Colton’s Deadly Engagement by Addison Fox

The anticipation kept building of how several occurrences would turn out in the second book of the Coltons of Red Ridge miniseries, as there were more questions than answers related to most situations. I always enjoy a story where the unknows have me guessing what is actually going on, and this story definitely has lots of mysteries to solve. From who is killing future grooms to the real motive for numerous unexpected incidents, I was kept in the dark until some clues pointed me in the right direction, while other revelations will take longer to learn in this compelling miniseries. The storyline in COLTON’S DEADLY ENGAGEMENT certainly pulled me in from the very beginning, and each new disclosure cleverly imagined by Addison Fox only added to my enthrallment.

When a second man is found murdered in the community where Finn Colton is the police chief, he begins to worry about the citizens of Red Ridge, South Dakota. The two killings have similarities, most noticeably being that both victims were to be married very soon. Yet with few clues, Finn knows he will be spending many hours investigating what is called the Groom Killer murders.

There are several people who could possibly be suspects, and one is the ex-wife of the first man killed. Finn needs to find out more about Darby Gage, so he decides they should pretend to be interested in each other and start dating, which may let him discover some facts about her plus it might grab the attention of the murderer. She reluctantly goes along with his suggestion because he makes it beneficial for her, too. Finn realizes he must keep his full concentration on locating the Groom Killer, but the tempting Darby makes it difficult whenever they are together. What he does not know is that his scheme is drawing unexpected danger to both of them.

COLTON’S DEADLY ENGAGEMENT is packed with secrets, emotional entanglements, and unpredicted threats. Though part of a miniseries, this story works well on its own as the author gave enough background information to let me know the reason for any happenings. What was divulged in the story was often enlightening, and I am eager for more pieces of the puzzle to become known. Addison Fox made her contribution to the Coltons of Red Ridge miniseries very entertaining, as there was much more taking place besides the murder investigation. Family matters are the focus from time to time, and the relationship of Finn and Darby is also a big part of the book. Then there are the scenes where some adorable dogs take center stage, and I especially liked the moments where these noble animals were interacting with different people. Finn is a K-9 cop, and I loved the way in which he showed his respect for his partner. Darby had not intentionally become a dog owner, so I admired how she made the best of the circumstances given her. I really liked Finn and Darby, as both are honorable people and give their assistance when someone needs it. Their conversations are candidly frank, and they proved their intelligence over and over again. COLTON’S DEADLY ENGAGEMENT is a constantly riveting story with engaging characters.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Coltons of Red Ridge – Book 2

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  February 1, 2018


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars


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