Big Win by J. H. Croix

Many scenes in the second Brit Boys Sports Romance story are truly touching, and I was repeatedly affected by the sincerity of numerous characters, whether it was spoken words or acts of compassion. J. H. Croix has a knack for creating very emotional developments, where problems are convincingly handled by realistic individuals. BIG WIN could mean several different things, as it may pertain to the game of soccer, but might also refer to overcoming personal troubles and finding joy. As I lived through some difficult times with the main characters in the book, I got to experience a number of highs and lows in their life to the fullest.

Since he is the Seattle Stars goalkeeper, Alex Gordon has to stay in great shape and often runs in addition to regular practice sessions. One early morning run has him meeting up with Harper Jacobs, whom he knows because of mutual friends yet has never heard anything personal about her. After leaving London and coming to play soccer in Seattle, he has not had any relationships with the local women. However, Alex would really like to become better acquainted with Harper, if he can just get her to open up to him as she always seems so guarded.

An event in Harper’s past has continued to influence her current life for way too long. Being around Alex makes her want to take a chance and let a man into her life once again, especially since the soccer player is so thoughtful to her needs. Harper does not realize how much he wants her to be happy, plus thinks he is the right man to make her smile more often. But first they must triumph over some past issues that are not easily forgotten.

BIG WIN deals with the subject matter of violence against another person. Harper lived through a terrible ordeal four years ago, and though she has moved on, the memories are still with her and can resurface without warning. I thought Ms. Croix managed to bring much realism into the story when her characters cope with challenging emotional topics, and I definitely thought every scene played out with much believability. Conversations are sometimes filled with humor when all the friends get together, and then there are the instances where discussions are exceedingly serious. I really like the group of people Ms. Croix has conceived for this series, as they get along so well and I enjoy when new details about them become known.

Harper and Alex are very attracted to each other, which causes their sexual relationship to be explosively fiery. Yet he is not one for talking about his feelings, and she is unsure where they stand at times. This leads to situations where feelings are confused, and my concern for them continued to grow. Alex is a true hero in the story, and when his protective instincts kick in, I wanted to sigh. BIG WIN is an emotionally rewarding romance.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Brit Boys Sports Romance – Book 2

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  May 2, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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