All or Nothing at All by Jennifer Probst

There is not a single moment in ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL where I was not totally held spellbound by the circumstances taking place. Jennifer Probst had me truly feeling the emotions connected to every new development, and how strongly I was affected by these events often left me breathless. From gut-wrenching anguish to satisfying sex to unpredicted enjoyment, I was caught up in whatever was happening in the lives of Tristan Pierce and Sydney Greene. Though the couple has been met in prior books, their inner dreams and haunting past mistakes were never fully revealed until their own story told me what lead to their current behavior. The path each decides to take in ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL is a journey filled with self-discovery and unexpected feelings.

After his mother was killed in an accident, Tristan Pierce feels like there is nothing left for him in his hometown. He and his father never agree on anything, and there is no way he will work for the family construction business, Pierce Brothers. Though he has a girlfriend, he cannot stay just for her and they break up right before he goes to New York City in order to carry out his aspirations While many of his goals are reached, there are times when he does think about having left Sydney Greene behind.

When his father dies years later, a stipulation in the will requires Tristan to work with his brothers or the business will be lost. Though he would rather not, he does leave his successful career as a realtor and comes back home. His time at the company’s office is often frustrating because Sydney works in the office, and her new proposal will have them being in close contact on a daily basis. Both are determined to put their full focus on their shared project, but past memories are hard to not recall.

While there are always lots of emotional situations in a story by Jennifer Probst, the feelings expressed all though ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL are some of the most profound I have ever read. I was deeply touched when Sydney made her thoughts known to Tristan during any disagreement, and his reactions to a long-hidden secret had my heart racing as I waited to see how everything would play out. Ms. Probst had built up my trepidation over what this couple would do when the truth came out, and I was not disappointed by their honest responses. Though there are some painful moments in the story, there are plenty of heartwarming instances, too. The candid discussions between Tristan and his brothers could be packed with hilarious comments or earnest sincerity, and the scenes where Sydney’s daughter is featured had me smiling at her delightful actions. When Tristan and Sydney are engaging in sexual intimacy, their enthusiasm caused these encounters to be off-the-charts steamy.

All the very appealing characters in the Billionaire Builders series whom I have come to adore were in the final book, and I also got to see any new happenings in their lives. Cal and Morgan plus Dalton and Raven play important parts from at times, and then there is the lovable Becca and even several cute animals whose conduct made me laugh. I will certainly miss this series, and can only hope its characters get mentioned in future books.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Billionaire Builders – Book 3

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  June 25, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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