At Close Range by Laura Griffin

When a book in the Tracers series is read, I am always amazed at how imaginatively the plots are carried out with total convincingness. Though the series is up to eleven books now, the storylines have all been packed with realistic scenarios where I fully believe every situation that crops up. Laura Griffin has created extremely alarming circumstances throughout AT CLOSE RANGE, where every single detail comes across as unnervingly plausible. From the harrowing event at the beginning of the novel to the nail-biting conclusion, there is never a second where my thoughts were not completely consumed by what was happening in the story. The romance between Scott Black and Daniele Harper is one of the most captivating that I have read in a long time, as every aspect of their relationship is truly credible and fueled by honest emotions. I hope the Tracers series never ends, as Laura Griffin can do no wrong when it comes to making fiction seem factual.

Although Daniele Harper has not worked many homicides, circumstances force this police detective to be the head investigator on a case which is very challenging from the beginning. But she will do everything possible to find whoever killed two people in a remote area of her community. Since their town is rather small, they will use a nearby forensics lab because of its vast resources. Dani already knows many employees at the Delphi Center, and she is prepared to work personally with several of them to gather information. But being around the lab’s main firearms specialist is sometimes difficult, as her feelings for Scott Black have not been entirely professional for a long time.

Various items are tested, yet nothing is discovered that helps identify a certain suspect. Scott has known Dani for years, and he has tried to keep any thoughts about his good friend’s sister from being sexual. Though each can tell there is a shared potent attraction which is begging to be explored, neither plans to act on their unspoken desire and just concentrate on the investigation. When the case takes a strange turn, Dani and Scot feel answers must be quickly uncovered or more murders might perhaps occur.

AT CLOSE RANGE is riveting because of unanticipated danger plus a highly enchanting romance. The mystery of whodunit and why only becomes more intriguing as each new fact is revealed, and some of the disclosures were definitely surprising. How the lives of Dani and Scott become entangled in the sinister scheme is cleverly accomplished with plenty of unexpected twists and turns, some which were very original. I like when something unforeseen takes place in a story, and this book is continuously filled with the unpredicted.

Scott is a man whom I would want on my side, as I know he would do anything to keep those for whom he cares safe. He has his own way of doing things, and his methods frequently clash with Dani’s approach. She is more of a rule follower, yet there are numerous instances where personal feelings want to overrule her duty. Candid reactions and sincere comments had me loving this couple from the start, and I became deeply invested in their long-term welfare. Lots of characters from prior books in the series are featured and enhance the story, but each novel stands alone and can be read out of order. Just do not miss any of the Tracers releases.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Tracers – Book 11

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  January 31, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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