Bayou Shadow Protector by Debbie Herbert

51b3+v8gCoLAs more is revealed about the unique characters featured in the Bayou Magic miniseries, I become further captivated by their abilities plus behavior. Anyone who is a shadow hunter faces danger on a regular basis, where these brave persons put the safely of others before their own time and again. The heroine in the second book may be very different from this group that fights spirits with evil intentions, but she is also courageous and does not easily back down when threatened. Cruel beings definitely hide in the Alabama bayou, and two individuals may be all that stands in the way of them becoming powerful and causing much havoc. Debbie Herbert imaginatively brings her Bayou Magic miniseries to life, and BAYOU SHADOW PROTECTOR is original and extremely emotional.

Since the Fae know malicious spirits are threatening their survival, April Meadows has been sent to the human world in order to get help from Native American shadow hunters. Chulah Rivers is one of the warriors that watches over Bayou La Siryna, and finding a lone woman in the woods near his home is very unusual yet not alarming. But April has a specific mission to complete along with a personal task of her own, and she is determined to get Chulah’s cooperation as a shadow hunter while also gaining his trust. Perhaps using feminine wiles will work for her, as she does not want to use any Fae abilities.

To get the needed information to Chulah about the dangerous spirits that must be eliminated, April will get close to the man she has long admired. She already knows much about him, as she has watched this particular male for years. Though the Fae just want to use the gifted hunter so their enemy is finally gone, she dreams of him actually caring for her as she does him. Although April had thought her plan would be easy, getting Chulah to agree will take more cunning endeavors than she first thought.

When Debbie Herbert comes up with a concept for her paranormal books, the premise is always original and certainly entertaining. The Bayou Magic miniseries cleverly blends Native American folklore into a present-day problem, resulting in a story filled with innovative ideas and plenty of distinct characters. Chulah is a loner, and his preference to take care of things himself may have made him tougher but has also taken away his ability to feel some emotions. A past event has caused much guilt over the years, and not being able to fully trust April just adds to his personal troubles. She does make some decisions based on what she secretly saw, but knowledge does not always lead to success. There were situations where I ached for her as she so desperately wanted Chulah to like her. Though there is a real connection between the couple, sometimes even an electrifying one, a relationship needs more than desire so they experience lots of challenges.

The peril in the story is very real and goes along with the mythology. Debbie Herbert made me want to believe in the carefully played out incidents depicted with colorful details. I fretted over what choices either Chulah or April would eventually choose, as many lives could be affected if they decided incorrectly. Though the first book in the miniseries would not have to be read first, what caused the current troubles in the Alabama bayou would be known beforehand. BAYOU SHADOW PROTECTOR is inventively creative.

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Series:  Bayou Magic

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  September 1, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

Enchanted Guardian by Sharon Ashwood

51LN7a65c-LMany of the predicaments that arose in the first book of the Camelot Reborn miniseries are still causing mayhem in the next installment. A long ago spell cast by Merlin had terrible consequences, making enemies who now want to be compensated in appalling ways. Though some of their malicious intentions are aimed at individuals who lived in the medieval period and have begun waking up from a lengthy sleep, any human could also be harmed by their destructive behavior. I was totally captivated by every gripping event in the previous book, and the paranormal elements are once again remarkably convincing. Sharon Ashwood has conceived a story about what might happen if the Knights of the Round Table existed in our current world, and each situation is creatively realistic with vivid imaginings. While I may not want the evil fae to actually be real, I definitely would love to meet the brave knights who have come back to life and the women standing by their side. ENCHANTED GUARDIAN is innovative and absolutely believable.

At the same time the Knights of the Round Table were fighting battles in Camelot, a female faery named Nimeuh was being affected by difficulties which still plague her. The warriors are now rising from a forced sleep in preparation of stopping the annihilation of humanity. Since Nim defied their enemy that is ready to overtake mankind, she is presently being hunted for her disobedience. But she does make sure a certain knight is found because his skills will be invaluable during physical clashes.

After joining forces with several other knights, Lancelot Du Lac secretly watches over the humans in the Pacific Norwest where the fae are becoming bolder. By working at the Medievaland Theme Park, he can dress the part and be ready for any conflict. When Nim and Lancelot accidently come in contact, both remember what was once between them. They had been lovers but his abandonment changed everything. Though he does not plan to leave her this time, she fears being discovered by those hunting her and does not want to be noticed. As the threats become more widespread, Lancelot and Nim find their lives are unexpectedly intertwined once more.

ENCHANTED GUARDIAN is an engaging story because of visual descriptions and lively characters. Sharon Ashwood certainly knows how to make scenes riveting with attention-grabbing imagery, and every depiction seemed so precise. I always felt as though I was right in the heart of a battle or an emotion-filled encounter, because reactions are genuine plus each detail is fully explained. How dilemmas play out kept me engrossed from the first hint of trouble until all concludes.

Nim, who is the Lady of the Lake from the medieval legend, is a wonderful heroine. She has lots of problems to overcome, and very few of them are easily worked out. When her whole future was riding on one choice, I suffered along with her. Lancelot has always been someone whose actions made him seem larger than life, but Ms. Ashwood makes him come across as a man with sincere feelings and heartfelt wishes. Though the relationship of Nim and Lancelot did not end well back in Camelot, neither has forgotten the other. Several of their scenes are intense with profound emotions, while others are heatedly steamy. There are also moments where some humor is evident, especially when Lancelot and Gawain have a conversation. I really enjoy the Camelot Reborn miniseries, and I hope there are more books to come.

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Series:  Camelot Reborn

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  August 1, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating: 5 Stars