Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren

51mQHyKGfnLWhen I started the Beautiful series, I had no idea how much I would come to love all the extraordinary characters that would be met throughout the many books. While I have enjoyed all the couples in the close-knit group of friends featured in the series, Will and Hanna have always held a special place in my heart. From their witty teasing to fantasy-inducing sexual encounters, I have found them to be endearing individuals whom I would actually like to know. Christina Lauren creates realistic exploits for her characters at all times, and every circumstance dreamed up for this beloved couple is truly engaging. Steamy passion along with honest emotion makes BEAUTIFUL BOSS constantly compelling.

The first time Will Sumner went running with Hanna Bergstrom, marriage was not on their minds. Yet after countless events which neither can ever forget, some emotional and others relating to sex, the two have now repeated the words that have them committed to each other for life. A joyful wedding is followed with days of experiencing all kinds of carnal satisfaction.

Although Will and Hanna are definitely happy as a wedded couple, there is an issue that slightly bothers him. Universities are clamoring for her to work for them, but her failure to talk about the places where she might want to move begins to make him feel frustrated. While Will and Hanna may be extremely compatible when it comes to expressing sexual desire, talking about careers and future wishes is not so easy for her.

By being privy to the viewpoints of Will plus Hanna, I could always tell exactly what thoughts they were having about specific topics. Skilled writing makes whatever emotions Will and Hanna are feeling at a certain moment very clear, and I anxiously waited to discover what choices they would make because of my strong connection to this couple. It was interesting to watch Will and especially Hanna gradually realize their decisions now affected two people once they were wed, just like in a real marriage. When it comes to their sex life, fantasies are fulfilled with lots of eagerness.

Many of the wonderful characters from the Beautiful series show up in the story, and getting to learn what is happening to everyone was rewarding. The closeness between this group of friends is heartwarming, while their candid conversations caused much laughter. Hopefully, there will be more fascinating visits with these charming characters. BEAUTIFUL BOSS is unforgettable entertainment.

Series:  Beautiful

Copy Received from Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  February 29, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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