Capturing a Colton by C.J. Miller

Many of the dramatic developments in the previous Coltons of Shadow Creek stories led to quite a few of the happenings that take place in this story. Some of the incidents are frightening while others are very joyous occasions, and every one of them let me know more about the Colton siblings and those who are now closely connected to them. C.J. Miller cleverly interweaves all the events to create a story filled with surprises. CAPTURING A COLTON enthralls with unexpected incidents and interesting family dynamics.

When his foster sister gets engaged to a Colton and a party celebrates the occasion, there is no way Declan Sinclair could avoid coming in contact with the adult children of Livia Colton. Though he does not really know any of them, their being related to the woman who caused his own family much suffering makes him want to avoid them if possible. Yet there is something about Jade Colton who owns the property where the festivities are taking place which fascinates him.

Since Declan, who is a realtor, has bought the Colton homestead in Shadow Creek, he is staying in the area while some decisions are being made about the house and acreage. He also takes time to visit Jade, and discovers how dedicated she is to helping Thoroughbreds that were once connected to racing and now need new homes. While talking with her, Declan comes to understand just how much she is still affected by the terrible deeds committed by her mother. Especially when there is a chance the escaped criminal could still be in the area and might pose a threat.

From the beginning of the Coltons of Shadow Creek continuity series, I have been captivated with the very complicated link between the six Colton children. Though not all have blood ties, this fact does not keep them from supporting each other when it really counts. They have certainly endured some troubling times in their pasts, but it has not kept them from moving forward and making their lives positive. I really liked how the sixth story brought some closure to different aspects of the ongoing plots, yet left one question open so the miniseries can continue.

C.J. Miller was tasked with showing how all the past couples are now doing, while also telling about Declan and Jade’s budding relationship. Though Declan has valid reasons for not liking the Coltons, he can comprehend the behavior of a person is what counts, not their ties to someone else as many of the townsfolk do. Both he and Jade are repeatedly supportive of the other, yet there were a few times when I nervously waited to see how several of their discussions would turn out because of their current inner feelings. Whether a normally concealed fact was being revealed by Declan or Jade, or if they were divulging a secret wish, I wanted this couple to find the happiness that all her siblings had found. Livia Colton has turned many lives upside-down, and the cunning woman has certainly been hard to catch. What happens in CAPTURING A COLTON is definitely intriguing.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Coltons of Shadow Creek – Book 6

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  August 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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