A Pawn for Malice by Cynthia Roberts

With escalating danger interwoven into a compelling romance, A PAWN FOR MALICE intrigues and kept me eager for more details. Cynthia Roberts scatters clever clues throughout the story, and I found myself continuously changing my mind as to what I thought might happen next and which person would be responsible. I always like when an author can keep my attention, and Ms. Roberts had me captivated from the interesting start of the story to its nerve-racking conclusion.

After putting a bad situation in her past and trying to make her future brighter, Jessica Wilton thinks her life is on the right track once again. She is surrounded by people who really care about her, and a new job position working in her chosen career is rewarding. Though Jessica had not considered getting involved with anyone at the moment, coming in contact with Senator Bryan Gallagher has her thoughts gradually changing. Then the unthinkable occurs when she is suddenly abducted.

Although Bryan is currently a senator in New York, he was previously a police detective and even served as a marine. With Jessica kidnapped and no concrete evidence pointing to those responsible for her being taken, he plans to use what he learned during his prior duties in order to get her back safely. The time he has spent with her makes him care deeply about her welfare, and he is determined that nothing will take her away from him. Now Bryan just has to find proof of which possible suspect on a growing list actually took Jessica and perhaps uncover a motive.

The story begins with background related to what has recently shaped the life of the Jessica, and it let me know she can be feisty and does not let someone get the best of her. I admired her spunk and cheered her on when she had a bold comeback. As she tries to make the days ahead better, I hoped her decisions would end up giving her some happiness. Her Aunt Florence is a delight, and I really enjoyed the conversations these two shared. While there are some very good people in the story, there are also several whom I despised from the instant they were met as their cruel behavior was all too apparent.

As the story progresses, Cynthia Roberts takes Jessica and Bryan on journey filled with dangerous exploits and unexpected threats. The path to them finding joy together is often treacherous, and I really liked how the more perilous scenes kept me engrossed. When their emotions became engaged during a particular situation, so did my own.  There are certainly several surprises learned along the way, and I never knew what truths would be exposed by turning the page. A PAWN FOR MALICE is entertaining because of heartfelt emotions and lots of jeopardy.

Copy received for my honest opinion

Publisher:  Self

Releases:  November 7, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ho7ebcz

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.romanceauthorcynthiaroberts.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

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  1. Amelia, thank you so much for your beautiful words of praise and review. I’m so, so glad you enjoyed reading A Pawn for Malice. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

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