerous circumstances packed with danger and the sensual encounters where desires are fulfilled, I was held captive by the riveting scenes brought to life by the creativity of the author. Laura Griffin constantly manages to make every situation come across as conceivable, and the events occurring in the jungle are especially terrifying experiences. Even back home, Emma is still threatened, and the jeopardy just keeps escalating. The story does end with a cliffhanger that makes me glad the wait for the next installment is very short.

Ryan is someone who is my dream hero. A courageous SEAL who puts the safety of others before his own is definitely a trait I adore, and he has the physical strength to carry out any feat. Also, when the time comes for physical love, he knows how to please a woman. The spunky attitude of Emma had me smiling when she defied Ryan, and his thoughts following her challenges are often priceless. While there are plenty of differences in the lives of these two, the sexual pull is too strong to be ignored. This causes a huge struggle for Ryan, as he is someone who follows orders yet is conflicted when his feelings become involved. I am highly eager to discover what will happen in the second book regarding any risks plus their relationship. Danger in AT THE EDGE may fade but can instantly recur.

Series:  Alpha Crew

Copy received from Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  March 7, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hgrlq3v

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.lauragriffin.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Illusions of Death by Lauren Linwood

51OEwlqnLWLWhen a book can keep my attention all the way through, the author has written an excellent story. If the novel happens to keep me guessing the identity of a coldhearted killer until the last moment, then I am doubly entertained. Lauren Linwood has created an extremely frightening premise for ILLUSIONS OF DEATH, where murders seem random and clues are never left behind.

Her work writing a series of suspense novels has brought Karlyn Campbell much success since her readers love her main character. But her private life has not gone as well, especially with her marriage recently ending in divorce. There is also the emotional pain of how her father thinks none of her books are work reading, and this has caused them to not have contact in four years. Yet when Karlyn is informed that he has suffered a stroke, she rushes to her hometown in Georgia. With the direction of her personal life back in New York City very uncertain, she decides to remain in Walton Springs when her dad passes away.

With his career as a detective in Atlanta becoming too stressful for Logan Warner after the murder of his twin children and failed marriage, he thought being a cop in the smaller nonviolent town where he grew up would be easier. Yet his job is once again demanding when someone known as the Rainbow Killer starts to murder victims in the area around Walton Springs. Since Logan and Karlyn have become rather close after she asked him questions about police procedures for her books, the two put their minds together in the hope the murderer can be prevented from killing anyone else.

ILLUSIONS OF DEATH begins creepily as a killer conveys thoughts on how to carry out more horrific deaths. As the police race to stop this madman from claiming the life of another innocent person, I worried over who might possibly become the next victim after being introduced to so many delightful characters in the story. Walton Springs is a quaint community where folks gossip yet look after one another, and no one is safe from the killings with no set pattern. The mystery surrounding who is to blame for taking so many lives is brilliantly thought out and then implemented with cleverly detailed facts. Lauren Linwood had my mind churning with possibilities, just how I like my suspenseful stories.

Logan and Karlyn have certainly endured some painful experiences in the past, and I really wanted them to finally find some happiness in their lives. As their relationship grows, both sexually and emotionally, I enjoyed seeing these two experience daily routines while getting to know each other more fully. Any encounters with friends plus family gave a genuine feel to the story, as every interaction comes across as very realistic. I really admired Logan for his dedication to his career, and how trustworthy plus caring he could be toward other individuals. While Karlyn has also had some troubles in her life, she does not let it hold her back either and has even become an extremely popular writer. Whether Logan and Karlyn are expressing their wishes or conversing about a murderer, they are a couple whom I would truly like to know. ILLUSIONS OF DEATH has intriguing secrets and heartfelt emotions.

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Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing

Releases:  March 2, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zonhdfv

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.laurenlinwood.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars