Cold Case Colton by Addison Fox

The Coltons of Shadow Creek continuity series is about the six children of a convicted criminal, a woman who is now a fugitive yet still manages to greatly affect their lives. In the fourth book, subtle threats gradually escalate to one of the daughters, but the person behind the intimidations is not known. Addison Fox interweaves an unexpected romance between two people as they search for any clues about whoever is responsible, and the couple must also contemplate the direction they want to see their futures go. COLD CASE COLTON has touching emotional moments and increasingly scary peril.

After leaving New York and returning to Shadow Creek, Texas, the town where she grew up, Claudia Colton is enthusiastic about operating a boutique which features many of her own clothing designs. Having many brothers and sisters nearby is really wonderful, but unfortunately her mother’s criminal deeds in the past are still the cause of much gossip. Claudia plans to ignore all the talk about her family and make her shop successful. But when a man with a specific agenda arrives in Shadow Creek, she is told some unsettling news which may change her life.

Many of the cases worked on by private investigator Hawk Huntley are often older ones that were never resolved, and he feels rewarded when those left behind find peace because of the answers he uncovers. When he tells Claudia about the potential circumstances of her birth, she is stunned and cannot believe his assumptions are true. Yet if he is correct, then it means she is not the daughter of a woman who has escaped from prison. As facts are sought and truths are gradually revealed, Hawk begins to see Claudia as more than someone involved in his latest case.

One aspect that I like about COLD CASE COLTON is not knowing at first who is threatening Claudia. It could be her escaped mother, someone associated with her parent, or even another individual whose motives have not yet been unearthed. There are a few hints scattered throughout the book, which kept me guessing the identity of the troublemaker and if there was a link to the mother. Addison Fox had me feeling a sense of foreboding as the story progressed, and my fear for Claudia only grew with each new incident. How the author tied this novel with the previous three releases is skillfully handled, and all played out with believability.

While there is mounting danger to Claudia from an unknown source, there is also a very real emotional risk to her because of the news that Hawk divulges. Whether she is really a Colton by birth or not made the story even more enthralling, and I eagerly anticipated the disclosure. The relationship of Hawk and Claudia is realistic, as they explore very genuine feelings between them. Their conversations are especially convincing, and their honest remarks made several discussions movingly poignant. Hawk in particular had me wanting to give him a big hug at times. It was delightful getting to revisit with past couples in the series plus observe the two siblings whose stories are to come, and a huge event made things even more fascinating. COLD CASE COLTON is intriguing and emotionally satisfying.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  The Coltons of Shadow Creek

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  June 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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