Letters From Across The Universe by Lucy LeClair

Some of the first books I read when younger were Star Trek stories. So I was definitely thrilled when I came across the debut story from Lucy LeClair, as similar details with the TV show are scattered throughout the book. I loved when something mentioned in the story was close to an aspect in the long-ago series, as I have remained a huge fan over the years. But Ms. LeClair also adds in her own imaginative developments to make the story uniquely her own, and I was totally caught up in the innovative premise from its riveting start to the unpredicted ending. The Starcrossed trilogy has two more books to come out, and I am extremely eager for more facts to be revealed about the fascinating characters created by Lucy LeClair, especially since there are some huge unknowns to be disclosed. LETTERS FROM ACROSS THE UNIVERSE has riveting incidents and is very original.

Though Soren Renacxan has proven himself to be a competent student, no one on his home planet of Orcus thinks highly of him. In fact, they view him as being odd because he is human and Orcan, so he has no friends at all. His decision to try and get a pen pal from earth leads to many communications with a girl from Kansas.

While all the conversations between Soren and Christine Summerfield are never in person, the two teenagers come to learn much about each other and surprisingly feel close because many of their letters contain private thoughts. As they go through personal dilemmas, their connection becomes even more tight. Getting to actually met Christine would make Soren exceedingly happy, but he feels certain that event will never occur.

LETTERS FROM ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is believable and always engages your every thought. Being a teenager is never easy, and when a boy is unlike those around him, then his life can be particularly difficult. I remember wanting to fit in when I was in my teens, but being half human keeps Soren from ever feeling like anyone on planet Orcus will be his friend. Ms. LeClair had me experiencing not only his despair but also his joy when he gets a pen pal, thus giving him someone with whom to chat. Reactions are spot on when he talks with Christine, and I laughed at his more delightful responses as well as her candid retorts. These two are wonderfully written with much realism, and I really want them to actually exist. Background history for Soren and Christine is very captivating, and some of the circumstances are truly extraordinary. What the future holds for them is yet to be discovered, but I just know their journey will be compelling. An engaging story for young adults and anyone older.

Series: The Starcrossed Trilogy – Book 1

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  May 22, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y7lzwpvp

Genre:  Science Fiction

Author website:  https://www.lucyleclair.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars