A Soldier’s Second Chance by Lynne Marshall

51xbfvk4iol-_sy346_If Lynne Marshall writes a medical romance, then the love story and health issues are always very believable. All throughout A SOLDIER’S SECOND CHANCE, there is tension linked to hidden secrets and various emergencies at a hospital. While the health dilemmas regularly have satisfactory solutions, many concerns associated with the relationship of two people unexpectedly reconnecting are not so easy to patch up. I was instantly drawn into the lives of the romantic couple, as they are ordinary individuals who are trying to make the best of what life has given them. Ms. Marshall always makes me deeply care about her characters, and A SOLDIER’S SECOND CHANCE is a shining example of a superb medical romance.

When January Ashworth arrived for her evening shift at a Los Angeles hospital, she receives the news that a National Guard medic will be working in the emergency department for a month. He is presently a part of the LAPD SWAT team, but is about to be deployed again and needs to brush up on his medical skills. Jan is agreeable to having the man work alongside her, but when she hears his name is Beck Braxton, she is completely stunned. Luckily, he does not seem to recognize her, but she definitely remembers him and what they once shared.

Although he was a troubled teenager, Beck has dedicated himself to helping others for the past thirteen years. First as a soldier and now a police officer, he focuses on what is currently happening in his life, not the past. One matter that has been difficult to forget is related to the girl whom he had hoped would remain with him when he left to serve his country, but she moved on without him. Strangely, he is assigned to a nurse with a few similar traits to January Stewart, but her personality is certainly not the same as his lost love. Yet it turns out she is actually his ex-girlfriend, someone with secrets that she does not want him to discover.

Since much of the story is set in an emergency department, all types of physical ailments occur. With the author’s knowledge of what can take place during an actual traumatic situation, each event comes across as conceivable. I was put right in the middle of several incidents filled with tense pressure, where I never knew what the outcome would be.  Procedures are accurately described, letting me know exactly what was going on and why.

There were several instances where I was visibly moved by the heartfelt sincerity in comments made by Beck and Jan. Whether they were in the hospital or interacting with each other, I often sensed they were letting me see a side of them not usually exposed to just anyone. Jan has closed herself off from others because of a teenage decision that still haunts her years later. The choices she has made along the way let me see just how vulnerable she is to emotional suffering, and I so wanted her to finally have some long-lasting happiness. While Beck may have been a rather wild boy, he has grown into a man who puts others first and exceeded most people’s expectations. Revealed hidden facts trigger entanglements in their lives, and their reactions to these predicaments are honest while any remarks are spoken from the heart. Lynne Marshall makes Beck and Jan a couple to admire for their thoughtfulness and how much they help others. A SOLDIER’S SECOND CHANCE is an emotional story with dramatic consequences.

Copy received from author

Publisher:  Self

Releases:  October 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/z9qep78

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://lynnemarshall.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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