Bitter Bite by Jennifer Estep

517GWlvuk6LIt is difficult for Gin Blanco to trust many people outside of a select few that are close to her, and she has always felt her foster brother Finnegan Lane was someone she could count on. However, the unexpected arrival of a person thought long dead quickly changes the way Finn views Gin, and she does not like the feeling of being pushed away. She also has doubts about the true motives of this individual, and there is no way she is going to let anyone hurt him, even if she has to become the assassin known as the Spider. Jennifer Estep keeps the adventures coming in the Elemental Assassin series, where supernatural battles are fought and emotions run high. BITTER BITE is absolutely enthralling on every imaginative page.

When someone dies in Ashland by being killed, there is a good chance that Gin Blanco was the one responsible. As the new leader of the underworld in her hometown, plenty of criminal bosses keep trying to get rid of her. So there are way too many days where she has to defend herself, and thankfully so far she has not ended up dead. Her sister Bria and Finnegan Lane, her foster brother, are always willing to assist Gin, along with several more good friends plus her boyfriend, Owen Grayson. When a person closely connected to Finn was thought to have died but turns out to be still alive, he is thrilled to have a blood relative in his life.

While Finn may be overly happy, Gin has misgivings and thinks the pleasant behavior of the individual is concealing some scheme. As numerous questions are raised, any answers are slow in coming. But Gin knows one thing for certain, and that is she will protect her foster brother from his own too trusting nature of this cunning person.

Regardless of the situation in which Gin has found herself in the past, I have always been captivated with how she manages to come out on top. But this time, the stakes are raised when Finn thinks his life has just become more wonderful while she has lots of uncertainties. Many of the battles she has previously fought have been personal, but this one really captured my thoughts and would not let go until I discovered everything going on. Every time I read an Elemental Assassin story, I am concerned about Gin and those for whom she cares, usually because of physical danger. But the powerful emotions in this story had me even more worried than normal.

BITTER BITE is an intriguing story, as Jennifer Estep has invented interesting predicaments for Gin to overcome. From what to do about Finn and the appearance of his relative to new foes in the underworld, she has to deal with one problem after another. There are plenty of fight scenes to get my heart beating faster, and Gin definitely makes good use of her Ice and Stone elemental abilities along with some clever strategic planning. Her friends lend a hand from time to time, and I especially enjoyed the role her assistant, Silvio, played during a big confrontation. Several memories involving Gin and Finn are revealed throughout the book, and each remembrance let me understand the relationship between these two even better. There are quite a few shocking revelations exposed, particularly one near the end, and it makes waiting on the next book even harder. BITTER BITE is engagingly creative.

Series:  Elemental Assassin #14

Copy received from publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  February 23, 2016


Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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