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51OQJwFzjEL._SY346_Chapter 1

On the morning after Slim Jackson came home to Gansett Island, Erin Barton awoke to the scents of his cologne and starch on the dress shirt he’d worn to the McCarthys’ anniversary party. At some point, he’d discarded the suit coat he’d been wearing when he arrived.
She didn’t remember falling asleep with him on the sofa, or how they’d ended up snuggled together under a blanket. His chest made for a comfortable pillow, and his arms around her had kept her from tumbling off the sofa during the night. The last thing she recalled was kissing him—soft, flirty kisses that hadn’t gone much beyond lips stroking lips, with the promise of more to come.
The thought of that promise had her skin tingling with awareness of the man sleeping next to her. After they’d connected last fall, he’d left the island to work in Florida during the off-season. She’d been counting the days until she could see him again, which wasn’t something she did very often. In fact, she couldn’t recall the last time she’d looked forward to seeing any man.
Before he arrived last night, she’d tried to prepare herself for disappointment. Maybe the connection they’d forged months ago in person and maintained through texts and phone calls and FaceTime chats would’ve waned in the many weeks they’d spent apart. But it took only a few minutes in his magnetic presence to know the opposite was true.
Their connection was alive and well, and they had twelve days together to explore where it might lead. Though she’d enjoyed their many entertaining conversations over the last few months, Erin didn’t know where she wanted their “flirtation” to lead. She hadn’t been seriously involved with a man in years and wasn’t sure she had what it took to be in a relationship anymore—or if she even wanted a serious entanglement at this point in her life.
The last man she’d been serious about had been during law school, before she lost her twin brother in the 9/11 attacks on New York City, and her carefully crafted life fell apart in the aftermath of unimaginable loss. By the time she came up for air, the man she’d once planned to marry was long gone, not that she could blame him. The poor guy had tried, Lord knows he’d tried, but there had been no consoling her.
Thinking about those dark days was never a good idea, especially today when she had something far more positive to focus on. She moved carefully to disentangle herself from Slim’s embrace, hoping he would sleep awhile longer. He’d been tired last night from the long day in the air, flying from Florida to Rhode Island for the McCarthys’ party—and to see her.
Erin went upstairs to make herself presentable. She also couldn’t recall the last time she’d spent the night with a man. It had been a while, long before she moved to Gansett Island hoping to jumpstart her stalled life.
If the first few months on Gansett were any indication, the move had been a good one. Thanks to her close friend, the former lighthouse keeper, Jenny Wilks—now Jenny Martinez—Erin had been introduced to an amazing group of new friends. And she’d met Tobias Fitzgerald “Slim” Jackson Junior, the sweet, sexy pilot who’d come to her rescue after she sprained her ankle on a dark island road last September.
Thinking about that night made her feel giddy and breathless, which was silly, really. At thirty-eight, she was far too old for such foolishness. Regardless, he’d charmed his way into her life that night. He’d been dropping in regularly ever since, mostly via phone, text and FaceTime, until last night when he showed up in person, sparking more of that giddiness that seemed to happen any time he was around.
He’d met her parents at Jenny’s wedding in October, and they’d immediately adored him and tuned in to the crackling attraction between them. That had been a great night, capped off by a magical good-night kiss when he brought her home. But then he’d left the island for three months to work in Florida, and Erin had been surprised by how much she’d missed him.
He’d been a terrible flirt from that first night. Thinking about what he’d said to her the second night could still make her shiver all these months later. After she’d agreed to have dinner with him—once she was off the crutches—he’d stated his intentions rather boldly.
“I’m also persistent. If you’re going to make me wait until the crutches are gone, I guess I’ll have to come by to visit every day and make a pest of myself so you don’t forget about me.”
“You’re going to drive me crazy, aren’t you?”
“Baby, that’s the very least of what I want to do with you.”
Thinking about that now made her smile. In addition to his sexy good looks, she loved how easygoing he was, how funny and confident. She loved calling him out when he got too cocky, and he made her laugh—a lot.
The thing she found most attractive about him, however, was his kindness, especially during the days leading up to Jenny’s wedding. He’d understood how difficult it was for Erin to see her beloved brother’s fiancée marry another man, even though she was thrilled for Jenny and Alex. Slim had provided the kind of support she would’ve expected from a longtime friend rather than a new one, and he’d helped to get her through what might’ve been a crisis otherwise. No matter what else happened between them, she’d always be thankful to him for that.
She took her hair out of the messy bun it had been in last night and brushed it until it fell in soft waves past her shoulders. After brushing her teeth and putting on a bra under her T-shirt, Erin crept down the stairs, taking a subtle glance at the handsome man still sleeping on her sofa, before continuing on to the kitchen to make coffee. While she waited for the coffee to percolate, she gazed at the collage of family pictures on the fridge, zeroing in on Toby’s smiling face. He’d be gone fifteen years later this year, but to her it might’ve been fifteen minutes. She missed him desperately, even after all this time.
It had taken a while, a couple of years, actually, for her to realize she would simply never get over losing him. So she’d stopped trying, which had freed up the emotional energy she’d spent railing at the circumstances under which he died. She smiled back at him now, thankful for the photos, the memories, the reminders that he’d once existed and had been closer to her than anyone, other than Jenny, of course.
Though the photos were displayed in a tidy arrangement, Erin straightened them as she did every morning, in a pattern of left to right. Left side first. Always. Keeping up that ritual and many others was the only way to prevent further catastrophe, or so she told herself. Her obsessive routine was interrupted when an arm slid around her from behind and whiskers scraped against her neck.
A shiver of sensation traveled down her backbone. “Morning.”
“You forgot to kick me out last night.”
“So I did. You were tired after flying all day. I didn’t have the heart to kick you out.”
“That’s awfully nice of you to say since you haven’t even let me buy you dinner yet.”
Erin gave his belly a playful poke with her elbow. “I’m beginning to think this dinner date is never going to happen.”
“Oh, it’s happening. Tonight, in fact.”
“I have plans tonight.” She poured two cups of coffee. “How do you like it?”
“Black is good.”
With his hands on her hips, he turned her to face him. “What are these plans of which you speak?”
She handed him the mug and looked up at him, dazzled by his gorgeous face, the warm brown eyes, the sleep-ruffled hair, the scruff on his jaw and the lips that had kissed her so tenderly the night before. “Alex and Jenny are having everyone over.”
“Then we’ll do dinner tomorrow night, yes?”
“Sure, but I’ll believe it when I see it.” Erin loved to goad him, something she’d never felt comfortable doing with other men. But Slim was nothing if not comfortable to be around.
His eyes lit up with amusement as he took a drink of coffee. “I believe you’re underestimating me.”
“Would I do that?”
“Yes, I believe you would. But that’s okay. I do my best work when the expectations are low.” He wrapped a strand of her hair around his finger. “Your hair has gotten long since the fall.”
“I decided to grow it out. You’ve seen that on FaceTime.”
Shaking his head, he said, “You always have it up.” He ran his fingers through the long strands. “I like it.”
“Thanks,” she said, unnerved by the intense way he looked at her.
“I need to head over to my place and see about getting the water turned on and firing up Big Bertha, the temperamental furnace that takes three hours to warm up.”
“Oh, well… Um, you could stay here if it’s easier than opening up your place.” The words were out of her mouth before she could take the time to consider what she was offering.
A raised brow was his only immediate response. While she held her breath, waiting to hear what he would say, he took another sip of coffee.
“Unless you’d rather—”
He laid his index finger over her lips. “I’d rather be wherever you are, but I don’t want to impose.”
“It’s no imposition. I have hot water and heat and everything you’d need.”
“You left out one very important feature of your lovely offer.”
“What?” she asked, genuinely confused.
He touched his lips to hers. “You’re here, and since you’re offering twelve days of all Erin, all the time, I gratefully accept your kind offer.”
“Do I need to spell out what I’m offering and what I’m not offering?”
Smiling down at her, he said, “No need. We’ll go with the flow and see what transpires.”
Erin laid her hand on his chest, feeling the strong beat of his heart. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this.”
Covering her hand with his, he quirked that sexy eyebrow again. “Like what?”
“This. You, me, us. Hours on the phone, looking forward to seeing someone, dating.”
“You make that sound like a dirty word.”
“It has been for me.”
“Well, you haven’t had the supreme pleasure of dating Tobias Fitzgerald Jackson Junior. He’s in a whole other league from all other men you’ve had the misfortune of knowing.”
Erin rolled her eyes. “And he speaks of himself in the third person, because that’s so attractive.”
A rakish grin lit up his face. “You know it, baby.” He put his coffee cup on the counter. “I’m going to grab my bag out of the car and then borrow your shower, if you don’t mind.”
“A daily shower is part of the lighthouse bed-and-breakfast package.”
“Oh yum, what’s for breakfast?”
Erin groaned. “Aw, jeez, I walked right into that one, didn’t I?”
“You don’t have to cook,” he said, chuckling at her comment. “I could take you out somewhere.”
“No need. I have stuff here. I’ll scrounge up something edible.”
“You sure about this, sweetheart? If you’re having second thoughts about your spontaneous offer, I can get out of your hair for now and come back later. Totally up to you.”
Erin loved that he called her sweetheart and appreciated that he’d given her an out, but she didn’t want out. She wanted him to stay. She wanted to spend every minute of the next twelve days with him, not waiting for him to come back. That didn’t mean she wasn’t scared senseless of how attached to him she might be when it came time for him to leave again.
“I’m not having second thoughts about you staying,” she said.
“Then what?” He touched the furrow between her brows that she hadn’t realized was there.
“I’m concerned about what happens when the twelve days are up.”
“That’s easy. You come back to Florida with me and hang out for the rest of the winter.”
Erin wondered if her shock registered on her face. “I’m not going to Florida with you.”
“Why not? What’ve you got to do here that would be more fun than hanging out in the warm sunshine with me?”
Nothing. There was nothing here that would be better than spending the rest of the winter with him in Florida. But she couldn’t do that. “I do have a life here, you know, and a job.”
“That takes five minutes a day, and Jenny could do it for you since the landscaping business is shut down for the winter.”
“They’re not completely shut down. They’re still plowing snow and selling Christmas trees.”
“She would do it for you, Erin. You know she would.”
Yes, Jenny would do it for her, but running the lighthouse wasn’t the only reason she couldn’t go.
But before she could fall down that particular rabbit hole, he came to her rescue once again. “Let’s not worry about that today when we have so many better things to do, such as getting a tree for this place. It’s four days before Christmas. Where’s your tree?”
“I didn’t bother to get one.” Since her brother died, she hadn’t bothered with a lot of things that used to bring her joy. A tree always seemed like more trouble than it was worth.
“We need to rectify that immediately. We can’t very well spend the holidays together and not get a tree. I have needs that must be met.”
The double meaning wasn’t lost on her. “Is that right?”
“Absolutely! It’s Christmas. That means we have to bake and cook and wrap presents. Lots to do and not a lot of time left to do it before the big day.” He was still talking as he headed down the stairs. “Be right back!”
Erin watched him go, oddly elated by his overabundance of Christmas spirit when that would normally annoy her. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d given a crap about the holidays. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. The holidays were one of many things she’d stopped giving a crap about after her brother was cruelly murdered along with three thousand other innocent souls.
Erin couldn’t help but wonder what a lighthearted, happy-go-lucky man like Slim would think of the darkness that dwelled inside her. What would he think when he found out that she hadn’t stepped foot on an airplane in nearly fifteen years and, if she had her way, never would again? There were a lot of things about her that would probably be a huge turnoff to a guy like Slim, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy this interlude with him while it lasted and then pick up her regular life already in progress after he left.

Desire After Dark Spotlight

51OQJwFzjEL._SY346_Synopsis: Tobias “Slim” Jackson has the perfect life as a pilot on Gansett Island in the summer and in Florida in the winter. He’s happiest when he’s in the air, or at least that was the case before last summer when he met Erin Barton, Gansett Island’s newest lighthouse keeper. Now he can’t seem to find his usual enthusiasm for flying, winter in the sunny South or anything that doesn’t include her.

Erin has been stuck on pause since she lost her twin brother. She’ll tell you herself that her life has been a hot mess since Toby died. After dropping out of law school, she’s flitted from one pointless job to another, existing rather than truly living. Then she comes to Gansett Island to take over as the new lighthouse keeper and meets Slim, who happens to share her beloved brother’s first name. That small coincidence is enough to convince Erin that she needs to spend more time with the dashing pilot—except for the fact that he’s spending the winter more than a thousand miles from her.

Now Slim’s come home to Gansett for the holidays and to hopefully pick up where he left off with Erin. He’s got twelve days before he’s due back in Florida to finish out the remainder of his winter obligations. A lot can happen in twelve days, but will it be enough to convince Erin that it’s time to start truly living again? Read Slim and Erin’s story and catch up with the rest of the Gansett Island cast in Desire After Dark!


Author bio: Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance, including the Gansett Island Series, which has sold more than 2.2 million books, and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books, which has sold more than 1 million books. In addition, she is the author of the Green Mountain Series from Berkley Publishing as well as the new erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the slightly modified name of M.S. Force.

Her goals in life are simple–to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.


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Twitter: @marieforce
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A SEAL to Save Her by Karen Anders

51TnKUcerZLThere is nonstop danger in the fifth book of the To Protect and Serve series, where trusting the wrong person could get the main couple killed. A SEAL who has committed his life to protecting others and the sister of his best friend are on the run, facing one difficult obstacle after another. While hiding from enemies, an unexpected bond forms, changing both their lives and raising questions. The To Protect and Serve series by Karen Anders is always packed with action plus emotion, and A SEAL TO SAVE HER has both in abundance.

As the leader of a group of SEALs sent on a crucial mission, Lt. Dexter Kaczewski keeps wondering if he could have made different choices and prevented the devastating outcome of the assignment. Since he ended up in a hospital because of a serious injury, he has lots of time to think about what happened. He is certainly surprised when he gets a surprise visit from the sister of a fellow soldier who was also hurt. Piper Jones may now be a US senator with an important bill to pass, yet when her younger sibling is wounded in Afghanistan, she puts family first. But before she can return home, the hospital comes under attack and it appears they are after her.

Dex must quickly decide the best strategy that will keep them from being killed, and he thinks getting Piper away from the area is the first step. His still healing injuries complicate the matter of staying hidden, but there is no time for resting as they will more than likely be followed. With numerous suspicions about the ambush making it hard to trust anyone, Dex and Piper are reluctant to seek assistance. As they try to stay a step ahead of anyone looking for them, they find their feelings are becoming involved despite knowing they should not.

The emotion in A SEAL TO SAVE HER is honest and deeply affecting. I was definitely moved by what either Dex or Piper said on quite a few occasions, as their words were frank and came from the heart. Both have suffered losses at some point in their lives, and how these deaths impacted them told much about their inner character. Piper is especially vulnerable because of how she lost someone very close to her, and her life cannot move forward until she can get past this tragedy. Dex may be an intimidating SEAL on the battlefield, but the compassionate nature he frequently shows to his friend’s sister proves he can be tender as well as daunting. Regardless of his behavior, I always thought he did what was necessary at that particular moment. The desire Dex and Piper feel for one another adds an unwanted challenge to their already tough situation, and I never knew what their responses would be when confronted with overwhelming passion.

As each of the unknowns in the story is revealed, I was often caught off guard as the disclosure was so unanticipated. Karen Anders created a number of clever scenarios for the storyline, and I just could not stop reading until everything played out. The danger is very real during the many harrowing incidents, and I feared for Dex and Piper countless times. Having several past NCIS agents already met in previous To Protect and Serve books was a delight, and I really hope the two men featured throughout the story get to tell about their own lives in upcoming releases. A SEAL TO SAVE HER is an emotion-filled adventure.

Received copy from author

Series:  To Protect and Serve

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  June 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle

51J3u954HxLOccasionally dreams are easily within reach, and then there are the circumstances where what is most desired can only be attained if a person is willing to take a chance. In the very captivating medical romance from Susan Carlisle, two individuals are given the opportunity to have a fulfilling life, but first they must learn to put their faith in someone else. An abundance of emotional scenes are in MARRIED FOR THE BOSS’S BABY, where challenges must be confronted or happiness may be short-lived.

When his father and stepmother are killed in an accident, Dr. Grant Smythe takes over the responsibility of caring for his infant half-sister, Lily. Though he and his father definitely did not always get along, the child needs someone concerned about her welfare to now look after all her needs. Since Grant is a surgeon and not married, he plans to hire a nanny who will watch over the little girl both day and night. Nurse Sara Marcum needs a job quickly or her financial woes will become even bleaker, so she takes the position of being Lily’s new nanny though she has some misgivings.

After hearing he may lose the baby to other relatives, Grant decides to follow through with the one detail that will more than likely give him custody. He must get married, and with Sara already familiar with the child, he hopes she agrees to be his wife, because he has no one else from which to choose and she is an excellent caretaker. What Grant did not expect is how much he enjoys spending time with the woman who is now his wife.

The current struggles in the lives of Grant and Sara are very realistic, as their personal troubles could certainly occur. Susan Carlisle takes these two through a number of emotional trials, where each ordeal could change their lives forever depending on their final choices. I found this couple not only likable, but also to be individuals that pulled me into their lives and kept me eager to discover what would ultimately happen to them. Their relationship may have started because Grant was in desperate need of a nanny, but their feelings gradually change as they experience the ups and downs of being a parent. I had to laugh when the talented surgeon turned pale with just the thought of being left alone with a baby, and I really enjoyed seeing how Sara responded to him during several of the instances which tested his abilities.

Any emotions expressed by Sara and Grant are always genuine plus frequently very honest. I was certainly glad to see them open up to each other at times, as this gave me hope as to whether they could turn their marriage for the sake of the child into something much more. Susan Carlisle creates compelling scenes where sincere feelings are often conveyed with much candor. Their conversations contained a wide range of sentiments, and I could always tell exactly what was going on in their minds. The medical aspects were well-written, and let the expertise of this couple shine. MARRIED FOR THE BOSS’S BABY is an enchanting medical romance filled with drama, laughter, and passion.

Copy received from author

Publisher:   Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  May 1, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood


While I do not want to reread every book, many of the connected stories written by Julie Garwood are ones which bring enjoyment regardless of the number of times I revisit her wonderful characters. The stories about the Claybornes and the people important to them is definitely a series I always find engaging, causing laughs and plenty of smiles during the humorous scenes, while touching me when emotions are in conflict. I fell in love with these likable characters many years ago, and their appeal is just as great now. This romantic story about one of the Clayborne brothers and the woman who catches his attention may be a novella, but it is filled with reading pleasure. ONE PINK ROSE is delightfully enchanting.

Though Travis Clayborne is not related to the people with whom he lives on a ranch in the Montana Territory, he is very close to each one. The three men and one younger woman are his siblings in every way, and the individual called Mama Rose is the only mother who now matters. So, when the older woman asks him to accompany a woman from one town to another in order for her to marry, there is no way he would deny her request. But when Travis meets the energetic Emily Finnegan, he just knows the short time they will spend together is going to be quite a unique experience.

After a discouraging incidence back in Boston, it did not take Emily long to come up with a plan that will hopefully improve her bleak life. Marrying a stranger in Montana may not sound like a good idea, but she will try to make the best of whatever happens. However, before she reaches the location where her future husband awaits, Emily starts to wonder if her hasty decision to be a mail-order bride will bring her lasting happiness.

Honest emotions and quick-wit can be found all throughout ONE PINK ROSE. Julie Garwood has a way with conversations that makes the most of every word spoken, resulting in discussions filled with hilarity to insightful declarations. The intelligent banter between Emily and Travis caused me to smile a lot, and I always wanted to discover who had the last word. Emily is all alone in a land where she does not know anyone, and her way of coping with all the circumstances she had to face was sometimes comical but could turn serious in an instant. Travis has many thoughts about the spirited woman that he is escorting, and how they contradicted with what he actually said let me know his real inner thoughts.

A relationship is certainly not on the minds of Travis or Emily when they begin their journey, but then personal revelations start to draw them toward one another. Julie Garwood does not make it easy for them to be together, and I never knew what their reactions would be during several decisive situations. At the beginning of the story, it was a treat to watch all the brothers along with their brother-in-law have a chat, as their comments were totally hilarious. I am really looking forward to reconnecting with another fascinating Clayborne soon. ONE PINK ROSE is amusing, stirring, and even unexpectedly surprising.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Clayborne Brides – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  May 9, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

The Ravished Rose by Suzanne Quill

51fEVKTfC1LThe latest historical romance from Suzanne Quill is filled with conflicted emotions and much honesty. When two strangers must form a relationship founded on necessity, their futures could turn out to be blissfully happy or miserable from that day forward. I enjoyed how the author took her main characters on a journey where they learned not only lots about each other, but also discovered some new facts about themselves. THE RAVISHED ROSE is delightfully entertaining.

Though Allan Ridgefield has no desire to marry soon, he has just been reminded of the strict requirement in his father’s will. If he does not wed in only a few weeks, he will lose all that being the Earl of Ridgecrest entitles him. Sadly, he would have been married for years had his beloved fiancée not been killed in a riding accident. Now he is being forced to carry out a requirement that will satisfy the instructions of his dead father. However, Allan believes there will never be another woman whom he can truly love and only wishes for friendship.

As her first Season draws to a close, Elizabeth Mannings has attended social gatherings but did not get a proposal yet. Then the unthinkable happens when she is making her way home one night, and the physical assault will forever change her life. When her father hears of a man needing a wife, some quick decisions are made. Though Allan and Elizabeth are complete strangers, neither has much choice at this point in their lives.

The way in which Suzanne Quill describes many of the scenes in THE RAVISHED ROSE definitely let me experience the moment to the fullest. With very thorough details, from locations to any items found in a particular setting, I could easily visualize what the characters were also seeing. Several homeopathic remedies are used in the story, and I found each instance to be interesting.

London in the 1830’s is still a time when society judges other people, frequently with much prejudice, and this often unfairly affected the lives of anyone tainted by something considered unacceptable. Elizabeth is a victim of circumstances not of her making, but desperate measures must be taken or her life might possibly be ruined. Allan is also caught up in a situation where he has to act fast or all that matters to him will be lost.

When Allan and Elizabeth first meet, their reactions are genuine and I certainly felt for both of them. The author lets what they are feeling be known through their thoughts and responses, and I came to understand much about these two wonderful individuals. Though they may not have always put into words how they felt inside, their actions let me know what was in their hearts. Allan and Elizabeth have suffered because of two different events, and triumphing over their pain is the only way to move forward. I thought each of them was very realistically portrayed, thus letting me connect with them and begin to really care. There are three good friends of the couple who are intriguing, and I would like to see them get their own stories. THE RAVISHED ROSE is a compelling romantic story.

Received copy from author

Series:  Order of the Crimson Lotus

Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing

Releases:  April 4. 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

Dare to Take by Carly Phillips

51pXzHA43DLThere is so much to like about the Dare to Love series by the talented Carly Phillips. From well-developed characters to plenty of emotional circumstances, every scene drew me into the complex lives of the Dare family. These close-knit relatives had to live through a huge traumatic incident in the past, and none were more affected than Tyler. What transpired with his dad still greatly influences his decisions to this day, and when he once again comes in contact with a woman who also had an impact on his life, then things become even more challenging. I experienced a vast assortment of emotions while reading about Tyler and Ella, as Carly Phillips causes the reader to feel a deep connection to her romantic couple. Honest reactions and fiery passion make DARE TO TAKE compellingly enjoyable.

As the assistant to a fashion designer, Ella Shaw often gets everything ready for any photo shoots. The latest location is St. Lucia, and she has enjoyed her time in the tropics. But an approaching hurricane has caused flights to be cancelled, and now she is stuck until the storm is gone. When her situation turns even more alarming and her best friend, Avery Dare hears about what just happened, the man whom Ella never wanted to be around again comes to her rescue. It has been years since the fateful night when she and Tyler Dare were intimate, and although she might have long desired him, the evening did not end well for either of them.

When Tyler had been home for Christmas nine years ago, he knew giving in to the yearning for his sister’s friend was wrong. But Ella made it extremely difficult to deny her. Though they have avoided each other since then, Tyler feels he must help her out, and his reasons are not only to make his sister happy. Guilt may have been what motivated him at first, but soon regaining her trust is also very important.

With DARE TO TAKE being the final installment of the Dare to Love series, I am truly sad. However, the way in which Carly Phillips wrapped up many developments that recently arose in the lives of this likable family left me with a big smile. Though the books can be read out of order because of enlightening details, it would be best if this one was last since several events are brought to a close. Tyler and Ella have been featured throughout the series, and I kept hoping they would eventually get together. DARE TO TAKE is an emotional ride packed with joy, heartache, sexual fulfillment and self-discovery.

The relationship of Tyler and Ella is very complicated. While they may have been acquainted for many years, one event changed how they saw each other from then on. Now that they are older and are once again together, both have lots of concerns to work through. Family issues play a big part in what they have to overcome, and Ms. Phillips makes their problems realistic plus very moving at times. I felt for this couple and what they endured when younger, and I eagerly kept reading to see what they would choose to do as adults. Since their craving for one another has only become more consuming, sex between Tyler and Ella is often off-the-charts steamy. Carly Phillips definitely knows how to turn up the heat to scorching. A new series is coming with a connected character, and I cannot wait.

Received copy from publicist

Series:  Dare to Love – Book 6

Publisher:  CP Publishing

Releases:  May 3, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars