Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert

51VNaRjf0lL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER fascinates with believable originality. From characters with unique capabilities to a very creative plot, the story is intriguing all the way through. There are plenty of unexpected turns that often shake up the lives of those trying to defeat evil, and I often fretted over who was going to be the victor when any battles arose. The Nocturne line regularly has innovative stories, and those written by Debbie Herbert are often some of the most imaginative. The Bayou Magic miniseries is compelling with cleverness and distinctive circumstances.

When Annie Matthews came to spend time with her grandmother who lives in southern Alabama, several of her experiences are stranger than any events during previous visits to Bayou La Siryna. One unusual episode is when she spies a colorful ball of light in the swamp and goes to investigate. Since auras can be heard by Annie, she is not shocked when a man’s voice from the orb tells her disturbing information to give his best friend. It seems the man was betrayed by someone he knew, and Tombi Silver is the only person who can set him free.

Not long afterward, Tombi arrives in the area and Annie gives him the message. Though he is doubtful about what she says at first, the Native American who hunts shadow spirits comes to understand the abilities of the witch are his only means of helping his friend escape a dire existence. Knowing there is peril from an unknown source, Tombi has little choice but to get assistance from Annie. But as he realizes the malevolent spirits in the swamp are getting stronger, worry over her safety increases when his feelings become involved.

By blending Choctaw legends into many of the situations in BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER, Debbie Herbert skillfully creates a story filled with captivating wonder. By adding her own attention-grabbing developments into the mix, I became totally engrossed in the many extraordinary occurrences taking place. It was really interesting to see Annie learn how to perform hoodoo spells plus do healings. Ms. Herbert has a talent for conceiving incidents that feature the supernatural and are also unlike anything previously read. What Tombi and Annie have to face at times had my heart racing because so many things could go wrong. Just thinking about the many unknown dangers in the swamp gives me the chills, and vivid descriptions let me live through the ordeals right along with these two characters.

Though Tombi and Annie are certainly not looking to be in a relationship at the moment, their connection is swift because of concern for others. While both actually want something from each other, the wish to stop evil from spreading unites them and brings the couple closer. The sadness Annie regularly feels because of her unwanted capabilities was easily sensed by me, and it was so good to see Tombi accept them as the truth without regarding her as crazy. With his own inherited skills, these two made a wonderful couple. While sexual desire between them may be expressed without any problems, finding the right words to convey any inner feelings is especially hard for Tombi. He has dedicated many years to fighting shadow spirits, and letting someone into his life will take almost as much courage as clashing with a horrific creature. BAYOU SHADOW HUNTER is a notable start to the Bayou Magic miniseries, where dangerous adventures and romantic desire entwine.

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Series:  Bayou Magic

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  March 1, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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