Third Son’s a Charm by Shana Galen

With its innovative premise and original characters, The Survivors series begins with a story filled with realism. The Draven Club members are former soldiers who served under the same man while at war against the French, and they are the lucky ones who came home. One individual was called the Protector for a good reason, and his astute abilities lead to him interacting with a woman who frustrates him just as much as he irritates her. But somewhere along the way, unexpected feelings emerge and neither of their lives are ever the same. I thoroughly enjoyed this Regency story of opposites attracting, where situations are cleverly depicted and often not anticipated. Every scene in THIRD SON’S A CHARM entertains and totally enthralls because of imaginative developments and intriguing characters. Shana Galen has created a captivating historical that never disappoints.

After being an English soldier in the fight against Napoleon, the current career of Ewan Mostyn is working at a gaming hell where he makes certain the patrons behave. Since he has two older brothers who could inherit the title of earl, his family has little use for him, so the men with whom he fought are more like his relatives. When one man at the establishment, the Duke of Ridlington, offers Ewan the opportunity to use some of the skills learned in the war by becoming a bodyguard to his only daughter, the ex-soldier refuses at first.

Ewan thinks Lady Lorraine Caldwell really does need someone to make sure her reckless activities do not cause any harm, but a personal reason is what motivates him to accept the proposal. As he tries to carry out his many responsibilities, he finds the woman under his protection to be exceedingly obstinate yet also tempts him like no other female. Ewan and Lorraine are frequently at odds when it pertains to her conduct, yet they gradually become closer because their inner longings are revealed when they spend so much time together.

The descriptive details in the book make every moment believable. Whether it is an escapade outside or facts about an individual, I could easily picture the situation or person because of vivid portrayals. The Regency period never felt more real, and the rules for how society perceives a person during this time in history is shown in various ways. Shana Galen made all circumstances particularly convincing.

While the storyline for THIRD SON’S A CHARM is one I will long remember, the characters are also equally unforgettable. Ewan may be abrupt at times and often not have much to say, but he definitely won my heart after only a few minutes. His background had me feeling sympathy for all had to live through, and I cheered him on when things went right in the present. Shana Galen gave this man true-to-life problems, and I absolutely loved this troubled hero. Lorraine is delightful with her spirited personality and stubborn streak. When she and Ewan were talking, I laughed when comments were witty, while their more serious discussions had me sensing any personal anguish. I never wanted this couple’s story to end, and the concluding scene has me very eager to read the next book in the series.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Survivors – Book 1

Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca

Releases:  November 7, 2017


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

Kiss at the Altar by Rachel Goldsworthy, Shelley Adina, Sharon Ashwood, Lee McKenzie

All the delightfully appealing couples from the prior books in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series make an appearance in the concluding story, and one of them is about to wed. This particular bride has previously shown doubts when it comes to getting married, but surely all will happen as planned this time. But just like real life, nothing is guaranteed until the event has actually occurred. Rachel Goldsworthy, Shelley Adina, Sharon Ashwood, and Lee McKenzie have created a wonderful place for their series to be set, and the many characters whom they have brought to life are always interesting. KISS AT THE ALTAR has fascinating circumstances that make me want to believe.

After four cousins inherit Red Gem’s chocolate shop located in the coastal town of Corsair’s Cove, they all discover much about themselves and even find a special man to love. One of them, Prudence Parker, is going to wed Spencer MacKewan on Christmas Eve, and the holiday season will make the celebration more festive. The bride’s ring once belonged to her great-grandmother, and everything looks like it will be a perfect day, especially since Prudence is a wedding planner. Yet not all goes smoothly, because neither the ring or the bride can be found when it is almost time for their vows to be said.

Corsair’s Cove has legends about certain places being haunted, and while some residents laugh at the concept, others know for a fact that it is true. So when several unanticipated incidents crop up, I had to wonder if one of those devious spirits was responsible. The authors make the notion of supernatural occurrences in the town seem very probable, and I really enjoyed their latest cleverly imagined idea.

It was great getting to see all the romantic couples from the earlier stories come together for Prudence and Spencer’s big day, and when things become hectic, their reactions proved how much they cared. While the cousins may not have been close in a long time, being brought together by their great-aunt’s decision not only changed all their lives but brought unexpected happiness in so many ways. My visit to Corsair’s Cove has been enchanting.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop – Book 5

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  November 3, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4 Stars

Slow Burn by J.H. Croix

When Beck Steele was met in the first book of the Into the Fire series, I saw him as an irresistible flirt. In his own story, I also discovered that he is very capable when it comes to firefighting, and he takes his responsibilities seriously. Yet when it comes to women and dating, his main thoughts are having a good time and making certain his lover is satisfied when they part. But when the sometimes rather disagreeable new dispatcher came to work at the station, the life of this carefree man begins to gradually change without him even noticing. J.H. Croix makes the emotional moments in SLOW BURN believable, while any sexual escapades are off-the-charts steamy.

Since Maisie Rogers is the dispatcher for Willow Brook Fire and Rescue, she talks with a variety of locals in the quaint Alaskan town. While she enjoys her career choice, there is one person in the area who can annoy her just by speaking, and he unluckily works with her. Though Beck Steele may be temptingly hot, he has a reputation for dating lots of women, and Maisie does not plan on being one of them. But for some reason, the woman who answers the emergency calls has Beck feeling different about her than the other females whom he encounters, and her refusal to do more than kiss him only makes his determination to win her over even greater.

J.H. Croix knows how to make her romances engaging from the start, where emotions are constantly sincere and the characters have honest reactions. I am always deeply affected when I read a book by this author, as her characters are so true-to-life and make me care about their welfare. Beck does all he can to keep others safe when it pertains to his work, and I admired his professionalism. In his personal life, he is always upfront when with a woman. But being around Maisie leaves him confused and not in control of his responses. She is also conflicted about her feelings for him, and I enjoyed watching these two come to terms with how they really felt for one another. Often when they are together, the couple experience passionate sex that is better than any fantasy either could imagine. SLOW BURN takes Beck and Maisie through a series of highs and lows, where candid feelings are expressed and hopes just might come true.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  Into the Fire – Book 2

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  October 29, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

The Witch and the Werewolf by Michele Hauf

Just because someone has supernatural abilities, it does not mean they are completely invincible. Often, these beings can be hurt yet totally recover in a short period. But occasionally, a problem arises which makes someone with these special capabilities vulnerable, and then some tough decisions might have to be made. The main couple in the third Decadent Dames story have to face several very critical matters in their relationship, and whatever choice they make will greatly affect them for the rest of their lives. I so wanted these two likable individuals to find the joy that they deserved. Michele Hauf can always be counted on to create an imaginative yet believable paranormal book, and THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF is convincing plus creative.

Since Mireio Malory is a witch, there is a way for her to live for many years way past what is normal. If she can obtain the heart of a vampire, she can cast a spell which would make the wish for a long life come true. One day before leaving work after her shift ended at Decadent Dames, a brewery that she owns with three other witches, a male customer starts a conversation with her. Though he looks and dresses like a big human lumberjack, Mireio gets an animal vibe from him.

With neither werewolf Lars Gunderson or Mireio in a relationship, the two begin seeing each other on a regular basis. Even when he springs a surprise disclosure, she is not put off from dating him. She then learns he is having some major personal issues, ones that could drastically alter the future between them. With the information Mireio uncovers shortly thereafter, her next decision will be the most important one of her life.

The inventive mind of Michele Hauf once again makes her Beautiful Creatures world come alive with realistic beings and an original premise. Though part of a series, this story can certainly be read first without feeling lost. While Mireio has been met previously, insight into her private life was not exposed until her own story. I got to see exactly what caused her to make specific choices, as the dreams she hoped would be fulfilled were revealed. Mireio is a water witch, and Ms. Hauf made her love for this element interesting. Whenever she and Lars are together, they made an engaging pair. Her enthusiasm helped to bring out the lively side of the shy werewolf, and I found him to be refreshingly distinctive when compared to others in this species. Dedicated when a situation calls for it and always thoughtful, Lars is the type of friend or lover who can be counted on at all times, and I so wanted him to experience his life to the fullest. One aspect of his and Mireio’s relationship which they enjoyed was sex, and they definitely had fun during any encounters.

THE WITCH AND THE WEREWOLF is amusing, poignant, and compelling. Humor can be found all through the story, and the unique wit of Michele Hauf made these moments very laughable. There are also events that truly touched my heart, as the author had me feeling the realness of the circumstances. Three of the Decadent Dames owners have told their stories, and I am eager for the fourth witch’s book to come out.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Decadent Dames

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  November 1, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars