Colton’s Surprise Heir by Addison Fox

Colton's SupriseThe Coltons of Texas series has a large family suffering through years of personal torment related to a past tragedy, and none have been more affected than Ethan Colton. Having a father who murdered innocent people would be bad enough, but the cold-blooded man also killed his own wife. Ethan was only seven when he told information that put his dad in prison, and being the son of a killer still influences many of his current choices. Lizzie Conner challenges him from the moment she comes back into his life, and neither are ever the same because of one memorable night. Addison Fox makes her contribution to the Coltons of Texas series not only intriguing but very heartfelt. COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR has numerous mysteries and profound emotional issues.

When Elizabeth Conner came to see Ethan Colton, the Texas rancher definitely did not expect the news his childhood friend delivered. It seems their one passionate night together after meeting at a rodeo resulted in her being pregnant. Though he never wanted to have kids because of his inherited background, it looks like he and Lizzie are going to be parents in three months. Ethan just hopes whatever made his own father a serial killer will not be passed on to the child.

Although Lizzie had not planned to inform Ethan about the baby just yet because she knew his views on having children, some disturbing incidents drove her to seek his assistance for the safety of their baby. Not knowing who is actually behind the threats has her fearful of what might happen next. While Ethan had no desire to ever be a dad, he does not hesitate in taking measures to keep Lizzie and his child from being harmed.

There is a powerful connection between family members in the Coltons of Texas series, and Addison Fox proves this point during several scenes where the love between the siblings comes through loud and clear. I could easily see these discussions taking place, where disagreements are often debated yet backed by much concern. While Ethan had thought he was happy living his solitary life on his successful ranch, the presence of Lizzie makes him realize what he has been missing. I really felt for him and all the problems that he has lived with for so long, especially since he had such a difficult time expressing his real feelings. Lizzie also had much to overcome by growing up without parents, and I respected her ability to be so self-sufficient. These two make a wonderful couple, as the passion and trust between them is honestly genuine.

Who is once again killing people in their town is certainly a big mystery, and I was left baffled though clues are scattered throughout. This is an ongoing subject matter in the series, and it is interesting to see how details are handled in each book. I am very eager to discover what will occur in the upcoming Coltons of Texas story because of facts given in this novel. The possible danger to Lizzie is also mystifying, and I never knew when a threat was going to pop up or how alarming it might be. Danger and emotions are equally balanced in COLTON’S SURPRISE HEIR.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Series:  The Coltons of Texas

Releases:  February 2016


Genre:   Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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