Beautiful by Christina Lauren

51-4j32kcelBEAUTIFUL is the concluding book in the series by the same name, and every scene concocted by the talented Christina Lauren leads to total reading gratification. There were countless moments of uncontrollable laughter where I delighted in every single word, yet just as many poignant circumstances that deeply touched me on numerous levels. Throughout ten books in the series, I have been introduced to so many characters whose unique behavior was repeatedly recalled long past the completion of the last paragraph. When it comes to creating individuals who are charmingly lovable plus have distinctive personalities, the writing duo known as Christina Lauren is unequalled. I will great miss not getting regular visits with the Beautiful characters, but the memory of their witty antics and emotional predicaments will not soon be forgotten. BEAUTIFUL engages your every thought, and leaves you wanting just one more clever comeback.

Not much is currently going right for Pippa Bay Cox. Her job brings little reward, and the boyfriend who had moved into her London apartment turned out to be a cheater. When a suggestion is made that she needs a vacation, visiting with a good friend sounds like the perfect solution. Ruby is presently in Boston, so Pippa is excited about her upcoming trip across the Atlantic. The flight goes well, except for when alcohol makes her talk way too much to the American lawyer sitting next to her. Upon arrival, she meets up with Ruby and some of her friends, and they are all going on an exciting adventure.

After a long-term relationship failed some time ago, Jensen Bergstrom now spends most days working toward being a successful lawyer, which does not leave much time for socializing. A few years back, he had pushed his sister to interact more with people, and now Hanna is on his case to do the same. When she and several of her friends decide to tour nearby wineries for a couple of weeks, Jensen is talked into joining the group. But upon learning Pippa will be going on the excursion, he at first fears the worst because of how she acted on the plane. Yet as he gets to know the carefree British woman better, he cannot help but be intrigued.

What a glorious journey it has been to experience all the ups and downs of the exceedingly likable characters featured in the Beautiful series. From skillfully worded banter to heartbreaking entanglements, I was often laughing hysterically during one scene to only be on the verge of tears with just the turn of the page. BEAUTIFUL is definitely one of my most favorite of the series. Not only are the storylines for all the past couples wrapped up in a pleasing way, but what happens to Jensen and Pippa from the instant they met is absolute perfection. Any reactions are spot-on for their dispositions, and since both viewpoints are alternately given, I was always able to comprehend their exact feelings about a particular situation.

Though Jensen and Pippa are certainly opposite in almost every way conceivable, they find themselves fascinated with each other from the start. Her British expressions are hilarious and caused many chuckles, and his responses to her are often very comical. When they mingle with their friends, the retorts are doubly funny because they seem so sincerely genuine. The sexual relationship of Jensen and Pippa is off-the-charts steamy, especially when they let their desire rule their actions. This group of engaging friends will have me rereading their entertaining stories when I need to escape real life.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  Beautiful – Book 10

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  October 4, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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