A Venetian Vampire by Michele Hauf

51favthm71l-_sx314_bo1204203200_An adventure starts immediately in the latest paranormal book from Michele Hauf, and the drama along with lots of unexpected humor only increases as the story unfolds. I could tell from the very beginning that the main characters were uniquely delightful, and I came to deeply care about the charming Dante D’Arcangelo plus likable Kyler Cole. No one does unique vampires better than Ms. Hauf, and this couple certainly captured my interest. Besides plenty of escapades involving a Fabergé egg and a dangerous spell, there are numerous scenes where romance is the focal point. I always get excited when this author releases a book, and A VENETIAN VAMPIRE does not disappoint.

When Dante D’Arcangelo entered the Venetian auction house, his intentions were to steal a Fabergé Imperial egg. He knows if the valuable piece does not become his, the spell it possesses could doom countless vampires including him. While working out his plan as he looks over the area where the egg is being kept until it is sold, Dante sees a woman who also appears to be casing the place for a possible theft. He fully intends for there to be only one thief that successfully ends up with the precious item, and it will not be the fascinating stranger.

Although she took a huge chance in snatching the Fabergé egg, the payoff is too good for Kyler Cole to pass up. When she seems to casually meet Dante a little later, the vampiress has no idea that he is on to her secret agenda. Seducing her in order to get closer is easy for the charismatic vampire, but obtaining the object is much trickier. Especially when a third individual is equally determined to own the coveted prize.

I have always enjoyed the distinctive heroes created by Michele Hauf, and Dante’s personality definitely puts him on my all-time favorite list. He is a tempting man who is honest and compassionate. The way in which he interacts with Kyler had me smiling often, as he is a smooth talker but also shows concern when needed. She may be a vampire now, but many of her reactions are still that of a human woman. Quite a few of their conversations are filled with wit, and I could not help but chuckle at their candid responses. But much of the relationship between Dante and Kyler is often emotional, as doubts lead to confusion over how each are currently feeling. Neither is looking for anything lasting, and they do have one disagreement after another. Yet these disputes do not keep some very heated sexual encounters from taking place.

The reason for Dante and Kyler ever meeting is intriguing, as the secretive details concocted by Michele Hauf about a Fabergé egg are very attention-grabbing. There are several paranormal aspects connected to the mystery surrounding the piece, and I was captivated by the clever imaginings of the author. Ms. Hauf is known for being particularly original when it comes to her characters and their personal stories, and A VENETIAN VAMPIRE is truly innovative. From vampire and werewolf traits to possible reasons for actual events in history, I wanted to believe each fact was true. A few characters from past books are mentioned, and one shadowy individual plays a big part in the story. I really hope King is featured again, and perhaps gets his own future book.

Received book from author for my honest opinion

Publisher:   Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  December 20, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hqhdh2b

Genre:   Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.michelehauf.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. I just finished The Venetian Vampire and I loved it, couldn’t put it down. It had great adventures and exciting and stubborn love. I would recommend it to everyone I know know.

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