Nice Guys Bite by Jennifer Estep

51dj8jodyalWhen any story connected to the Elemental Assassin series comes out, I am always grateful for the chance to discover additional details about the beloved characters associated with Gin Blanco. She may be the Spider and is a competent assassin, but she often requires some help from friends to make certain her life runs smoothly. The individual who expertly keeps things straight when it comes to fighting crime in Ashland is Silvio Sanchez, her assistant, and he takes his job very seriously. In NICE GUYS BITE, the Christmas holidays have arrived, and it is time for this finicky vampire to have some enjoyment and not think about work. But being employed by Gin can complicate his own life when least expected.

Even though it will soon be Christmas day, Silvio Sanchez thinks his responsibilities as the personal assistant of Gin Blanco should continue as normal. But when his boss says to stop working and do something fun, he knows arguing is useless. Since he has received an offer to go get coffee with a repeat customer at Gin’s BBQ restaurant, Silvio decides to see what the enticing man has on his mind.

His time spent with the college professor is going even better than he had hoped, as the two have much in common. But just as Silvio is beginning to ponder if he might be ready to learn more about his date, he becomes aware of several giants sitting nearby that appear to pose a threat. When it turns out his hunch was unfortunately correct, he will have to do some quick thinking or his time working with Gin will be over.

Not a lot has ever been divulged about Silvio since he became closely linked with Gin and her friends, so it wonderful to get some insight into his thoughts and how he would handle himself if threatened. I was surprised at some of his responses, as he is usually seen taking care of any business on his computer or phone, not getting involved in one of her risky escapades. Since the story is told from his viewpoint, I came to understand this often mysterious vampire much clearer.

The story takes place at Christmas, and seeing how Gin prepared for a huge party at her restaurant left me smiling because of her unique ideas for decorations. There are some delightful conversations between her and Silvio, and even some moments where real feelings come into play. Jennifer Estep interweaves some suspense with emotional conflicts and adds in a dash of humor to make NICE GUYS BITE constantly entertaining.

Received copy via NetGalley for my honest opinion

Series:  Elemental Assassin – Book 15.5

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  December 12, 2016


Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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