A Measure of Love by Sophie Jackson

418XYikZ4ILThe emotional trials a normally carefree man must face in the latest A Pound of Flesh story are realistic and often extremely moving. Each of the two previous full length installments in the series have been overflowing with lots of true-to-life events, and the third book ratchets up the drama from the very start. Emotions run high as tense situations play out, and a secret added to my worry over what would take place if eventually revealed. Sophie Jackson creates conflicts that are frequently heartbreaking, and each of these gripping scenes deeply moved me. A MEASURE OF LOVE grabs your every thought while reading and is hard to forget when completed.

After leaving Michigan and moving to New York, life has been up and down for Riley Moore. He served a prison sentence for making a very bad decision concerning an acquaintance, but has made certain to get his life back on track since then. Working with a good friend at their auto body shop brings him much satisfaction, and he can always find a woman when he feels the need. Back in his hometown, Riley had grown up with Lexie Pierce, and he had come to think she would be in his life forever. But fate intervened and changed their hopeful futures.

A falling out with his dad led to Riley not seeing his parents in a couple of years, and he has no idea what happened to Lexie. However, the instant he hears his father had another heart attack, he immediately goes to offer support to his family. Being back home has him recalling memories of the many times spent with Lexie. Unintentionally ending up in the same store leaves Riley and Lexie feelings uncomfortable and little is said. However, he feels compelled to reach out to her soon afterward. But this time, a truth she has kept from him will either draw them together or result in tearing what they could have apart.

Though some stories tug at my heart, rarely do they touch me as profoundly as A MEASURE OF LOVE. The lives of Riley and Lexie are clearly exposed from childhood to all their issues as an adult, and regardless of whether the experiences took place when they were younger or are current, each event gave detailed insight into how their lives turned out and why. I felt as though I knew this couple very well, as the author had me living through the circumstances along with them. Their inner pain let me know how Riley and Lexie suffered once their dreams had died, while the hope they feel once reunited told me their connection is still very strong.

Sophie Jackson excels at writing stories with heartfelt emotion plus engaging characters, and A MEASURE OF LOVE is memorably noteworthy. While each of the books in the A Pound of Flesh series has been exceptional, I must say that Riley and Lexie’s story affected me the most. Ms. Jackson has these two pouring out their feelings to each other time and again, and every episode is so honestly sincere. Their reactions are always genuine, and their happy moments left me smiling while anything sorrowful caused me to be upset. Riley is a man who would do anything for his family or friends, and his winning personality made me like him at all times. Though Lexie made a big error when she withheld crucial information from Riley when they were younger, her responses to him now proved she had truly grown up. Their relationship is emotional, passionate and very believable. I hope Riley’s brothers get their own future stories, as each man is certainly fascinating.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  A Pound of Flesh – Book 5

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  June 21, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jlqcmzd

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  https://sophiejacksonauthor.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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