Angel Unleashed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

The originality in ANGEL UNLEASHED makes every scene absolutely spellbinding. From the unique characters and their traits to the cleverly conceived plot and its brilliant execution, the story took me on a riveting journey of the unexpected. I was completely engrossed in this paranormal book from the very start, and I only became more fascinated as each new detail was revealed. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom brought an extraordinary world to life when she created the Blood Knights miniseries, and her latest release is the most amazing yet.

An expert at tracking monsters, Rhys de Troyes has competently carried out his specific duty for centuries. As one of the Blood Knights, he uses the skills given to him during a long-ago ceremony to keep humans safe from anyone with supernatural abilities that intends harm. But one night, an unknown plus very powerful being arrives in London, and Rhys is determined to learn its background plus purpose. Shocked to discover the creature is female, he continues his concealed observation, waiting on the right moment to confront her and put a stop to anything devious.

When Avery Arcadia Quinn came to London, she had a particular reason. Running into one of the Blood Knights was certainly not on her agenda, and after coming in contact with Rhys, she knows not disclosing full knowledge of her undertaking along with the reasons behind it to him are imperative or he may interfere. Avery is a grounded angel, because her wings were taken from her to give the Knights some of their immortal capabilities and she wants them back. While she will not stop until her objective is complete, Rhys is just as single-minded about uncovering information related to the secretive being.

There are so many ground-breaking circumstances in ANGEL UNLEASHED, and I found myself in complete wonder time and again. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom has always been able to come up with inventive ideas to describe her characters, and Rhys plus Avery are certainly distinctive individuals. He may be one of the Blood Knights, but he also has his own capabilities and personality. I loved how he is a protector for those whom do not even know he exists, yet he wants no thanks for doing his duty. Rhys may be an immortal with much strength, but his sympathetic heart makes him compassionate to the needs of others. Poor Avery has been through so much, and the way in which she suffered really made me angry. But she can still find humor in unlikely places, and I had a great time watching her and Rhys banter back and forth. The passion they feel for the other is sky-high, leading to explosively heated encounters.

Keeping an ancient religious relic safe is part of the Blood Knights oath, and the author makes their ongoing task very believable. Even if the prior books in the miniseries have not been read, their mission is still clear and the reader does not feel lost at all. There is also a creative concept on how vampires were first formed, and their history is very interesting. One species of supernatural beings that Linda Thomas-Sundstrom does so well is werewolves, and I was delighted when they made appearances throughout the story. I am already eager to see what the author dreams up next.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Blood Knights

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  April 1, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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