Bound by a Scandalous Secret by Diane Gaston

51n1vfeim1l-_sx314_bo1204203200_A third sibling in the Scandalous Summerfields miniseries gets the chance to possibly find love, though her trait for being blunt along with her family’s tainted reputation will surely keep any respectable man from getting close to her. Determination to choose her own destiny is also a big factor, as marriage is not really important to Genna Summerfield. But after meeting the charming Marquess of Rossdale, her belief of what will make her future happy might end up changed. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two spirited individuals realize what they truly wanted out life, and Diane Gaston definitely takes them on a very adventurous journey of self-discovery. BOUND BY A SCANDALOUS SECRET is captivatingly enjoyable.

While the Marquess of Rossdale is visiting with his good friend in Lincolnshire, he comes in contact with Genna Summerfield on several occasions. The young woman was displaced from the estate where he is staying because of the actions of her parents, yet he finds her to be delightfully refreshing. When she learns that the man with whom she has been conversing will one day be a duke, she is stunned by his friendly behavior toward her, especially when considering how most people think of her family.

Although it is the wish of Genna’s guardian to see her married or at least engaged by the conclusion of the current Season, it is not what she wants. There are countless women who would like to wed Ross and one day become a duchess, but he also has no desire to marry anytime soon. Since he wants to spend time with her yet must not cause a scandal, he devises a scheme in which they will pretend to be betrothed. The plan goes well until their emotions become involved.

During the Regency period in England, women often had little say in what would happen to them, and Genna is being pressured to find a husband. But her plan with Ross will let them both have the freedom they crave without actually getting married. I really liked this couple who are so honest with each other, despite their vast differences in social status. Their discussions are lively and packed with much sincerity, as they frequently convey what is in their hearts. But when things become all too real between Ross and Genna, tough choices must be made. I felt Diane Gaston gave them plenty of lifelike dilemmas to face, and their reactions were always genuine. Family matters play a big part in what takes place in the story, and those scenes are constantly believable.

BOUND BY A SCANDALOUS SECRET is an entertaining historical romance. From daily activities to moments filled with fun, events portray what it was like to live during 1815-1816 in London and surrounding areas. Diane Gaston expertly brings every situation to life with much realism, as terms pertaining to this era are accurately used. There are also factual historical figures featured from time to time along with political concerns, and any problems of ordinary citizens are convincingly depicted. The author cleverly shows how difficult it would be for a woman to be an artist at this time without their profession being frowned upon, and Genna shows her enthusiasm for painting in numerous ways. There are some new characters introduced in the story, while quite a few from past books also make an appearance, and I hope to revisit with many of them in the next release.

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Series:  Scandalous Summerfields

Publisher:  Harlequin Historical

Releases:  December 1, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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