A Baby for Agent Colton by Jennifer Morey

51qiCiMjo0LLots of uncertainties can be found all throughout the sixth Coltons of Texas story. Several unknowns are linked to the ongoing murder cases connected to the Alphabet Killer, while other doubts are associated with the relationship of two FBI agents. Add in some suspenseful action plus an abundance of emotional issues, and the story is repeatedly riveting. Jennifer Morey has created a compelling installment in the continuity series where secrets abound. A BABY FOR AGENT COLTON has mysteries to solve and unpredicted feelings to explore.

FBI agent Trevor Colton does not let his cases become personal, and he will never again let himself be attracted to one of the female agents. But Jocelyn Locke has the type of personality that draws him to her, making it hard to resist the strong sexual pull. When he learns what motivated her to become an agent, their similar reasons make him feel even closer to her. After a very long day of work, Trevor and Jocelyn give in to the temptation and discover what is between them.

With no luck in locating the prime suspect in the Alphabet Killer murders, the current case Trevor and Jocelyn are working on is not moving forward. One big surprise does occur when she finds their night together resulted in her being pregnant. Trevor does talk Jocelyn into getting married, yet she wonders if they will ever be united by more than a baby. To hopefully track down the elusive killer and keep any more deaths from happening, a plan involving her is approved by the FBI. With his new wife now in possible danger, Trevor will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Since A BABY FOR AGENT COLTON closes out the first phase of The Coltons of Texas continuity, several questions are answered before the storyline goes in a new direction. Jennifer Morey certainly added in plenty of twists to her contribution, where danger keeps escalating while emotions remain confused. The Alphabet Killer plot has been fascinating in all the previous books, and the threats from this cunning person just keep escalating. I never knew when this individual would cause trouble, and the unexpectedness of several incidents caught me off guard. When the outcome of a situation was very unpredictable, I became nervous as I waited for the episode to finally conclude. The intrigue in A BABY FOR AGENT COLTON is imaginative.

Trevor and Jocelyn put much effort in catching the cold-blooded murderer because they are dedicated FBI agents, but their personal relationship also needs attention or it may not turn into one that lasts. Misgivings about their marriage are often on both of their minds, and when they stated how they felt, I hurt right along with them. Trevor has so many doubts because of his background, and it has kept him from being the kind of partner who believes his future will be bright. All the Colton siblings have been deeply affected by having a serial killer father, and being able to open up about their feelings is not always easy. Jocelyn quickly finds herself in a situation which will force some difficult conversations to take place. Jennifer Morey takes her couple on a bumpy ride as a difference of opinion causes challenges. The story ends in an interesting way, and I look forward to seeing what will happen to Josie in her book.

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Series:  Coltons of Texas

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  June 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/z5fxtsk

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.jenniferamorey.com/

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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