Christmas Nights by J.H. Croix

51-11gyw5hlThe Diamond Creek, Alaska series is now up to six books, and the latest story is overflowing with a range of emotions. There are certainly lots of conflicted feelings between a man and woman as they try to figure out what their growing relationship means. They must decide if they just want to have some fun going out with each other, or do they actually wish for something much more lasting. J.H. Croix never makes things simple for her romantic couples, and the hurdles this pair must face will not be without some difficult choices. CHRISTMAS NIGHTS has captivating developments and particularly engaging characters.

After Janie Stevens fell into the very cold ocean water, her fear of not making it out alive almost came true. Luckily for her, Travis Wilkes was nearby and managed to get her to safety. As a life-long resident of Diamond Creek, Alaska, she knows water in the bay can be deadly, so she is grateful to the man who rescued her. Though Janie is not actually acquainted with Travis, he is known in the community as someone who is always willing to assist others in need, and he is even an emergency responder plus firefighter. When he later stops by the hospital to check on her condition, she is shocked by how much his presence affects her.

There have been countless individuals whom Travis has helped over the years, but none have brought out his protective instincts and a keen awareness like Janie. While he has never wanted to get close to a woman before, he feels compelled to at least put forth an effort for the first time because she consumes his thoughts. Although dating is not something that Janie feels should be an important part of her life, Travis is not going to give up without giving it his best shot.

While CHRISTMAS NIGHTS is part of a series, it easily stands alone. There are some characters in the book that have been met previously, but their appearance in the sixth story only enhances the plot and enough facts are given for the reader to not feel lost. I was instantly drawn to Janie and Travis, as these two spirited individuals grabbed my interest and made me want them to hopefully be even happier by getting together. Neither is looking to settle down with one person, and she is especially reluctant to go out with a man because of her distressing history. A past situation makes her mistrustful of men, and it has kept her from having a completely fulfilling existence. While she is content with her current lifestyle, being with Travis makes her wonder about things she never thought she wanted.

Travis is such a wonderful man in every way. He is courageous, thoughtful and definitely passionate when it counts. He gets much pleasure out of helping any person, but from the instant he comes in contact with Janie, he is never the same afterward. I had to grin at some of his inner thoughts, as they are spot-on for someone who is surprised by their unexpected feelings. Janie also has some moments of awakening, as she has never been in this position either. J.H. Croix gives these two very realistic lives, where their reactions and comments are truly lifelike. The setting in Alaska is very colorful, and I enjoyed getting to experience many various aspects of this remarkable state from the author’s descriptions. Also, the story taking place during the holidays is an added bonus.

I received a free copy of this book and gave my honest opinion in the review.

Series:  Diamond Creek, Alaska – Book 6

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  December 8, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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