Colton Baby Homecoming by Lara Lacombe

51rzSTpNQXL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_There are a wide range of emotions expressed in the third Coltons of Texas story, and each sentiment is greatly affecting. From sorrow to fear to even joy, the feelings of the main couple were very clear to me and often had my own heart racing or being happy right along with them. Lara Lacombe knows exactly how to make her characters come across as actual people, and her contribution to the Coltons of Texas continuity is filled with realistic situations that pulled me into every riveting moment. COLTON BABY HOMECOMING has heartfelt emotions plus compelling mysteries.

After a long day working at his search and rescue job, Ridge Colton is ready for a peaceful evening spent at home with his canine partner. But upon reaching his remote cabin, he is totally stunned to discover someone had placed an infant on his front porch. Though the little girl looks well, Ridge is clueless when it comes to kids. So a trip to the local hospital is in order to let a doctor make certain nothing is wrong. When Dr. Darcy Marrow turns out to be the temporary emergency room physician, Ridge knows his day just got even worse.

Many years ago, Darcy was the only person who did not judge him for having a serial killer father, and he had actually thought there was something special between them. But her family did not approve of their relationship, and an incident caused her to forsake Ridge. Now all he can hope for is that they can at least be civil to each other, and both do make an effort. When circumstances put Ridge and Darcy in danger because an individual wants the infant, he is determined to keep those under his protection safe.

In the previous books of the Coltons of Texas continuity, clues have been given as to the possible identity of the Alphabet Killer but nothing has been proven as yet. Immediately from the start of COLTON BABY HOMECOMING, a new mystery begins and adds more uncertainties to the overworked police force. Finding an abandoned child at his home raises all kinds of questions for Ridge, and though he is not a cop, he is someone who knows how to track down answers. I liked watching him work with his siblings who are in law enforcement, and their jovial banter had me laughing at their good-natured ribbing. A strong sense of family is portrayed throughout the story, and it was good to see after the way their father’s actions forced them apart. Any developments related to the baby are riveting and often very surprising, while hints about the killer are slowly coming to light.

Although it has been many years since Ridge and Darcy have seen each other, neither has forgotten the strong connection they once had. All it takes is one meeting, and regrets plus dreams fill their thoughts. I truly felt for this couple because of the way in which they broke up, and how they currently respond to the other also deeply touched me. The emotions depicted by characters created by Lara Lacombe are always believable, and the reactions of Ridge plus Darcy are particularly convincing. I saw Ridge as someone who unselfishly gave of himself to help people in his town though most residents shunned him, and this fact just made him a better man. His devoted dog, Penny, caused many smiles when she was featured, and I loved the way the two got along. His relationship with Darcy is definitely complicated, and how she spoke her mind had me admiring her determination more than once. COLTON BABY HOMECOMING is packed with dangerous peril and lots of sincere feelings.

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Series:  Coltons of Texas

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  March 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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