Her Lieutenant Protector by Lara Lacombe

Perilous danger is cleverly entwined with a very moving love story, making the third book in the Doctors in Danger miniseries riveting from beginning to end. I was instantly caught up in what was secretly occurring on the cruise ship, and the more I learned, the more I worried over the final outcome if the frightening plot was successful. In today’s society, terrorists come in many forms and have various beliefs, so the premise of the story is definitely conceivable. The heartbreaks suffered by the two main characters all too often happen to good people, and the author had me experiencing the many highs and lows of this couple with much believability. Lara Lacombe has written scenarios that are chillingly realistic, causing HER LIEUTENANT PROTECTOR to be enthralling all the way through.

Being chosen as the chief medical doctor on a new cruise ship is a great career move for Mallory Watkins, and she feels that her life is back on track after a distressing event took place several years ago. Determined to put the tragedy behind her, she looks forward to the day when her mistrust of men will be overcome and dating is once more enjoyable. Before the ship sets sail, Everest LeBeau introduces himself to her as the head of security. Though Mallory seems friendly enough, there is something about her cautious glances that makes the former soldier interested in uncovering the reason.

When Mallory begins to feel comfortable anytime Everest is around, she is surprised by her reaction. But before she can discover what the significance of her response to him means, passengers on the east coast cruise began to fall ill and the possible cause of the sickness could be alarming. As Everest and Mallory work together in trying to expose who is behind the sinister plot, they find relying on one another brings them closer.

Since I have had the pleasure of being on a cruise ship before, the situation envisioned by Lara Lacombe is absolutely terrifying. I can only hope this story written with lots of realism never comes true, but it certainly made for a gripping story with all its possibilities. From unanticipated incidents to sinister thoughts, I often expected the worst to take place while hoping for things to end well. Ms. Lacombe kept escalating the threats, which made me read the story in one setting as I just had to know what would be the resulting consequences.

HER LIEUTENANT PROTECTOR is emotionally stirring. Whether there will be a relationship between Mallory and Everest is a big question in the story, and the author puts many bumps in their road to ever being truly happy. Both have lived through painful episodes in their lives, and their compassionate natures are very evident when truths are revealed. Doubts have kept them from getting personally intimate with anyone in a long time, and Ms. Lacombe has created several scenes where their conversations are very touching, while their actions often speak loudly about their personalities. I was genuinely moved by the sincere honesty depicted by Mallory and Everest, and this made their romantic story even more satisfying. Also, the two previous couples in the miniseries make an appearance, and it was great catching up with these four delightful individuals.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Doctors in Danger

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  July 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/mxwo46n

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.laralacombe.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Three Weeks with a Princess by Vanessa Kelly

In the second book of the Improper Princesses series, an illegitimate woman feels she will never find true love because of her background. She has lived an isolated life in the country, and now must make a crucial decision that will greatly affect her life and that of the man for whom she has always secretly adored. THREE WEEKS WITH A PRINCESS is a compelling historical novel, as the characters are charming while the premise is enjoyably delightful.

Though the father of Lia Kincaid is English royalty, her social status is seen as not acceptable because he never married her mother. She lives with her grandmother, a woman who has been a mistress to a marquess for years and even resides in a cottage on his property. The one bright spot while growing up was when Jack Easton stayed with his uncle, and she got to visit with him. Since he is now a soldier and will be gone for a long time, Lia dreams of him starting to see her as a woman and not a girl when he does return.

Upon the death of the Marquess of Lendale, the title goes to Jack. What he discovers about the estate is it needs immediate improvements or much could be lost. He also feels responsible for Lia and is totally unprepared for the effect she now has on him. When her grandmother comes up with a strategy which should help to ensure her granddaughter has a good future, Jack’s part in the plan could forever change his life along with how he perceives Lia.

Vanessa Kelly takes Jack and Lia on a journey of self-discovery, and what they come to comprehend could either bring them lasting joy or cause intense anguish. With much attention to each new development, the author had me coming to understand why her romantic couple reacted as they did, thus letting me see them as someone who could actually have been living through the circumstances these two had to face all too often. The Regency period had some very strict rules for anyone to live by if they did not want to be shunned, and Ms. Kelly uses this fact to the fullest as it influences every aspect of Lia’s life. I really felt sorry for her, because what her relatives did in the past is not her fault, but she is blamed nonetheless. Jack had always cared for her, and when he realizes his feelings are more than just those of a friend, society would surely condemn their relationship. All the major issues this couple has to overcome are depicted with believability, and I never knew how Jack and Lia would respond when an unexpected dilemma arose. But one thing for certain is their discussions were lively and packed with clever comebacks, while their determined natures kept interactions very interesting.

It was wonderful getting to revisit with the main couple from the previous book in the series, as Gillian and Charles made an engaging pair and her actions caused me to laugh more than once. Between countless amusing situations and mounting sexual tension, I was constantly entertained throughout the whole story. Vanessa Kelly has created an enchanting Regency story, and THREE WEEKS WITH A PRINCESS will long be remembered for its originality.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Improper Princesses – Book 2

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  June 27, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y85rwcwb

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://www.vanessakellyauthor.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Journey to Honor by Alexa Aston

All the books in the Knights of Honor series are filled with realism, and the fourth story had me experiencing the mid 1300’s in countless ways. From daily routines to vindictive schemes, I got a feel for what it could have been like to live during this changing period in history. Alexa Aston depicts every scene with details that are very convincing, as I could easily envision the moment as described. Each character is not only distinctive but also portrays someone who could have existed in the medieval era because of their reactions and personalities. When a story comes across as true-to-life as those written by Alexa Aston, then I feel as though the circumstances could actually have happened. JOURNEY TO HONOR is continuously enthralling because of vividly imagined developments.

Although Kenric Fairfax was actually the first-born son to the Earl of Shadowfaire, his twin brother was raised as the heir because of a vindictive plot. Upon turning twenty-one, he went through the Order of Knighthood Ceremony, which should have resulted in a good position immediately. Sadly, an incident makes him feel the need to leave the area, and Kenric eventually ends up serving Lord Devereux. When he is sent to retrieve the sister-in-law of his liege lord, he is eager to carry out this important duty.

While Avelyn Le Cler enjoyed some of her time at court waiting on the queen, she is ready to see her sister and be present for the birth of her niece or nephew. As Kenric watches over the woman under his protection, he comes to realize she is a considerate and knowledgeable individual. When Avelyn learns the hidden secret about the man for whom she is coming to deeply care, she is torn about what to do with the decisive information.

From the instant I met Kenric and Avelyn, I thought of them as being people with whom I would like to be friends. I could tell they were always concerned for others, as both tried to help when needed. They were honest and unselfish, not like so many people during this time when they only thought about themselves. Kenric could definitely have turned out much different after suffering through such a painful childhood, but he took it upon himself to never give in to his heartaches, which made me respect him very much. Avelyn was a delight with her positive attitude, and I really liked how she was not one to give up when she was confident an idea was correct. A few doubts do creep into the minds of these two characters, and I breathlessly waited to see what they would decide in the end.

JOURNEY TO HONOR is about discovering the truth and then acting accordingly. Knights were supposed to be loyal and righteous, and Kenric has tried to live his life in this manner, even when situations went terribly wrong. I ached for him when certain facts became known, and cheered when an event left him happy. I did lots of smiling over how Avelyn responded to several incidents, and even wanted to applaud her reaction to one episode. Many past characters make appearances throughout the book, and whether their stories have been read or not, enough was told to keep the reader well informed and not lost. I am hoping there are many more medieval books written Alexa Aston.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Knights of Honor – Book 4

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  June 27, 2007

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yd7fvojz

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  https://alexaaston.wordpress.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Semper Fi Cowboy by Heather Long

There is a wide variety of emotions in the first Lone Star Leathernecks story, as two spirited individuals struggle to find their place in the world. From family disagreements to different opinions about a relationship, a man and woman who were not looking for love find themselves being challenged by many unexpected conflicts as they explore what is between them. SEMPER FI COWBOY is an emotional journey of discovery. Heather Long takes her characters through lots of difficulties along with letting them experience absolute joy, and I found the storyline to be captivating.

Though Tanner Wilks was not yet ready to stop serving his country, he felt obligated to retire from the U.S. Marine Corps because of family responsibilities. His father has lived through two heart attacks, but another may be too much. So now Tanner is returning to Round Top ranch and will be taking over many of its duties in order for his dad to hopefully live longer. Staying the night in his hometown before going to see his dad the next morning, he connects with a woman at a bar that he never met while living there.

Her need for a career change had Julia Heller moving to a Texas town to take over a relative’s veterinarian practice. Proving her worth to the ranch owners is imperative, however she figures spending one night with a man passing through the small town will not harm her reputation with the locals. But when the former marine turns out to be a son of the man whose ranch that Jules has been staying on, their intense attraction to one another only leads to one complicated ordeal after another.

What started out as a truly memorable night for Tanner and Jules turned into an encounter with unforeseen consequences. Since the two will be working together on his ranch because of her being its veterinarian, she believes there will be problems if they continue to see each other. I really enjoyed watching Tanner come to terms with her wishes while learning something important about his own views. While he does not like being told “no”, he is still a very compassionate person and showed this trait through various deeds. Jules has a good reason for being cautious, and I kept eagerly reading to see what she would decide.

All throughout the story, I was given glimpses into the lives of Tanner and Jules. I came to know what made them the people they currently are plus several of the reasons for their reactions to certain situations. I also got a sense of what living on a horse ranch entails on a daily basis, while becoming familiar with some of the secondary characters. Heather Long created genuine conversations for Tanner and Jules, and their lively banter was often amusing. A great start to a series featuring a dedicated soldier living in Texas. SEMPER FI COWBOY has engaging characters and plenty of emotional issues to resolve.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Lone Star Leathernecks – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  June 26, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ycgqzhlh

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://heatherlong.net/

Rating:  4 Stars

The Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries

When it comes to men who would make a good husband, Niall Lindsey would seem like a bad candidate. With his reputation as a rogue plus having taken part in a duel, he gives the impression of someone who enjoys a good time and does not think about his actions. But appearances can be deceiving, as Brilliana Trevor slowly discovers when the two must work together. As secrets come to light and opinions begin to change, the couple cannot keep from wondering if they can have a relationship that might just last this time. Historical romances written by Sabrina Jeffries are always convincingly realistic, and every detail in THE PLEASURES OF PASSION captures the imagination.

After a duel in which Niall Lindsey participated resulted in the death of the other man, the future Earl of Margrave knew he had to leave London or face grave consequences. When he asks Brilliana Trevor if she would accompany him, her refusal leaves him dejected. Hearing she married soon after his departure is a double blow. It sadly takes seven years for Niall to be exonerated of the crime, and he can now return home. It is not long before he and Brilliana come in contact during various social functions, but he has no intention of being involved with her again.

Unfortunately, Niall’s wish for him to avoid the woman whom he once wanted to wed is not granted. A government employee forces the couple to pretend they are engaged in order to catch a possible counterfeiter, a man related to her. Though neither wants to take on the assignment, the price of not doing so is too high. As Niall and Brilliana are seen together so everyone will actually think they are going to marry, their private conversations reveal inner hurts plus hidden truths and may even give them another chance.

The Sinful Suitors series is up to four books, and THE PLEASURES OF PASSION is filled with heartfelt emotions and a huge mystery. Though Niall and Brilliana were once very close, misconceptions led to them being apart for years. Now the couple has the opportunity to see if there is still something between them, but first they will have clear up any wrong ideas they have about the other or they can never have a future. A second chance storyline is one I like, especially if the reason two people broke up was beyond their control. Sabrina Jeffries carefully constructs a believable explanation for Niall and Brilliana’s previous relationship not continuing, and then gives convincing accounts of what takes place when they reunite. I could not keep from worrying over the fact that a big secret needed to be concealed, but at what cost. Niall gives plenty of honest reactions during many of the discussions he has with Brilliana, and her own are just as candid. Desiring each other is not one of their problems, as their intimate encounters are heated and definitely enthusiastic.

What is going on connected to any counterfeiting matters is cleverly carried out, and I kept trying to guess exactly who was behind any criminal activities. The author kept the suspense building until all is disclosed, as clues are subtle. This story easily stands alone, but will make the reader want to know what has been missed in earlier books.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Sinful Suitors – Book 4

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  June 20, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ya3nwqzf

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://www.sabrinajeffries.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Royal Enchantment by Sharon Ashwood

The Camelot Reborn miniseries is truly intriguing because of how the distinctive characters known from legend are brought to life in order to keep the human population safe. The group of knights known for their fighting skills plus bravery will put their lives on the line for anyone, but in this story, someone very dear to King Arthur might perhaps be in need of his expertise. When Guinevere comes back into his life, they both must confront the emotional issues which affected their relationship in the past, as these troubling matters could keep them from moving forward in the present. I became totally caught up in the many happenings this couple had to face, from problems caused by the fae to those linked in how they perceived the other. ROYAL ENCHANTMENT is noteworthy because Sharon Ashwood has made every moment believable.

A long time ago when King Arthur aligned himself and his knights with the fae to keep humans from harm, one upcoming battle was disastrous to any being who was a Faery and they vowed revenge. Merlin then enchanted those who sat around the Round Table so they would sleep until they were once again needed to protect mortals. The time has come for Arthur and his loyal knights to battle the fae, and they are disguised as employees at a medieval theme park in present day Washington state. As the courageous king prepares to fight, he thinks back to when Guinevere was by his side.

What Arthur did not know is that Merlin also put his queen under the same spell, and now she has been awoken. But Gwen is no longer satisfied to keep a low profile and not speak her thoughts, because before she was always left in the dark when any plans were made. As the peril escalates for anyone living in the modern world, Arthur and Guinevere find their relationship having its own personal difficulties.

Arthur and his knights have had to adapt themselves to a world unlike the one they left, and it is always fun to see these men using phones and riding in cars instead of traveling on a horse. Sharon Ashwood has reasonable explanations for every situation that arises, and often the crafty Merlin is at the center of any solution. I was frequently in awe of how the author made so many factors connected to the past seem as though they could take place in our current world, and I especially enjoyed seeing what occurred when a dragon or some other mythical creature appeared. Exceedingly colorful descriptions make ROYAL ENCHANTMENT constantly fascinating, and each new adventure keeps the interest high.

Since Gwen is willing to clash with Arthur over her lack of independence, he quickly discovers his wife is not as meek as when they first married. What he sees as being protective has her feeling stifled, and I really had a great time watching them try to find a way to actually be happy together. Balancing his duties as king with those responsibilities a wife expects of her husband was not at all easy for Arthur, and though there is much passion between them, trust will also play a big part in what ultimately happens. I have always thought the myth about King Arthur and Guinevere was very interesting, and Sharon Ashwood gives an imaginative perspective on this fable.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Camelot Reborn

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  July 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ycen5yjl

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.rowanartistry.com/authors/sharon-ashwood/

Rating:  5 Stars

Second Chance Season by Liora Blake

Spirited characters and extremely realistic situations make the second book in the Grand Valley series constantly enjoyable. I chuckled more while reading than I can remember doing in a long time, because so many of the events in the story are humorous and full out laughable. But there are also moments where sincere emotions are on display, and those incidents touched me in ways that many books do not even come close to doing. Every scene created by Liora Blake is especially imaginable, as her words caused me to fully experience each detail because of how genuinely I was affected by the realness of what was taking place. SECOND CHANCE SEASON is highly recommended, and there is not one thing I would change.

The first meeting Garrett Strickland has with Cara Cavanaugh brings back some rather painful memories, but he has never been one to let it bother him that his family home will never again belong to him. What his future could have been is not important now, and his work at the local co-op in Hotchkiss, Colorado makes him a living but is not particularly rewarding. Coming in contact with a woman who will be staying in his old house for a short time could have really made Garrett sad, but there is no use longing for something that can never be true.

After becoming disillusioned with her career and boyfriend of many years, Cara thought it was time for a big change. Since she wanted to continue writing articles which actually meant something to readers, she decided to leave Chicago and do research on agriculture changes in the Grand Valley region. Encountering a local man who assisted her by pointing out the location of the place where she will be living leaves Cara intrigued with him. Then something unexpected happens when she and Garrett slowly sort out what they want to get out of life.

Since I grew up on a farm, I was eager to see how Liora Blake would portray her characters and all the aspects of living in a rural setting. From the very start, I was overjoyed at her depiction of Garrett and the life led by many other residents in the Hotchkiss area. Whether a situation dealt with a person’s truck or the dilemmas of daily farm life, I really felt as though the event could actually happen as described. I loved all the episodes with the cows, and some of them were fondly remembered from my own past. While many of the scenes are written with much wit, there is also a sense of seriousness when appropriate, just like a normal day on the farm.

When it comes to Garrett and Cara, every second they are together brought me complete satisfaction as a reader. They have lots of conversations that are packed with intelligent comebacks, but there are also instances where their inner feelings are exposed because of their honest reactions. This couple definitely generates plenty of heated passion when their desire escalates to the point where they have to express how they truly feel. Since the story is told from each of their viewpoints, I got to comprehend what Garrett and Cara were thinking about the same situation. Facts discovered about a main character in the next book of the series has me counting the days until it can be read. The ingenious cleverness in SECOND CHANCE SEASON will never be forgotten.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Grand Valley – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  June 20, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yam7kwbp

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.liorablake.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Ruckus by Zoe Dawson

A favorite theme in suspenseful romances is for the heroine to be stranded with the hero in precarious circumstances, and Zoe Dawson brings this scenario to life with ever-increasing peril and a spirited couple. Danger can crop up at any moment in RUCKUS, and I never knew what the outcome would be or if someone would be harmed. Situations could escalate in a second, going from calm and nonviolent to terrifyingly perilous in an instant. My heart raced at times when physical threats loomed, while other incidents made me warm because of all the sexual heat generated by the main couple. Zoe Dawson captured my full attention all the way through the book, as action is swift and desire is expressed with honest feelings.

The latest assignment photojournalist Dana Sorenson has undertaken is very personal to her, and she plans to tell the plight of migrants traveling through the country of Columbia. Though the task will most definitely be risky, she will not let anything keep her from reporting on the trials of these determined people. All seems to be going well for Dana until she is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal in the area.

When Lt. Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper is given his latest duty as a SEAL, he expects the mission to retrieve a drug runner living in a South American jungle to go as planned. Unfortunately, there is an unforeseen dilemma when an American reporter is discovered on the premises, and the SEALs must make certain she and those with her are rescued. But in the haste to escape the compound, Ruckus and Dana end up on their own. With the original mission still needing to be completed, working together to reach their own goals will not be without complications for these two strong-willed individuals.

SEAL Team Alpha is a series that has lots of danger associated with a soldier being in a unit where risks are the norm when on an assignment. Ruckus is proud to serve his country, and doing his duty has always been a top priority to him. But upon meeting Dana, his goals are not always clear. She keeps him confused, yet he is also happy in a way that is not usual for him. Becoming entangled with a cranky SEAL is not what Dana planned to do, but occasionally fate has other ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two interact, as their opinions gradually change from irritated to admiration. They both do plenty of soul-searching as their time together makes them see things differently, and I worried over what they would ultimately decide. Passion sometimes runs high, and Ruckus and Dana know how to make every minute count when control is lost. They both have some great amusing comebacks, too. RUCKUS is highly entertaining on every page.

As the story progressed, I got small glimpses into the lives of other SEAL team members. When facing a threat, these men know what to do and work exceedingly well together. During downtime, their banter is humorous and made me smile. Zoe Dawson had me believing all the facts about their missions, as actions and words came across as very authentic. I also felt as though I was right there in the jungle, as the author’s descriptive words are colorfully vivid. I am glad there are more books in the series, and I really hope each of the courageous men get to tell their own story.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  SEAL Team Alpha – Book 1

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLCs

Releases:  June 2, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y8sal4ny

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://zoedawson.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

The Queen of Dauphine Street by Thea de Salle

If the prior NOLA Nights story was read, then the outrageous behavior of Madeline Roussoux has already been discovered. In case the first glimpse of this spirited woman is in her own story, enough facts are conveyed to let you know what was missed while delving into a life that few ever see. I was frequently held captive by a scene where fantasies are played out, and I certainly was deeply touched when a genuine emotion is revealed. Thea de Salle can make a situation extremely sexy and even toss in some witty humor, but an underlying sense of realism can always be detected and make any moment in THE QUEEN OF DAUPHINE STREET convincing. I laughed a lot, was repeatedly overheated because of all the scorching sex, and also felt the emotional connection between the main couple.

Although Madeline Roussoux is a name known by many people all over the world, she does not feel truly fortunate as most would assume because past tragedies still haunt her. She inherited much wealth from her entrepreneur father, and the social circles in which she runs contains the names of individuals the average person will never meet. Her life is filled with overindulgences that usually do not leave her totally satisfied, and while Maddy may appear to have it all, she actually feels vulnerable sometime and is often rather sad when alone.

A chance meeting in Dallas leads to a lively chat with Darren Sanders, an owner of a successful construction business. Shortly thereafter, his life is at risk and the person behind the threat cannot be found. To hopefully remain safe, Darren agrees to Maddy’s offer of staying on her boat as she travels from Texas to New Orleans. What they discover about each other brings them closer plus takes them to new heights of sexual gratification.

From the opening descriptive scene to the last delightful comment, THE QUEEN OF DAUPHINE STREET entertains constantly. When I started the book, I actually had to stop reading for a moment and let the visual sink in of what Maddy was doing. I knew she was someone who went after whatever she wanted, but was not expecting her provocative conduct to be displayed quite so quickly. Maddy definitely does not care what opinion others have of her, and she is going to do something if there is a desire for it. While she does have a wild side, there is also much more to her than what is shown to the world.

How Maddy and Darren respond to each other is unlike anyone before, and they bond more and more as time passes. They could become closer after a silly joke is delivered by him, and there are numerous ones all through the book that caused me to chuckle, or it might be when they share a fact about their past that is not normally told. A huge factor linking the couple is how their sexual escapades bring fulfilment and make them really happy. Thea de Salle does not withhold any details when Darren and Maddy are intimate, thus letting me experience their pleasure to the fullest. Previous characters show up in the story, and they are once again engaging and made me smile. Cannot wait for the rather stuffy Alex to tell his story.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  NOLA Nights – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  May 15, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y9janj69

Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Urban Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom and Jillian Stone

URBAN WOLF captures the imagination with innovative creativity and engaging characters. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom and Jillian Stone always manage to write stories that grab your full attention, and their compelling novellas are definitely entertaining. Taking place in Los Angeles and London, two men who appear as regular humans are in actuality hiding their Were side to keep people from knowing the truth. When they find themselves in situations where a woman plays a huge part and could affect the outcome, the lives of each couple becomes entangled because of unanticipated developments. As threats continue to mount, so does their desire for one another. I was totally caught up in the numerous surprising incidents that arise, as these episodes make for constant fascination.


“Wolf in the City” by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Since the ill-fated night that forever changed Jared James, his evenings are often spent patrolling the streets of Los Angeles where inconceivable events in fact happen. After becoming a werewolf, he now wants justice against the being which turned him into something most humans do not think exists. One night, another creature is prowling the area, and Jared learns vampires are also very real. Discovering someone else who is no longer an ordinary mortal causes him much excitement, but he wonders if the female vampire named Kit will keep him from seeking the one that created him.

When it comes to werewolves, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom can always masterfully write an original story for these intriguing creatures, and this novella showcases her creative mind. “Wolf in the City” is filled with unique circumstances and two distinctive characters, where emotions run high and danger escalates. Jared and Kit may be from different paranormal species, but their craving for normalcy draws them together, resulting in lots of earnest conversations and growing desire. What a wonderful couple they make because of the author’s inventiveness, and I really hope there are more stories set in the same location. I can never get enough of Linda Thomas-Sundstrom’s tempting werewolf heroes!


“Wolf, Interrupted” by Jillian Stone

After someone is killed during a vicious attack in London’s underground train station, Abelseth Durant is the homicide detective sent to speak with an eyewitness named Elle Hathaway. He immediately recognizes her wolfen nature, as he has the same background. Though once part of a pack, he is now a lone wolf yet cannot keep from being attracted to the enticing female. When Elle is unexpectedly snatched by a wolf pack with a very bad reputation, Abelseth will use whatever measures he must to get her back.

A most colorful world has been constructed for the werewolves that Jillian Stone has envisioned living in London. They are dissimilar from any werewolves I have ever read, as any capabilities are unique along with their individualistic personalities. Elle and Abelseth are a delight every time they are featured, especially when talking about anything wolfen and their mating practices in particular. The setting is also vividly described using the proper London terminology, thus letting me get a genuine feel for the area. The originality in “Wolf, Interrupted” keeps interest high from beginning to end.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  GothicScapes

Releases:  June 12, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/kcq7rt6

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com/


Rating:  5 Stars