Buns by Alice Clayton

Chuckle inducing humor plus a very heartfelt romance make the third book in the Hudson Valley series constantly engaging. I laughed when amusing comments were made, and fretted if one of the main characters was making a terrible mistake in judgment. Then there are the moments where passion takes over, and I could feel every titillating touch and kiss. The clever writing of Alice Clayton never fails to impress, as reactions are honestly true-to-life and sexual tension builds to explosive heights. BUNS caused much laughter, yet touched me deeply when feelings are candidly expressed.

When Clara Morgan received her latest assignment with the branding agency where she has diligently worked for over five years, she was told the project could greatly influence her future with them. If she makes Bryant Mountain House a much more successful hotel, then she would become a partner with the company. Clara can always take an established place of lodging that is not bringing in enough money and make it profitable, so she does not anticipate any problems when she arrives in Bailey Falls, New York. Spending a few months in the quaint town will be nice, and then she can move on to the next undertaking.

Being able to save a hotel that is family owned is especially rewarding to Clara, as it will help the current owner keep open what has been inherited. But when she makes suggestions to Archie Bryant, the man who will soon be managing the resort, her opinions are met with resistance. He is someone who opposes changing how things have always been done, and emphatically states his own beliefs. But Clara has a job to complete, and one unyielding hotel manager is not going to stop her.

If an Alice Clayton book is being read, then there will be continuous entertainment. I have laughed so much during her many compelling stories, and each situation that crops up containing amusement seems so genuinely realistic. When Clara and Archie have a disagreement, they hold nothing back and strongly state their views. At first their differences only concerned how the hotel was run. But personal sentiments slowly worked their way into how these two responded to each other, and often their retorts were fueled by sexual longing. Alice Clayton can perfectly balance humor, romance, and emotion in her stories, and BUNS is definitely a prime example of her expertise.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the interaction Clara and Archie had with previous characters in the Hudson Valley series. When she had conversations with Roxie and Natalie, the scenes are particularly hilarious with loads of extremely witty banter. Friends that have been met over the course of the series are also scattered throughout the book, and their appearance added much delight. But it was the moments featuring Archie and Clara that truly grabbed my attention, as they were such a likable couple. She has never had much of anything permanent in her life nor a feeling of belonging, thus she is independent yet secretly vulnerable. Archie is really a wonderful man in almost every way imaginable. He is thoughtful and understanding, and I was moved by his compassion for Clara at certain times. While the series may have come to a close, I hope to perhaps have these individuals show up again in an upcoming book of Ms. Clayton’s.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Hudson Valley

Publisher:  Gallery Books

Releases:  May 23, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/kfdxpe8

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://aliceclayton.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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