Caught by the Scot by Karen Hawkins

The Made to Marry series begins with a delightfully interesting novel filled with desperate plotting and lots of humor. What Conner Douglas thought would be an easy answer to an unexpected problem ends up having him devise one inventive plan after another in order to hopefully marry Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe. He had believed this particular female would be easily persuaded to do his bidding, but it quickly becomes apparent that is not the case. From the moment these two longtime friends meet up, sexual longing increases the tension between them, often to a fever pitch. There are always plenty of humorous incidents occurring to the appealing characters in a historical story by Karen Hawkins, and CAUGHT BY THE SCOT intrigues with misadventures and witty banter.

Losing a beloved relative was bad enough, but Conner Douglas is downright angry upon hearing the terms of this person’s will. What he should inherit is to be given away if he does not wed within a certain number of months. While he could find a woman willing to be his wife, his intended must also be accepted in society. Though most of his female acquaintances are not well-regarded, Conner does know of one woman who would meet the stipulations that he must follow.

Although Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe may seem to be shy and reserved, she is actually much more spirited than Conner thinks. While there was a time when she would definitely have married him if asked, the Scotsman has waited too long and now she is set to marry another man because she is ready for a change. But when Conner shows up with a surprising proposal, Theodora will have much to think over before her final answer is given.

When I started the book, I wondered how the author would handle the theme of the story where a man is forced to marry or suffer harsh consequences. Conner is shrewd when it comes to carrying out dealings as a privateer, and any relationships with women are for the sole purpose of gratification. He even thinks that having a wife will not truly change how he lives, and I enjoyed watching him come to comprehend what is really important in his life. It did take numerous unanticipated turns to make Conner realize several facts, and it was fun to see his devious mind at work as he plotted new strategies.

CAUGHT BY THE SCOT is entertainingly romantic. While love is certainly not on the mind of Conner when he uses trickery to keep Theodora from marrying another man, she has adored him for years. But this strong-willed woman wants her future to be genuinely happy, and she now understands that a sea-loving privateer cannot ever bring her lasting joy. The couple have much going against them of ever being together, and I was not certain on more than a few occasions if their differences could ever be worked out. When Conner and Theodora have discussions, their sharp wit is evident when cleverly worded comebacks are delivered. There are also some other characters whose remarks are very amusing. Karen Hawkins always manages to create scenes which leave me laughing and wanting more.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Made to Marry – Book 1

Publisher:  Pocket Books

Releases:  September 26, 2017


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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