A Night At The Cavern by Anna Alexander

While the first book in The Cavern series is titillating and extremely sensuous, there is an equal amount of heartfelt emotions in the story. I was deeply affected by many scenes in the book, and whether the situation was sexual or if it only pertained to how someone felt, the moment was very true-to-life and had me thinking these incidents just have to be real. Anna Alexander makes every single event come across as if it was actually happening, and the characters involved are also convincing regardless of what is occurring. A NIGHT AT THE CAVERN captivates with steamy passion plus appealing characters.

When Miranda lost a bet with her good friend, she knew there was not going to be a good ending for her. The Cavern is well-known as a nightclub where sexual exploits are not restrained, yet all she has done is have several drinks. But before Miranda gives up and leaves, an exceedingly handsome man starts up a conversation. Jorges states he is connected with the club, and would like to help in making her desires come true.

His first offer is to dance, and Miranda agrees as her aim in coming to the club was to have a good time. Though she is rather nervous when they initially began dancing, Jorges gets her to loosen up and then witnesses something momentous when her inner beauty comes through. Her personality also calls to him, and he is determined to see how much pleasure there can be between them. As Miranda lives out fantasies that she had never once imagined, Jorges knows he wants to keep experiencing more adventures with her.

Though A NIGHT AT THE CAVERN is linked to another series by Anna Alexander, this book completely stands on its own. But there will be great interest in the other series after getting a small taste of what was taking place during the same time frame. The Cavern is a club where inhibitions are left at the door and any sexual wish can be fulfilled. But Miranda feels totally out of place there, and I really felt for her as numerous self-doubts resurface again and again. Her responses are backed with many genuine feelings, and I so hoped Jorges would be the one to give her more confidence. From the instant these two meet, there is an energy around them that I could sense, as looks and touches are so powerful. Jorges is such an unselfish lover, and what he discovers about himself when he is with Miranda made me like him even more. Any sexual encounters in the story are definitely heated with no holding back, and each moment serves to build trust along with fulfillment. A NIGHT AT THE CAVERN is overflowing with erotic enthusiasm and sincere emotions.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Cavern – Book 1

Publisher:  House of Rosenorn

Releases:  January 16, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jcmrw6y

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.annaalexander.net/wordpress/

Rating:  5 Stars

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