Chasing Dreams by S.L. Carpenter

51m4brbeiglHumor, sincere emotions and lots of steamy passion can be found in CHASING DREAMS. The story is filled with plenty of wit and candid remarks, a familiar feature in a book by S.L. Carpenter. I have always enjoyed the imagination of this talented author, as he writes scenes that I can easily picture happening in real life. With some touching moments tossed in from time to time, I came to really care about the romantic couple, and whether they would end up together or go their separate ways.

In a long-term relationship which has given her little happiness, Michelle knows the time for her to make some changes is overdue. Deciding to leave a self-centered boyfriend behind is easy, but choosing what to do next will take some careful planning. Before moving somewhere else, Michelle is going to visit with her mother and think everything through. She takes a train to get back to her hometown, and it just happens to be February 28 when she heads out. Perhaps with the next day being a Leap Year’s Day, it will be the beginning of a better chapter in her life.

The first night Michelle goes to her compartment, a surprise is waiting for her. It seems a partygoer on the train mistakenly got into her room and fell asleep. Since he is not in the way, she lets him sleep but does watch him closely. Though he is gone the next morning, Michelle runs into Josh again later. With the trip lasting a few days, it gives the couple time to have long conversations and more, where they discover there is much to like.

If I am reading a book by S.L. Carpenter, then I know there will always be some hilarity sprinkled throughout the story. I could not keep the chuckles contained during several scenes, as the author had the characters making comments that perfectly fit the situation. Then there were the visuals I pictured in my mind, and more laughs erupted. Josh and Michelle have not been very lucky when it comes to relationships, so I enjoyed seeing them share some very genuine experiences with each other. A few of the interactions between Michelle and her mother were also openly frank and seemed believable. While much of Mr. Carpenter’s book is centered on amusement, there are numerous instances where heartfelt feelings are expressed with much honesty. When it comes to sexual encounters, Michelle and Josh know what they want and do not hold back, resulting in many scenes where fantasies are fulfilled and satisfaction is guaranteed. Though not a long story, CHASING DREAMS has all the right ingredients to make it delightfully entertaining.

Received copy to review

Series:  Leap Year

Publisher:  SK Private Label Publications

Releases:  February 29, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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