Awakened by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis

51NBI0keAwLIn the first book of the Wahyas of Walker’s Run series, there is much originality all throughout the story. The Wahyas are wolf shape-shifters who possess unique traits that I have never before come across, and they also have customs which are exclusively their own. I was totally fascinated by these extraordinary beings, as the imagination of Kristal Hollis has given this particular group of shifters their own special qualities. When one Wahya male with a troubled past unexpectedly encounters a human female, sparks fly and emotional turmoil increases with every new development in their lives. But sometimes what they think is the correct choice to make is not what destiny has in mind for them. AWAKENED BY THE WOLF is captivatingly innovative.

Though Brice Walker agrees with the decision of his father, who is the leader of the Walker’s Run pack, to be sent away because of a bad choice, he has missed the Appalachian Mountains where he grew up. After being gone for five years, he has returned in order to see his grandmother as she means much to him. Brice plans to hide the fact he is in the area, as he could be punished for coming back, but he wants to check on his favorite relative. But upon entering his old bedroom at his granny’s home, he finds his bed is occupied by a human woman who has no interest in sharing it with him.

By working at the Walker’s Run resort and continuing her education, Cassidy Albright is following a plan to make her future better than her unhappy childhood. Yet circumstances place her in contact with Brice, where they clash again and again. Although they are connected in ways neither wants to mention, these links bring the couple surprisingly closer. For the first time ever, Brice and Cassie realize their lives might turn out differently than they thought if they choose to follow their hearts.

Happenings in AWAKENED BY THE WOLF are easy to envision because of the way in which Kristal Hollis describes any specifics using precise details. Happy times were made all the more enjoyable because of the frequent candid banter spoken by Brice and Cassie to each other, and I repeatedly laughed at their more clever comments. While there are many humorous episodes, there is also much drama that greatly affected me. Family discussions are often heated when Brice is involved, and some of the talks he and Cassie had were almost as intense. The sexual tension between them is heightened by the feelings he was willing to express but she kept unsaid. I really felt for these two, as both their pasts have been filled with heartbreak. Though Cassie wants to remain independent, it leaves her at risk of keeping everyone at a distance. I could see her point because of all she has gone through, but it sure did make for a lonely life. Brice is a wonderful hero, as he is protective plus supportive of those for whom he cares, and his charming personality made me fall in love with him from the very start.

There is some suspense in the story, and I became concerned when it was not clear as to how things would turn out. Some issues are fueled by desire, while others are caused by opposing beliefs, and I often never knew in what manner someone might react. There are several characters in the story that definitely need their own books, and I am very glad AWAKENED BY THE WOLF is the beginning of a series.

Received copy from author

Series:  Wahyas of Walker’s Run – Book 1

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  June 1. 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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