Bayou Wolf by Debbie Herbert

51zqaym4yll-_sy346_All three connected Bayou Magic stories have been truly fascinating, and BAYOU WOLF is certainly a rewarding read. With its werewolf hero and spunky heroine, I was intrigued from the start of the book and only became more interested with every new detail. A werewolf with good intentions has long been a favorite supernatural being, and Payton Rodgers was trying to do what was right despite having obstacles thrown his way again and again. Tallulah Silver is determined to prove her worth although she is female, and I really enjoyed seeing her shine during tricky predicaments. Debbie Herbert always manages to create enthralling storylines for her paranormal books, and BAYOU WOLF never disappoints.

When the only man that Tallulah Silver had deeply loved was killed by an evil spirit, it nearly broke her heart. Now she devotes much of her life to being a shadow hunter in order to make certain no other dark spirits harm anyone in Bayou La Siryna, Alabama. She is proud of her Choctaw heritage, and protecting others is her focus at this time. One night while paying respect to her deceased boyfriend where he died, Tallulah encounters a strange wolf-like beast, one not easily frightened away. She just hopes this creature is not some new being come to torment those who live in the bayou.

The first meeting wolf shifter Payton Rodgers had with Tallulah was a confrontation when she was protesting the cutting down of trees for which his pack was given a contract. Then it seems as though their paths are constantly crossing for various reasons. When someone in the area is killed, Tallulah thinks Payton and the men with whom he works know something about the incident. There are some secrets that he is hiding, but divulging them will threaten his pack which he refuses to do and she is not yet ready to let another man get close to her anyway.

A clever blending of romance with the paranormal makes BAYOU WOLF entertaining on every page. I have always found Debbie Herbert to have an extremely vivid imagination, and her concept for the Bayou Magic miniseries is definitely not your ordinary supernatural tale. The sneaky dark spirits in the stories are back once again, but this time, the shadow hunters must also contend with some problems that deal with werewolves. This pack of shifters has their own unique abilities, and I liked discovering what particular traits the author would give her supernatural creatures. It was great catching up with the characters from the other two books in the miniseries, too. The Alabama setting comes alive with colorful descriptions that lead to realistic images.

I was captivated by all the secrets being kept by Tallulah and Payton, and many of them caused me to be nervous about what would happen when these truths were exposed. I was especially worried over how each would react when certain hidden facts become known, as she could speak without thinking sometimes because of her quick temper. This caused several of their scenes to be very exciting. Ms. Herbert made a relationship between these two rather difficult because of the numerous differences that would need some compromising before any bond could ever last. There were some emotional moments along with instances where passionate desire was controlling their responses, but regardless of the sentiment expressed, every situation was believable. I cannot wait to see what Debbie Herbert writes next.

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Series:  Bayou Magic

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  December 20, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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