Charmed by the Salem Witch by Debbie Herbert

9781539710233_p0_v1_s192x300The newest installment in the Appalachian Magic series is fascinating and even contains some unexpected danger. Debbie Herbert packs lot of emotion into her new adult story, where two people in college learn what it means to put their trust in another person. Add in some intriguing supernatural facts, and the book certainly kept my interest during every compelling scene. Ms. Herbert is an author whose stories always feature original plots, and CHARMED BY THE SALEM WITCH is definitely creative.

Back home in Alabama, the future of Tanner Adams looked bright. He did well in sports during high school plus college, but an injury changed his goals. Now he is doing technical assignments at the Women’s College of Salem, yet he feels as though his life is going nowhere. Then he meets Sarah Welch who is a student at the Massachusetts college. Although they know nothing about each other, it does not take long for them to realize they share several things in common related to witchcraft.

While Sarah does enjoy attending the school in Salem, she is disappointed to not fit in and lacks any friends, just like during her earlier years. But that changes when Tanner makes it a point to talk with her, and a group of girls even say they have formed a coven and want her to become a member. While her relationship with the IT employee is moving forward, the young women in the group are beginning to seem more like enemies. Tanner is suspicious of the motives of these girls, and he may have to call on his own supernatural abilities to protect Sarah.

It has been a long time since I was in college, but I do remember wanting to feel as though I was a part of certain groups and not always be left out. Sarah has long wished to have some friends with whom she could talk and share ideas. But college looks like it will also be lonely for her once again. I felt for her, and was so happy when Tanner made the effort to speak with her because I could tell he was genuinely interested in learning about her. Their budding relationship progresses as I liked, where two young people are coming to understand the views and hopes of each other. Their desire for one another also plays a part in how they feel, and Ms. Herbert makes these moments believable and lovingly tender.

In the Appalachian Magic series, young adults are determining what it takes to make them happy while still exploring any supernatural capabilities they might possess. It is a time of discovery for them in numerous ways, and I really liked how Ms. Herbert interweaves romance with the paranormal to create a captivating story. The reactions of the characters are realistic, while any details about the events are conceivable. I truly hope there are future books in the series. CHARMED BY THE SALEM WITCH is constantly enchanting.

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Series:  Appalachian Magic – Book 3

Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Releases:  October 28, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars


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