A Selkie’s Magic by Lana Lea Short

51qkjacw05lThe first book in the Selkies Heart series is entertaining and very sensual. With characters that have engaging personalities and a plot filled with a wide range of diverse situations, there is never a dull moment as the story progresses. Selkies have always intrigued me, and Lana Lea Short certainly makes these supernatural beings come across as totally convincing at all times. A seal having the ability to shed its pelt and become human is truly fascinating, and the author adds her own inventive ideas to the folklore surrounding these wondrous creatures. By the time the story ended, I wished for the chance to actually meet a Selkie. A SELKIE’S MAGIC is captivatingly original.

Although Aileana Sutherland enjoyed living in Southern California when she was a teenager and doing lots of surfing, it was the trips made to see her grandmother in the Scottish Highlands that were the most memorable. During one summer visit, she even made friends with a local boy named Kendrick Morgan because they both loved anything having to do with the sea. Years later, Aileana has decided to stay for an extended period in Scotland. A bad ending to her relationship with a man in the states has her wanting to enjoy the peaceful environment around her grandmother’s cottage and only concentrate on the future. She wants to complete an article for a magazine while also taking advantage of the nearby ocean waters.

Kendrick still lives in the area and comes in contact with Aileana, but she has no idea about their encounter. He was in his seal form, but hopes they soon get to meet up as two humans. With him being the Selkie Prince, he would love to find a female who would make him a good partner, and he thinks their long-ago friendship could turn into something even more rewarding. But if one particularly wicked Finman gets his way, Kendrick will never have an opportunity to make Aileana his mate.

With many of the same scenes being shown through the alternating views of Kendrick and Aileana in third person, I got insight into how they each felt at a certain time. I could tell if they were happy, worried or fearful, as the author gave good reasons for their behavior during that occurrence. The couple definitely goes through a large number of emotions during the story, and Lana Lea Short had me experiencing each one along with them. Kendrick and Aileana are extremely passionate when it comes to expressing their desire for the other, and sex between them is often very lusty yet also caringly tender. There are other individuals to love in A SELKIE’S MAGIC along with the spirited main couple, and two of them are the delightful grandmother of Aileana plus the carefree brother of Kendrick. Their conduct and remarks fit them perfectly. There is even a villain to despise. I am glad this is a series, as I am eager to read more about the interesting Selkies.

The Scottish setting for the story is very well described with accurate facts. Some history is included, and several delicious meals that I wanted to try for myself are prepared. Anything pertaining to the Selkie legend is well-handled, and the more pages I read, the more I wanted to believe. A SELKIE’S MAGIC is enchantingly imaginative.

Received copy for a review

Series:  Selkies Heart – Book 1

Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books

Releases: January 24, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zahfmj6

Genre:  Fantasy

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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