Burn So Bad by J.H. Croix

The Into the Fire series is about dedicated firefighters and the one person who has grabbed their attention. In the third book, a man and woman who live in Willow Brook, Alaska are consumed with desire for each other, yet the female tries to deny the potent longing. But when control is lost and passion takes over, the lives of this couple are forever changed. J.H. Croix once again drew me into a story where emotions run high and complicated issues must be worked out, which made BURN SO BAD constantly riveting.

After a bad day turns even worse for Lucy Caldwell, it is Levi Phillips who comes to her rescue twice. As a hotshot firefighter, he has chosen a career where he often puts himself in the way of physical harm. But being around the snippy construction owner always seems to result in his troubles being more emotional, though his body might also suffer if she keeps them from ever getting any closer. When an incident has Levi and Lucy spending lots of time together, he wonders if this unexpected opportunity will get her to admit she is interested in him. While she has a good reason for not trusting men, being the recipient of the firefighter’s protective side could have her thinking about altering her beliefs.

Since Levi and Lucy had been met in previous books of the series, I already knew how delightful these two people were at all times. Levi has taken over as being my favorite hero of the books released so far, as he is such an endearing man in so many ways. He is compassionate, honest, and definitely sexy, and I loved how he was willing to give Lucy the time she needed when difficult choices had to be made. His nature to not be demanding had me seeing him as such a remarkable man, and I just hoped that Lucy would realize how lucky she was to have his interest focused on her. But with her background, I could certainly understand why she was independent and did not want to have others telling her what to do.

While the two prior books would not have to read in order to enjoy BURN SO BAD, they are not to missed stories. It was really great getting to see how the two main couples in these stories were doing, and their comments sometimes added quick-wit to any banter and even gave fabulous advice now and then. The Alaska setting came alive from the author’s descriptive details, and the hazards of firefighting in the area are explored, too. I am very glad there are more books to come in this outstanding series.

I voluntarily wrote a review after receiving a copy of the book via Booksprout

Series:  Into the Fire – Book 3

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  January 18, 2018

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://jhcroixauthor.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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