Darkness by Karen Robards

51NZcJZk8LL._SY346_With each new threatening incident that puts two lives on the line, doubts about whether these individuals will actually survive keep mounting. Staying alive is the main focus of two strangers who find themselves battling against the environment plus countless enemies, where only one wrong decision will be their last. Karen Robards cleverly interweaves suspenseful adventures with an engaging romance to create a thriller that continuously captures every thought. DARKNESS is an adrenaline ride of heart-pumping action and unpredicted peril.

As an ornithologist, Dr. Gina Sullivan has been given the chance to study birds in their natural habitat so facts can be recorded. The current location is an island in Alaska, and she is enjoying the peaceful beauty while getting data. One afternoon, a storm disrupts her observation and forces her to head back to camp. The sudden appearance of a plane dropping too fast leaves her stunned, and before she can maneuver her small boat out of the way, the aircraft falls very near her after exploding. Though frightened by the terrible ordeal, Gina frantically searches for anyone who might have survived, and incredibly does come upon one man.

When James “Cal” Callahan took his latest assignment as a private government contractor, all seemed to go smoothly. But before he can return to the states and complete his mission, he finds himself floating in the water with only Gina to help him. Cal immediately knows what just happened to the plane was intentional, and although they manage to get out of the freezing sea, their troubles are far from over. Between a snowstorm and whoever wants him dead, the plan Cal and Gina had hoped would work quickly falls apart, leaving them struggling for their lives.

Worry over whether Cal and Gina would survive had me not wanting to stop reading until each enthralling detail was learned. Karen Robards imaginatively blends circumstances that trigger intense dread with touching emotional issues, and the result is a realistic story which drew me into every compelling moment. I fretted over the many possible scenarios that could perhaps develop, and the direction several escapades took left me shocked. There is a constant threat of jeopardy in DARKNESS, giving Cal and Gina plus the reader little time to catch a breath before another terrorizing event takes place. Since Attu Island is a real place in Alaska plus its World War II history is also factual, the story comes across as even more convincing. When Gina spots or hears different bird species in the area while they are on the run, her thoughts about them added further enjoyment.

The potent sexual attraction between Cal and Gina increases the stress that they are already feeling because of the challenging situation being faced. At the beginning of their predicament, there is little trust but this slowly changes as they discover more about each other. Mutual respect leads to a connection that causes desire to become almost uncontrollable. While the way in which their lives are led is vastly different, there are still plenty of shared traits to make their bond seem genuine. There is lots of intelligent banter between Gina and Cal, and I particularly liked her sharp-witted comebacks. She has lived through a very tough time in the past, and I admired her gutsy determination to rise above some of the more demanding circumstances. Cal may appear to be an alpha male in every respect, but underneath the hard exterior is a huggable teddy bear when it comes to Gina. DARKNESS does not disappoint, as nerve-racking danger relentlessly escalates.

Copy received from publisher

Publisher:  Gallery Books

Releases:  March 29, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zzud67h

Genre:  Thriller

Author website:  http://www.karenrobards.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars