Belador Cosaint by Dianna Love

In the Belador series, many characters have encountered unthinkable circumstances when trying to keep others safe. Sometimes the individuals are complete strangers, yet this does not stop the dedicated group from doing whatever is necessary. But in the ninth book, not carrying out a successful mission could come at great personal cost. Quinn has always been a favorite character of mine since the first release, and this usually composed man feels anything but calm inside when the whereabouts of his daughter is unknown. Dianna Love takes her latest Belador release to new heights, as old enemies cause immense emotional suffering and their ongoing threats continue to escalate. BELADOR COSAINT is an imaginative urban fantasy filled with daring adventures and surprising revelations.

Atlanta is overrun with paranormal activity lately, and the Beladors are constantly trying to keep humans from learning about the beings that secretly share their world. Vladimir Quinn has been given the responsibility of making many of the critical choices which will keep the innocent protected and unaware. While he keeps his focus on always doing everything he can to be a great leader, in the back of his mind is a very personal matter that will hopefully be solved soon.

But before Quinn can look for the daughter whom he only recently found out existed, his new dragon king makes a decision which the group governing anyone with supernatural abilities does not like at all. Now the Beladors are watched closely by VIPER, and with Atlanta being threatened by even more problems, no one in the area is safe. Quinn desperately wants to locate his daughter, Phoedra, and keep his friends unharmed, yet his allegiance is repeatedly pulled in different directions.

Dianna Love has created a world where the supernatural remains hidden from unsuspecting humans, and dangerous situations often arise in the quest to keep mortals in the dark. I always thoroughly enjoy the many action-packed incidents that Evalle and her fellow Belador teammates are challenged by, and I was riveted to Quinn’s story as I wanted to discover how things would turn out for this man who has lost so much in the past. When a woman with whom he once interacted comes back into his life, he does not know whether Reese can be trusted or not. Though she may be energetic and is not one to back down when situations do not go as expected, what she leaves unsaid makes Quinn wary. Deciding whose side this fascinating woman is actually on may be a huge gamble with so many lives at stake, especially when it comes to his daughter. I got to see so many different sides to Quinn as he reacted to numerous unanticipated predicaments. BELADOR COSAINT has gripping escapades plus heartfelt emotional moments.

Many of the beloved characters in the series are featured from time to time, and the dragon king of the Beladors really made a big impression. There are also plenty of beings with evil intentions scattered throughout the book, and they prove just how wicked they can be when they desire something. I was once again held spellbound as battles are fought and emotions become entangled.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  Belador – Book 9

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  September 28, 2017


Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. Thank you for this truly awesome review! I just love how you pull it all together so much better than I would. 🙂 I’m thrilled you’re continuing to enjoy the Beladors after 9 books. 🙂

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