As You Were, Cowboy by Heather Long

The second book in the Lone Star Leathernecks series is often movingly emotional yet also very uplifting at times. The hero is a former soldier who does not regret doing his duty, but sadly he is now paying a big price most days with little expectation of the future ever becoming brighter. When a spirited woman enters his life, he at first feels betrayed and a little angry. But as the couple interacts on a daily basis, both lives take a turn which neither saw coming. I smiled when a situation went well, and then felt empathy for a character if an event did not go as desired. Heather Long has created an exceedingly realistic story filled with romance, hope, and profound emotions. AS YOU WERE, COWBOY is heartwarmingly dramatic time and again.

When Claire Windsor traveled from England to Texas, she had plans to her wishes become a reality. Love for horses led to her choosing a career training them, and a personal matter had her working to use the perceptive animals to help people with various problems. Yet when Claire arrives at Round Top Ranch, she is confronted by the current trainer for its horses, and his greeting is not at all hospitable.

After Mateo Lopez suffered a severe injury to his spine while serving as a Marine, he was discharged for medical reasons and had to return home. He keeps hoping that one day his mobility might improve enough to let him once again work more efficiently with the horses, so there is no reason for Claire to be hired. But since the ranch owners have the final word, Mateo must work with Claire and implement her new program to assist those in some type of pain.

AS YOU WERE, COWBOY is an insightful look at people who need assistance plus those willing to give it. Claire wants to share her knowledge of horses with others, letting them come to also know these creatures and perhaps change their lives for the better along the way. Training an animal to improve the quality of life for someone that has either physical and/or emotional problems is an admirable career, and the Brit is extremely dedicated to aiding anyone who could benefit. She is definitely surprised to learn a ranch employee could use her help, and she can immediately tell there are going to be some uphill battles fought before Mateo will work with her in a friendly manner. But as they start to share ideas, mutual respect begins to grow. A love of horses may have brought them together, but their candidly honest behavior has them growing closer. I was truly touched by many of the scenes where Mateo opens up to Claire about several private topics, and her responses had me liking her even more. Heather Long takes a realistic approach in how horses can give a person confidence, and I felt as though any arising situations could actually be true on so many occasions. Details about such therapy are given in a way which is informative yet does not overload. AS YOU WERE, COWBOY is a cleverly imaginative story that left me with a positive feeling.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Lone Star Leathernecks – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  December 11, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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