All I Want by J.H. Croix

Stories set during the Christmas holidays are always a favorite of mine because the season is associated with joyous times and the possibility of something miraculous happening. J.H. Croix gives two people a second opportunity to be in a relationship, but it will never occur unless minds are changed and big risks are taken. With the help of friends and relatives, the couple might find what is missing in their lives is within reach if they will just take a chance with their hearts. I always enjoy a story written by this author, as the characters are so genuine while the plot is believably convincing, and ALL I WANT left me smiling and very happy.

When a friend wanted to know if Dallas Tate would go and make certain all was well with his vacation home, the FBI agent knew it was a great excuse to get away for a few weeks and revisit Haven’s Bay, Maine. His job has been rather demanding lately, and his former hometown along the coast is the perfect place for him to relax. But upon reaching his destination, Dallas discovers another person is already there ahead of him. Audrey Edwards is the one person who is vividly remembered from when he lived in this community, and seeing her again recalls a memory involving them both which has never been forgotten. Though circumstances were not right for them to be together years ago, perhaps fate will give them a different ending this time.

J.H. Croix captures my imagination with her colorfully depicted setting of coastal Maine, as it let me visualize the area and want to experience what winter would be like there, especially if I had someone like Dallas to aid in warming me up. This dedicated FBI agent may appear to only think about work, but his inner thoughts let me know there are plenty of emotional feelings also inside him. While his mind tries to deny the potent connection he has with Audrey, his body definitely realizes when she is around. For a man who is always in control, overwhelming lust can make Dallas act upon his craving for her in an instant. Since her adoration for him has never completely died even though they have been apart for years, she cannot stop herself from wanting to be with him in any capacity. Yet when things become complicated between them, some tough decisions must be made by both of them. Since the story is told from alternating viewpoints, I got to see how each was reacting to the same situation. There is even a playful dog in the book, and her antics had me grinning. ALL I WANT is passionately sexy and has engaging characters.

I voluntarily wrote a review after receiving a copy of the book via Booksprout

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  November 25, 2017

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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