A Hunter Under the Mistletoe: All Is Bright\Heat of a Helios by Addison Fox and Karen Whiddon

51mqgkfjxjlWith the Las Vegas setting and an inventive storyline involving Helios from Green myths, A HUNTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE is constantly enchanting. Addison Fox and Karen Whiddon have written stories filled with uniqueness and imaginable characters, and I enjoyed seeing how someone with very unusual supernatural abilities would react during certain situations. The two Stavros brothers make outstanding heroes, as deep concern for others demonstrates they are compassionate, while their responses to the new women in their lives proves tender regard and fiery passion are also part of their natures. Though the heroines are rather shy and usually keep to themselves, being around a man who cares about them brings out the best in their behavior. Both stories complement each other, as facts and timelines are accurate. Christmas festivities add to the charm of the stories, while many aspects of Las Vegas are highlighted throughout the novellas. I hope there will be future visits with the Helios. A HUNTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE captures the imagination with cleverness.


“All Is Bright” by Addison Fox

As the horticulturist for the Archangel Casino in Las Vegas, it is the duty of Evangeline Kennedy to make certain the plants located on the site look fabulous at all times. While working late one night, she comes upon a sight that cannot be rationalized and is determined to get a valid explanation about the incident. Rafael Stavros runs the casino along with his brother, and they are both phoenixes which are known as Helios. What Evangeline saw was his Rejuvenation, and the truth about this event must be kept concealed from humans. Since Rafe is worried about her trying to discover what actually happened, he plans to get much closer to her, something that will not be a hardship.

Original and intriguing, “All Is Bright” interweaves the Christmas season with lots of fascinating incidents. Addison Fox brings the interesting world of the Helios to life with believability and engaging characters. Rafe greatly cares for his family, and he is shocked to find a human woman could be added to his list. Though he and Evangeline are vastly different, and she does not like secrets, the sexual pull between them is very potent and hard to ignore. What is learned about the Helios and their enemy, Chaos, is thought-provoking with its ties to Greek mythology, and I was definitely involved in how things would play out.


“Heat of a Helios” by Karen Whiddon

Even though Meghan Frost is a well-known singing sensation, she hopes to have a relaxing time in Las Vegas before her upcoming shows begin at the Archangel Casino. While her room is absolutely perfect and so far no one recognizes her, being alone over the Christmas holiday is really disheartening. When she spends some time doing enjoyable activities with Gabriel Stavros, one of the casino’s co-owners, her vacation becomes much more exciting. But Meghan has no clue her new boss is a Helios, which is the supernatural being hunted by her family. As she and Gabe spend time together, danger is drawing ever nearer.

The Stavros brothers know how to show someone a good time, and Gabe goes all out to make Meghan welcome at his establishment. But in the process of being a good host, he finds his feelings are becoming affected by the supposed diva. Karen Whiddon has created a truly compelling storyline for her couple, where emotions quickly become entangled. I found the interactions between Meghan and Gabe to be realistic, especially when they discussed matters that were important to them. “Heat of a Helios” delivers a captivating paranormal story packed with romance.

Received copy from author

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  November 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zw5nycw

Author websites:  http://www.addisonfox.com/


Genre:  Paranormal

Rating:  4 Stars

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