Cold Case Recruit by Jennifer Morey

51ohkhXFcdL._SY346_Danger is ever-present in the latest Cold Case Detectives novel, where deadly threats can happen when least expected. The Alaskan setting Jennifer Morey has chosen for the story adds to the risks challenging the main couple, and when emotions are tossed into the mix, the situations become even more troublesome. I definitely never knew what was going to occur from one minute to the next, and several incidents caught me off guard. Ms. Morey did not make things easy for her hero and heroine, as there are plenty of unknowns for them to figure out along with issues which left them feeling conflicted. COLD CASE RECRUIT keeps your interest until every mystery is revealed.

Though Brycen Cage decided to not be a homicide detective any longer, his life still revolves around murder. But now his career focuses on prior cases that he worked on, as he is a host on a television show about how these killings played out. Recently, the owner of Dark Alley Investigations talked Brycen into reexamining a cold case in Alaska, where a state trooper was mysteriously gunned down for no apparent reason. While he does want to find the murderer, he also dreads going back to an area which brought much stress into his life.

After her husband was killed, Drury Decoteau has continued to support herself as a bush pilot, often taking clients to remote places in Alaska. She has never given up the hope of seeing whoever was responsible for making her a single parent brought to justice, and she desperately wants the detective coming to work the case to be successful where others have failed. When Drury meets Brycen, questions are asked and he is immediately ready to start searching for any new evidence. Then a surprising connection between them develops when threats against her keep escalating, and these unanticipated feelings have Brycen reevaluating his beliefs about relationships.

There are lots of uncertainties in the story, and I enjoyed seeing how Brycen’s mind worked in trying to solve each hidden truth. While he has moved on from his career as a homicide detective, he has certainly not forgotten all the skills he gained over the years. Though he is confident when it comes to catching murderers, he would much rather avoid anything having to do with exclusively dating one woman or family matters. But from the moment he comes in contact with Drury who has long been deeply affected by the death of her husband, Brycen is never the same afterward. It was fun watching this confirmed bachelor get drawn into matters only found when a situation concerns a child, and the author makes these moments realistic. As for Drury, I could easily understand why she would want answers to the unresolved details associated with the senseless killing of her spouse. She is personally involved in much of the investigation, and I liked how she was willing to participate. A few scenes with her son are particularly moving, as reactions are genuine.

COLD CASE RECRUIT intrigues with numerous suspicions. The murder case has only a few leads, and I kept wondering if any new information learned was actually connected to what occurred or unrelated. Jennifer Morey had me guessing the incentive with carefully placed clues, thus making the story more suspenseful. Cold cases are especially difficult on those who loved the victim as well as the cops determinedly trying to find the killer, and this miniseries gives insight into the motivations of both.

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Series:  Cold Case Detectives

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  September 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars


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