Code of Honor by Alexa Aston

In the latest Knights of Honor story, two people find their love being tested over and over again when unforeseen circumstances keep developing. One man must prove whether he is worthy to be a knight, while a situation forces a woman to follow undesired obligations and not her heart. Alexa Aston has combined meticulously researched details with a heartfelt historical romance to create a story that will long be remembered. Medieval books have been a favorite for many years, and Ms. Aston delivers exactly what I like in this genre. CODE OF HONOR has a multitude of emotional issues, a delightful cast of characters, and constant realism.

Although his father ignored him all through childhood, the mother of Michael Devereux showed him much affection. But when the Earl of Sandbourne was going to get rid of his wife by forcing her to live in a convent, the boy left his unhappy home and vowed to stay away until his father was dead and the title became his. Days and then years go by, and Michael has changed from an awkward child to a respected knight. He has sworn fidelity to those living at Kinwick Castle, and his latest task is to make certain those whom he serves are safely guarded while traveling to a wedding.

With her marriage only a few days away, Lady Elysande Le Cler is resigned to becoming the wife of a man whom she barely knows. Yet it is the path set for her, and she only hopes things will not be as bad as she fears. When relatives began arriving for the celebration, one of the knights escorting her uncle and family ends up assisting her when a horse gives birth. Michael feels a deep attraction to Elysande, but she is already promised to another and neither would ever go against their pledges. But staying away from the other is the hardest thing this couple has ever done.

The third book in the Knights of Honor series is filled with constant ups and downs, many of which caught me by surprise. Though Michael and Elysande are drawn to each other, a number of factors keep them from ever thinking they have a future together. Even when it appears they just might have a chance of actually being a couple, a new problem makes their having a relationship seem hopeless once more. I went through so many emotions while reading CODE OF HONOR, from elation to despair, and the author had me feeling each sentiment to the fullest. Alexa Aston makes her characters very realistic, and their reactions are always true-to-life. She also accurately shows life in medieval times, and I was moved by how women plus children were often treated. CODE OF HONOR is adventuresome at times and continuously emotional.

When I think of a hero, Michael is a perfect example. His younger days were packed with misery, but he did not let it keep him from his goal of becoming a well-regarded knight. Learning about all his ordeals growing up and how he overcame them only added to his hero status. Elysande is also a compelling character, as she put her duties first yet let me know how much it pained her. Their love is truly powerful, and I totally enjoyed their daunting journey. Though this story could be read first, the two prior books in the series are not to be missed and getting to catch up with their characters was enjoyable.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Knights of Honor – Book 3

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  March 28, 2017


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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