Bold in Honor by Alexa Aston

Actual historical events are cleverly incorporated into the fictional situations in BOLD IN HONOR, and each set of circumstances had me believing all developments took place as portrayed. I always enjoy a book where the past comes alive through creative writing, and Alexa Aston manages to make her latest story in the Knights of Honor series constantly fascinating. From peasants revolting to the daily life of someone living in this period of time to political troubles, BOLD IN HONOR is highly entertaining and made me think about everything a person faced many years ago. With such a compelling romance added into the mix, I was particularly happy because a medieval love story is a favorite theme of mine and Alexa Aston does not disappoint.

There is much unrest in England in the year 1381, and one of the knights following the orders of King Richard is Sir Ancel de Montfort. He has been given several exceedingly important tasks to complete, and the uprisings taking place around London plus the demands of the peasants make carrying out his responsibilities very dangerous. Another person entangled in the turmoil is Lady Margery Ormond, whose home, Highfield, is attacked by those who despise anyone who belongs to the nobility.

When Margery becomes caught up in a skirmish between those fighting for the king and the serfs, it is Ancel who manages to keep her from being killed. With no one around to oversee Highfield, the king suggests that his trusted knight might become its new baron and a marriage can even be a part of the bargain. Just when the futures of Ancel and Margery start to look bright, one unanticipated event could take away their happiness.

Since I have read the previous books in the Knights of Honor series, I have watched Ancel grow from a lively young boy to a well-respected knight. He definitely possesses all the qualities that would make a man admirable, and I thought how lucky Margery was to have had been saved by him, as it let them become acquainted. Though she lived an unhappy life for many years, it did not break her spirit. I cheered her on when she needed to be strong, and felt her pain when a situation was distressing. Alexa Aston has a way of depicting her characters which lets me know exactly how these individuals feel at a certain moment, and I was deeply affected as the relationship of Ancel and Margery went through numerous stages plus lots of heartfelt emotions.

The discontent of some people who did much of the physical labor during this time in history and the resulting conflict it caused is shown with realistic incidents. Inner thoughts and motivations of those involved in any encounter are clearly revealed, thus letting me get a sense for what fueled a person’s actions. Several of the scenes where the king is featured were especially enjoyable because his personality was so animated, while interesting secondary characters made an occasion more intriguing. I am looking forward to more releases in this captivating series.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion.

Series:  Knights of Honor – Book 6

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  February 23, 2018


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars


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