Any Time, Any Place by Jennifer Probst

Emotional conflicts in ANY TIME, ANY PLACE are so captivating that the next page just has to be read before stopping. While I thoroughly enjoyed the first novel in The Billionaire Builders series, the storyline of the second book is even more enthralling. Raven Hawthorne is hiding a huge secret, and I was very nervous over what would happen when the truth was revealed to Dalton Pierce. This need to discover how they would react compelled me to keep reading, and Jennifer Probst definitely did not let me down. Much realism at depicted all times, as the characters are honest, conversations are candid with often blunt frankness, and daily occurrences are conceivable. I smiled often, laughed occasionally, and was extremely anxious about the future of a couple facing lots of challenges. ANY TIME, ANY PLACE is emotionally rewarding because of a deep connection with the characters.

During her younger years, the father of Raven Bella Hawthorne was a man whom she respected. But her admiration turned to anger when he and a woman died in an automobile accident, as there was evidence that the two were leaving the country together. She was then raised by a relative, and Raven did her best to forget about the parent whose lies caused so much lingering pain as she grew into an adult. While she did not know Diane Pierce, she resents what the woman’s family said about her dad.

When Dalton Pierce came back to Connecticut to work with his two brothers in making Pierce Brothers Construction successful, the first year had been demanding. But now the outlook is much better for the company, and being able to build things with wood makes him very happy. A night relaxing at My Place has Dalton once again fantasizing about the owner of the bar, a woman who intrigues him but constantly ignores his attempts at conversation. He would very much like to restore the old wooden bar as its neglect calls to him, and is delighted when circumstances cause Raven to accept his request. While Dalton diligently works on the antique piece, she ponders whether to share the facts about their connected past.

History between two people often makes their association stronger, but sometimes an unpleasant event only pushes them apart. The fateful incident that forever changed the lives of Dalton and Raven still haunts them in the present, and my anxiety steadily grew because of concern over the significant impact of what she kept concealed from him would have on their relationship. While there are plenty of wonderful moments for them to cherish once they give in to their overwhelming desire, like blazingly hot encounters, there are also many unspoken issues that Dalton and Raven were trying to work out in their minds.  Jennifer Probst once again drew me into every situation affecting a couple for whom I greatly cared, and I lived the many highs and lows they went through right along with them.

ANY TIME, ANY PLACE is an extremely poignant romance, as every realistic moment is experienced to the fullest. Feelings are always sincere, and any responses are genuine plus backed with earnest emotions. There is also fun banter from time to time, especially when Dalton is speaking with his brothers. All the wonderful individuals who made the previous book in the series so entertaining are back, yet enough details are given to make this book understandable if read first.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Billionaire Builders – Book 2

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  January 24, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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