Blood Red Kiss by Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione and Gena Showalter

51lro2-rrolSnarky humor, heartfelt emotions and even some dangerous escapades make BLOOD RED KISS constantly engaging. When I saw three of my all-time favorite authors had stories being released in one book, I was definitely excited that they were in series I devotedly follow. Since it is the tenth anniversary of the Immortals After Dark series, plenty of extra facts are included to give me insight into how Kresley Cole has made these stories so engrossing. The MoonBound Clan series is about a group of vampires with unusual traits, and Larissa Ione makes this novella an enthralling installment packed with innovative details. For the latest Otherworld Assassins story, numerous paranormal imaginings not found anywhere else are dreamed up by Gena Showalter with often surprising results. Even better, each story in the book stands alone.


“The Warlord Wants Forever” by Kresley Cole –

The only reason Nikolai Wroth would now be interested in a woman is because she was actually his Bride, the lone female who could make him breathe once more plus cause his heart to beat. When he comes in contact with Myst the Coveted after a fierce battle, he demands information about the various non-humans of the Lore, but she refuses to divulge anything. But before he can force her to talk, Nikolai is stunned to realize that Myst is his Bride. While she does not want to be a part of his life, he will not let her refusal keep him from seizing what is his.

Whether this is the first time reading the start of the Immortals After Dark series or a revisit with some favorite characters, there will be a sense of pleasure when the story is completed. I have loved the series since this book came out, and I am always entertained by the unique individuals featured in each book. Kresley Cole makes Nikolai and Myst’s very personal story extremely sensual, yet it is also compelling with particularly genuine emotions. When a vampire finds himself surprisingly connected to an imprisoned Valkyrie, the lives of these two enemies become complicated from that moment on. She hates blood drinkers for past offenses against her kind, but the human turned vampire is not like the many others whom she has killed. But she must remain loyal to those that she calls a sister. “The Warlord Wants Forever” is often amusing and definitely fascinating with nonstop creativity.


“Forsaken by Night” by Larissa Ione –

Though Lobo previously worked for the MoonBound clan in security, an incident forced him to leave. Now the vampire lives alone with only a wolf named Tehya as his constant companion, and they watch over a remote area in the state of Washington. When his beloved pet is severely hurt, Lobo knows of only one way to possibly save her life. His scheme to get medical assistance from those at the MoonBound compound might save Tehya, but the cost to both of them could be exceedingly harsh.

Much imagination goes into each MoonBound Clan story, and “Forsaken by Night” has lots of clever originality in every riveting scene. I simply adore the supernatural beings Larissa Ione has brought to life in this series, as each one has their own distinctive personality and ability. Also, the origin of vampires is particularly captivating. Lobo has faced much hardship since he was born, and I really felt for this vampire who needs someone to love. The explanation given for all that Tehya has lived through is interesting, and the ideas behind what happened are certainly not the typical background of someone who is immortal. What is taking place within the vampire clans is truly intriguing, and I want the next book now.


“Dark Swan” by Gena Showalter –

There was always a powerful bond between Lilica Swan and her sisters when they were young, and their connection is just as strong as adults. Worry about one sibling has led the human/ otherworlder hybrid to find Dallas Gutierrez, an agent with the Alien Investigation and Removal organization, as she thinks he might have needed information. There is a very strong physical pull between the couple, and though they do have one common goal, the ending they want is much different. But as private secrets are revealed, Dallas and Lilica come to comprehend they are much more alike than they first thought.

An Otherworld Assassins story contains facts that are highly amazing when it relates to alien beings, and the novella about Dallas is certainly remarkable at times. When it comes to beings from a place outside our world, Gena Showalter is a master at creating the extraordinary. Past characters of the series get to interact with several new individuals, and any conversations are once again overflowing with sarcastic remarks that cause many laughs. Dallas and Lilica are delightful as a couple, and their continuously being at odds added to my enjoyment. With sky-high sexual tension and much hilarity, “Dark Swan” keeps the reading satisfaction high.

Copy received from publisher

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  September 20, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Rating:  5 Stars

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