Appalachian Abduction by Debbie Herbert

The second story conceived by Debbie Herbert for her series of books taking place in northern Georgia is absolutely outstanding. Danger happens in the opening scene, and the peril keeps escalating all the way through until the stunning conclusion. Add in all the realistically portrayed characters, and I was hooked on every carefully invented aspect. APPALACHIAN ABDUCTION really is a novel that cannot be put down once started, as there is never a spot where a development is not riveting plus noteworthy.

When Charlotte Helms came to a gated community located on Blood Mountain in Georgia, she hoped to find evidence related to the disappearance of a girl. Though the Atlanta undercover detective has been forbidden to work on the case, her friendship with the mother of the teenager makes the case personal, and she plans on using some of her skills to find any solid proof. But when she and a local deputy sheriff named James Tedder encounter one another, he could ruin her carefully thought-out scheme to safely retrieve the girl.

Although the woman who had broken into the cabin belonging to James did not want to be caught, he was equally determined to track Charlotte down and get answers. Upon learning about the missing girl who might possibly be a human-trafficking victim, he wants to discover if someone in the area is a participant in this terrible crime. As James and Charlotte are given the chance to look for any confirmation about the illegal activity, they have a very hard time keeping their feelings from becoming involved in the case and especially each other.

There is so much to love about APPALACHIAN ABDUCTION, as details are precise and come across as accurate. No matter where a situation occurs, I got a clear picture of the area. The threats to anyone are very real, and those endangering either James or Charlotte could often be deadly. I was frequently worried about what was going to happen to these two, as both were not people who backed down and always gave their all. I definitely admired Charlotte and James as they tried to make sure anyone innocent was rescued, while the guilty party was brought to justice. Human-trafficking is one of the worst things a criminal can take part in, and I was anxious to see how all events would play out. A big shocker awaits them as they seek out answers, and the author made the surprise convincing.

I thought James and Charlotte are extremely likable individuals. He had spent time as a soldier before coming home and taking a position with the local police department, and his time in the Middle East still affects him without warning. These moments were poignantly depicted and certainly believable. Charlotte has dedicated herself to helping others, and her persistence to help a teenager had me seeing her as someone who puts others before her own wishes. The relationship of the couple always seems genuine, as their discussions are candid and feelings are expressed with sincerity. Several characters from the prior book make appearances, and though that story does not have to be read first, it should not be missed. I am so looking forward to seeing what Debbie Herbert imagines next.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Intrigue

Releases:  February 20, 2018


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review. You always take the time to present the plot and emotional journey of the characters without revealing spoilers and you do that very skillfully.

    Again, many thanks!

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