Colton K-9 Cop by Addison Fox

The list of mysteries in the latest Coltons of Shadow Creek continuity grows longer and longer as the story progresses, while danger also escalates along with all the uncertainties. Easily read as a standalone, the book is about a woman who is puzzled by all the threats that keep happening in her life. When a police officer and his trusty dog begin to investigate the unexplained events, her reactions to them causes even more confusion.  COLTON K-9 COP is about discovering whether the choices a person makes are for the best, or if they are only adding to the problem. Addison Fox has written a compelling story, where suspense and romance are cleverly entwined.

Even though the Christmas holidays are approaching, Bellamy Reeves is not in a very festive mood this year because her family situation has drastically changed. So instead of shopping on a paid day off, she is diligently working at the pharmaceutical company where she has been an accountant for thirteen rewarding years. Just as Bellamy prepares to leave, an email is received that raises some serious questions about where she works.

After her attempt fails when trying to sort out the matter of the disturbing email, Bellamy’s life takes an unexpected turn, especially when her car blows up and almost kills her. Luckily, Donovan Colton who has a K-9 partner that specializes in locating bombs is nearby and answers the call. The Austin cop and his trusty canine look for clues about whether the former workplace of Bellamy is connected to the danger surrounding her or if there is some other reason. And until he finds conclusive evidence and makes certain all is resolved, Donovan is not going to leave the area.

When I saw the cover of the book, I was thrilled because of my love for dogs, and the story definitely gave me a lot to like. Alex is dependable and smart when working, yet he enjoys a belly rub and plenty of head pats when things are all right. I smiled often while reading about this commendable working animal, as his love for being on the job is very obvious along with his devotion to Donovan. There is a genuine connection between Bellamy and Donovan from the first moment she is in peril, and their bond is intensified because of Alex. While both are caring individuals, they have pushed others away at times, thus causing them to feel alone. I truly liked this couple and wished for them to finally be happy. But first, they have to overcome several major personal issues.

As more and more information is given about what is really going on and who is responsible, I worried about Bellamy and if Donovan could keep her safe. The motivation behind the threats is believable and rather scary because of how many lives could be affected, and I could see this scenario actually occurring as Addison Fox brings realism to these intriguing moments. COLTON K-9 COP has dangerous incidents and heartfelt romantic entanglements.

I voluntarily reviewed the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Coltons of Shadow Creek

Publisher:  Harlequin Intrigue

Releases:  October 17, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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