A Talent for Temptation by Sabrina Jeffries

There are a large number of likable characters in the Sinful Suitors series, and this novella gives two secondary characters the opportunity to fall in love if they will only take a chance. The author packs a whole lot of compelling moments into the few hours taking place in the story, where insightful details are learned and several secrets are disclosed. I can always count on Sabrina Jeffries to create an engaging plot which grabs my attention until the last word is read. A TALENT FOR TEMPTATION is delightfully satisfying because of appealing characters and a fun yet also emotional premise.

Since Meriel Vyse thinks she is obligated to follow the requests of her late husband’s brother, she will attend a ball instead of meeting with the man whom she is secretly seeing. As she prepares to leave her home, a stranger attempts to drag her to his coach. But before he can carry out his plan, Quinn Raines comes to her rescue.

After Meriel cancelled their latest tryst, Quinn decided to let her know how much he cares for her by devising a hasty scheme. However, things go wrong when he tries to prove he can keep her safe but is instead stabbed by a knife which she was carrying with her.  Now he feels more foolish than heroic, and Quinn hopes to redeem himself before it is too late.

While most happenings in the story are rather serious, amusement occasionally works its way into the situations. Sometimes it is a witty comment or some sharply-worded banter. Other instances have humorous thoughts flitting through their minds, and there are even a couple of scenes that really made me laugh. When an event is more somber and sincere emotions are being expressed, their honesty let me know exactly what Meriel and Quinn were feeling. Numerous facts have been concealed by her, and she believes too many differences will eventually keep her and the man that she is coming to love apart. I really liked her spunk and how she pushed forward even when all seems lost. Quinn feels the relationship he has with Meriel is stalled and takes desperate measures to ensure things move forward, and sadly the initial result is not at all what he wanted. I enjoyed watching this couple hash out what neither has been brave enough to discuss until forced to do so. Every situation in A TALENT FOR TEMPTATION captivates and provides entertainment.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Sinful Suitors

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  October 2, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y84ytprh

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://www.sabrinajeffries.com/

Rating: 4 Stars

Forsaken by Night by Larissa Ione

The MoonBound Clan series is about a group of vampires with unusual traits, and Larissa Ione makes this novella a fascinating installment packed with creative details. From how these beings perceive humans to their unique abilities, I was once again drawn into the lives of numerous vampires that truly intrigue me. Dangerous incidents, honestly sincere emotions, and sarcastic humor cause FORSAKEN BY NIGHT to be continuously enthralling.

Although Lobo is no longer a part of the MoonBound clan because they felt he could not be trusted, the vampire still feels compelled to watch over the remote area where they live in the Pacific Northwest. One night when shots are heard nearby, he goes to investigate and takes the wolf that he rescued years ago with him. When Tehya is seriously wounded by a poacher, Lobo is distraught at the thought of losing his only companion and makes the rash decision to take his beloved pet to the MoonBound clan compound for help. There is only one way to aid Tehya quickly, but his plan could have very high costs.

FORSAKEN BY NIGHT has lots of clever originality in every riveting scene. There is so much happening in the story despite its shorter length, and I was totally caught up in wanting to discover how things would turn out for Lobo and Tehya. I simply adore the supernatural beings Larissa Ione has brought to life in this series, as each one has their own distinctive personality plus ability, and her latest romantic couple is not only spirited but also enchanting. Lobo has faced much hardship since he was born, and I really felt for this vampire who needs to be loved. What occurred to Tehya in the past is very remarkable, and her life has certainly not been typical for someone who was once human and then found her life forever changed.

Many of the conversations throughout the story are packed with dry wit and some great comebacks, and I just had to laugh when I envisioned these skillfully depicted scenes. Larissa Ione always creates charming characters who are so easy to love. A few surprising twists led to revelations that I was not expecting. There are also some interesting events taking place within the vampire clans, and I am hoping for more books in the series which will explore these situations. The story was previously released in the BLOOD RED KISS anthology and is now available on its own.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  MoonBound Clan – Book 3

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  September 25, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y9mfwp26

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://larissaione.com/blog/

Rating:  4 Stars

Caught by the Scot by Karen Hawkins

The Made to Marry series begins with a delightfully interesting novel filled with desperate plotting and lots of humor. What Conner Douglas thought would be an easy answer to an unexpected problem ends up having him devise one inventive plan after another in order to hopefully marry Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe. He had believed this particular female would be easily persuaded to do his bidding, but it quickly becomes apparent that is not the case. From the moment these two longtime friends meet up, sexual longing increases the tension between them, often to a fever pitch. There are always plenty of humorous incidents occurring to the appealing characters in a historical story by Karen Hawkins, and CAUGHT BY THE SCOT intrigues with misadventures and witty banter.

Losing a beloved relative was bad enough, but Conner Douglas is downright angry upon hearing the terms of this person’s will. What he should inherit is to be given away if he does not wed within a certain number of months. While he could find a woman willing to be his wife, his intended must also be accepted in society. Though most of his female acquaintances are not well-regarded, Conner does know of one woman who would meet the stipulations that he must follow.

Although Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe may seem to be shy and reserved, she is actually much more spirited than Conner thinks. While there was a time when she would definitely have married him if asked, the Scotsman has waited too long and now she is set to marry another man because she is ready for a change. But when Conner shows up with a surprising proposal, Theodora will have much to think over before her final answer is given.

When I started the book, I wondered how the author would handle the theme of the story where a man is forced to marry or suffer harsh consequences. Conner is shrewd when it comes to carrying out dealings as a privateer, and any relationships with women are for the sole purpose of gratification. He even thinks that having a wife will not truly change how he lives, and I enjoyed watching him come to comprehend what is really important in his life. It did take numerous unanticipated turns to make Conner realize several facts, and it was fun to see his devious mind at work as he plotted new strategies.

CAUGHT BY THE SCOT is entertainingly romantic. While love is certainly not on the mind of Conner when he uses trickery to keep Theodora from marrying another man, she has adored him for years. But this strong-willed woman wants her future to be genuinely happy, and she now understands that a sea-loving privateer cannot ever bring her lasting joy. The couple have much going against them of ever being together, and I was not certain on more than a few occasions if their differences could ever be worked out. When Conner and Theodora have discussions, their sharp wit is evident when cleverly worded comebacks are delivered. There are also some other characters whose remarks are very amusing. Karen Hawkins always manages to create scenes which leave me laughing and wanting more.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Made to Marry – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  September 26, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ycgabc8q

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://www.karenhawkins.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

One Last Kiss by Cynthia Cooke

The group of men who joined the Eternal Bachelors Club had thought they would not get married anytime soon, but some of them have decided there is only one particular woman that they want in their life. Four members remain whose futures have not yet been controlled by their hearts, and Hunter Hamilton is especially adamant about staying unwed. But when he gets an opportunity to reconnect with the woman whom he should never have let escape, seductive plans just might keep Ashleigh Welsley from getting away a second time. Cynthia Cooke has written a very entertaining romance, where long-held secrets could either make a relationship last or end up tearing it apart forever. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of the story, because every scene is so believable that I felt the happenings just had to be true. ONE LAST KISS is emotionally affecting from beginning to end.

Although Hunter Hamilton belongs to the Eternal Bachelors Club, he does date but just has no intention of getting married. There was one woman in his past whom he would have wed, but his choices made certain their relationship did not last. Ashleigh Welsley has been out of his life for fourteen years, so there is no use wishing for what can never come true.

If her father had not become very ill, Ashleigh would have stayed in California instead of coming back to Southampton, NY. Shortly after the well-known actress arrives, she encounters Hunter at a local bar. While both are much different people now than they were long ago, the feelings they once shared have never fully died and keeping them from resurfacing will be very hard.

Even if the previous books in Tina Folsom’s Eternal Bachelors Club series were never read, plenty of details about characters and situations give enough information so everything is understood. I always like when linked stories feature some of the same individuals, as it is great catching up on their lives. Hunter made an exceedingly difficult choice in his past, and it still haunts him. Though he is successful and wealthy, he is not really happy because of how much he regrets losing Ashleigh. While they are no longer involved, he has not truly moved on. Since she thinks he betrayed her, it has caused her problems when it comes to trusting others. When the couple find themselves together again, old hurts are there but so is intense desire. The passion Hunter and Ashleigh feel for one another is frequently sky-high, and they definitely have no trouble expressing any of their lusty cravings. I often felt as though I was experiencing their steamy moments right along with them.

While sexual attraction may keep increasing and various emotions are conveyed by Ashleigh and Hunter, several concealed facts could make a huge difference in what ultimately occurs. There were times when I was very worried over how these two would react to a new disclosure, and genuine responses were demonstrated every time. Cynthia Cooke made every single moment in ONE LAST KISS enthralling, as characters are true-to-life while events are convincingly imaginative.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Tina Folsom’s Eternal Bachelors Club – Book 7

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  September 12, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yb4obfrj

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.cynthiacooke.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Breaching the Contract by Chantal Fernando

The Conflict of Interest series begins with a novella which introduces interesting characters who work at a law firm. There are winning attorneys, a capable intern, one take-charge secretary, and the new associate. Katerina Dawson is all set to prove she can be a worthy asset to the firm, but getting the chance to show off her skills will be difficult when she must be out of the office and is not working on actual cases. Then lines are crossed and feelings become involved, and a lawyer plus the new employee will have to make some tough choices when it comes to their futures. I quickly became connected to the many appealing characters in the story, as BREACHING THE CONTRACT is delightfully enjoyable because of captivating developments. Chantal Fernando creates emotional dilemmas for her very likable characters to face, where lasting happiness could be won or lost with one wrong decision.

Since Katerina Dawson only recently got her degree, she was shocked to have been picked as an associate for a prestigious criminal law firm. At first, it seems there will be challenges that will showcase whether she can be a competent lawyer one day. Kat likes working with Jaxon Bentley, and is glad the other partner, Tristan Channing, is not the one over her. All goes well until her boss has to take some time off, which will have her working with the lawyer who is very reserved.

Now Kat is doing various tasks that have nothing to do with the office, and she is starting to feel more like a personal assistant. She does not realize Tristan is secretly attracted to her, and there is even a little desire for him felt by her, too. But neither plans on anything ever happening because of work ethics.

BREACHING THE CONTRACT sets the stage for more compelling situations featuring lawyers and those with whom they interact. Cases are researched and hopefully will have good outcomes. Then there are moments where unspoken wishes are finally declared, and heartfelt emotions are conveyed with much candor. Kat is a very outgoing woman, and I really became caught up in how her new career and possible relationship would turn out. She wants others to comprehend her capabilities, and gives it her all regardless of what job she must perform. Tristan is a little aloof when first met, but insight into his life let me understand this complex man more fully. With the book’s shorter length, the relationship of Tristan and Kat moves along rather quickly, but I still got the sense of genuine feelings between them. There are also some steamy sex scenes where only dreamed about fantasies come true. I thought the story was entertaining, and I am definitely eager for the next book in the series.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Conflict of Interest – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  September 18, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ybbjnz8l

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.authorchantalfernando.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

Dirty Boxing by Tara Wyatt and Harper St. George

There are a wide range of emotions expressed in the first Blood and Glory story, and each one is backed by much intensity. Whether a character is feeling joy or anger or very lusty, sentiments come across as genuine and convincing. With so many hurdles for the two main characters to overcome, I never knew if a situation would cause the couple to be happy or only push them further apart. Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt have created a series where love could be the most rewarding prize of all. DIRTY BOXING is an entertaining book packed with realistic sports details and a compelling romance.

When Julian Darcy became the director of marketing for the World Fighting Championship league, she hoped this career change meant her life was moving forward. A year ago, she had a brief affair with a MMA fighter. Jules now wants to put the painful memories of how things ended behind her, and she plans to concentrate on creating a successful campaign for the sports organization owned by her father. Bur her wishes are shattered upon discovering she will be working closely with the man whom she has never forgotten.

Though Nick Giannakis had thought he and Jules might have a lasting relationship, she apparently did not because of how he was unexpected dumped. While he would really like to show her that he no longer cares, she still deeply affects him whenever they are near each other. Jules does her best to promote Nick and help the WFC league, and also tries to pretend there was nothing special between them. But it is going to be extremely difficult to ignore the attraction which is even stronger this time.

DIRTY BOXING is an emotional love story about self-discovery. Nick and Jules had a memorable few weeks together, but fears about continuing their involvement cause her to suddenly end things. A complicated childhood makes her think there will be no long-lasting relationships in her future, yet seeing her former lover again makes it hard to stay away when she knows how good her life could be if she gives in to the temptation. And Nick is definitely a very enticing man. Though a tough fighter in the cage, he is exceedingly thoughtful and knows exactly the right words to say. He is also an exceptionally sexy individual who knows how to please a woman. There were times when I hurt for him, as his painful confusion is so clear. I did understand the reasoning behind many of the choices made by Jules, and it only added to my worry over how each would react during an impassioned discussion.

While the second chance romance between Nick and Jules is the major part of the storyline, there are also some enlightening facts about MMA fighting. The authors gave enough information to make me more interested in this sport, as I got background about how the fighters train and the excitement of trying to be a champion. Both characters in the next book were met, and I am eager to discover the ups and downs of their possible relationship.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  Blood and Glory – Book 1

Publisher: Pocket Star

Releases:  September 18, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yd8ltzrb

Genre:  Contemporary

Author websites:  http://harperstgeorge.com/ and http://www.tara-wyatt.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

Cowboy by Zoe Dawson

Since the first time I met the SEAL known as “Cowboy”, his thoughts concerning a woman back in his hometown captured my attention. Though there was never a relationship between the distinctly different couple, plenty of fantasies have been envisioned since they last saw each other. In the third book of the SEAL Team Alpha series, most of the danger and intrigue takes place in the United States. But that does not mean there is a lack of suspenseful action or emotional issues to resolve. Zoe Dawson once again expertly interweaves threatening developments with a heartfelt romance, and COWBOY is often moving yet also frequently gripping because of unanticipated peril.

After the circumstances of how his father died led to his family losing their ranch, Wes “Cowboy” McGraw left Reddick and dedicated his life to becoming a capable SEAL. Following another successful mission, he is going back home to see his relatives during his leave and will even attend his high school reunion. Though numerous bad memories keep resurfacing, there is one good thing Cowboy fondly remembers about his Texas town, and he sure hopes to run into Kia Silverbrook while there.

Back in high school, many saw Kia as someone rather odd, and she still loves her goth look. A good hacker for years, she now even makes money doing legitimate work for clients. Kia and Cowboy make contact shortly after he arrives, and both keep picturing some of their long-time fantasies coming true. But when it is apparent someone is out to harm her, she wonders what could be the cause of the threats against her. Having her very own SEAL around just might come in handy in more ways than one.

Military themed stories are a favorite of mine, and Zoe Dawson has certainly created riveting stories for her SEAL Team Alpha series. Regardless of where problems are taking place, the situations that the team tackles are realistic incidents which could actually occur. Sometimes the predicament is personal and other times the dilemma could affect countless people, but these courageous soldiers give it their all every time. Kia finds herself mixed up in a couple of problems, and trying to solve them brings all kinds of risks into her life. She has always kept her thoughts hidden inside and became an independent woman because of her childhood. But what is currently happening to her is definitely much easier when a SEAL comes into her life. COWBOY drew me in because of the danger, while the emotional scenes had me connecting with the characters.

Though Kia and Cowboy noticed the other in high school, neither tried to get closer in any way. Surprisingly, this attraction has lasted over the years that they were separated, and being together now only increases their awareness. While they do not want to become emotionally involved with someone, the pull between them overrides any of their reasons and results in lots of steamy sex. As beliefs are confronted, they must face several challenges which could significantly test their relationship. All the teammates are featured at some point in the story, and I especially enjoyed getting an extra glimpse of Tank whose story is next. There is also a variety of animals in the book, and I smiled quite a few times because of their animated antics.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  SEAL Team Alpha – Book 3

Publisher:  Blue Moon Creative

Releases:  August 26, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y9f3llse

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://zoedawson.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Runaway Heiress by Jennifer Morey

The latest Cold Case Detectives story has one of the people who work for Dark Alley Investigations researching a murder that a client wants resolved. Jasper Roesch is a former police officer, and he is very good at his current job. But as he talks with the individual who wants answers, he senses Sadie Moreno is not disclosing all she knows. As he tries to find any relevant information, his personal feelings get involved and making certain she stays safe becomes a priority. Jennifer Morey has lots of mysteries in her story, and I was intrigued with each new detail that was learned. Suspense builds in RUNAWAY HEIRESS because of the huge number of unknowns.

Although Sadie Moreno is the heir of her very wealthy father, she finally had enough of his callous behavior and quit following his demands. Much of her time now is dedicated to helping the homeless, and she has even started a center to assist them in having a better life. Sadly, one of the men whom Sadie aided was murdered by an undetermined person, and she is determined to find his killer.

But on her way to hire Dark Alley Investigations in order to hopefully solve the case, she is shot. Jasper Roesch works for the company, and he is put in charge of keeping Sadie from further harm plus learn who killed the man that she befriended. When it becomes apparent the person intent on coming after her is not giving up, Jasper devises a solution which should keep her protected. As the two grow closer while hiding, facts each are keeping from the other could affect their futures.

With numerous facts in RUNAWAY HEIRESS remaining hidden at first, I kept speculating about what was really happening plus who was the culprit behind any wrongdoings. Jennifer Morey definitely had me guessing as to what Sadie was keeping concealed about herself, and I was very surprised when all is eventually revealed. The author certainly built up the suspense about her heroine’s puzzling life, and it was fun trying to predict how all aspects would turn out. Since there is someone who wants to hurt Sadie, threats could occur at any time regardless of what she doing. This opportunity for unforeseen danger to take place makes the story more gripping.

Jasper is a competent investigator for the agency, but he does have some personal issues to overcome, just like Sadie. They each have doubts caused by past experiences that will not go away easily, and these misgivings make their relationships have plenty of ups and downs. A few unexpected turns add new complications to their lives, and wanting to discover how things would work out kept me reading. Another compelling installment to the Cold Case Detectives miniseries.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Cold Case Detectives

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  September 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/ycjkgqf3

Genre:  Suspense

Rating:  4 Stars

Heart of Honor by Alexa Aston

In England during the 1300’s, marriages often took place because of political advantages or family duty. Though love is the deciding factor in why couples wed in the Knights of Honor series, their road to lasting joy is definitely filled with lots of dilemmas that may keep them apart. Alexa Aston makes any problems which arise very conceivable, and I could not foresee an easy solution to most of these troubling predicaments. As love is tested over and over again in the fifth book of the series, I became even more concerned over the future happiness of Lady Alys de Montfort and Sir Christopher “Kit” Emory. With each new development, I was drawn into the lives of this charming couple, where circumstances and every character are very believable. HEART OF HONOR is enthralling since your every emotion is profoundly affected.

When Lady Alys de Montfort and Sir Christopher “Kit” Emory first met, the two were rather young and had come to the English royal court in order to serve their rulers. She left for home shortly thereafter, and though she thought about the kind boy who consoled her during a distressing time, she knew they would never see one another again. Once back at Kinwick Castle, Alys continues learning from her mother about how herbs can aid those suffering from an illness.

Six years later, Kit remembers the skill of a girl for healing others, and he now needs her assistance because his mother is seriously ill. As he makes his way to where the healer lives, thieves attack him. With his severe injuries, Kit would surely have died if Alys had not been riding to a neighboring estate and took him back to her home. When he realizes that he does not know his name or background, he and the woman helping him know they must not speak about their growing attraction until questions about him are answered.

HEART OF HONOR is creative in how it entwines factual history with an imagined romance. Alexa Aston makes the daily details of those living in this period come to life with colorful descriptions, and even uses actual individuals from time to time. From showing encouragement to festive celebrations to pleasurable encounters, Kit and Alys took me on a riveting journey as they came to know one another more fully. The incidents where they were confronted by some form of danger had my own heart racing when situations turned uncertain. I often felt like I was right beside the characters experiencing the moment with them.

Alys has always been mature for her age, and greatly cares for people in need. Kit was much more carefree, and as the story progresses, I delighted in seeing how much he changed after observing her thoughtful behavior. Though she has been in the previous stories, reading those books only enriches your thoughts about this gifted healer. The author gives plenty of hints about her past history as well as that of other important characters to make this book a standalone. I simply adored Kit and Alys, as their every action made me want what was best for them.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Knights of Honor – Book 5

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  August 21, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y9ssvxb4

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  https://alexaaston.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Cover of Night by Laura Griffin

Once again, a SEAL team faces danger and puts their own lives on the line to save other people from harm. The Alpha Crew series is about a group of men who are tough and ready to tackle any risks, and when a member encounters a particular woman, his protective instincts are often all about her. I have always enjoyed reading about these courageous individuals and the women who come to love them, and this novella series has plenty of suspense and romance to keep me entertained. COVER OF NIGHT by the talented Laura Griffin has frightening scenarios that are realistically depicted with lots of danger and genuine emotions.

When the magazine where Karly Bonham is employed decides to send her to Thailand, she hopes writing an article on the U.S. ambassador to that country will hopefully showcase her talent. All goes well and her assignment is coming to an end, then her last day turns deadly when men use force to take over the resort where she is staying. Now Karly must do whatever she can to stay alive.

After hearing an unknown number of hostages are being held by terrorists, Alpha Crew members are sent to the area. While the SEAL team is gathering intel on the situation, Ethan Dunn comes across Karly who so far has avoided any of the men carrying guns. When he tries to send her away for her own protection, she insists on staying and giving the SEALs needed information. Though Ethan does not like agreeing to her offer, the needs of the other hostages outweigh those of Karly because there is little time left to make a final choice on how they proceed.

While the storyline does not give in-depth details because of the book’s shorter length, there is still enough information conveyed to let me know what is going on and why. Terrorists are threatening people at a resort, and there is no time to wait or more lives could be lost. Ethan and his team members must act swiftly, and Karly becomes caught up in their mission because of her resourcefulness. I liked her determination to carry on even though she was actually scared. The author shows Karly as being vulnerable, yet her sharp mind never stops working on a solution to keep her and others safe all throughout the story. Ethan has dedicated his life to making sure those who would hurt someone never get the chance to carry out their goal. As crucial decisions are made, regardless of where the action is taking place, the suspense of what will eventually happen keeps building. The romance between Karly and Ethan is at first based on desire because of emotional situations that they experienced together. But lingering thoughts of each other turn their attraction into more than something momentary. The author shows their connection is more than sexual, especially in how much Ethan cares about Karly’s welfare. COVER OF NIGHT interweaves perilous escapades with unexpected love.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Alpha Crew – Book 3

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  September 4, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/yd7gde3d

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.lauragriffin.com/

Rating:  4 Stars